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Maintenance & Operations (M&O)

Group shot of Maintenance Department


Main Line: (208) 282-4086

Director of Facilities Operations: Steve Fuger, (208) 282-4002

Maintenance & Operations Manager: Mark Cates, (208) 282-4502

Maintenance Coordinator: Tim Williams, (208) 282-2767

Zone Maintenance Coordinator: Dee Rasmussen: (208) 282-4728


Mechanical Systems Supervisor: Lewis Burnham, (208) 282-3555

We maintain the building mechanical equipment to provide comfortable temperature conditions campus-wide. We service specialty equipment for departments, housing facilities, and auxiliaries upon submission of a work order.


Interesting Facts

  • Colonial Hall, built in 1925, and the Administration Building, built in 1939, still have some of their original heating equipment in use


Heat Plant

Heat Plant Foreman: Travis Duncan, (208) 282-2696

We provide steam to 40 campus buildings for heat, hot water, and steam-related equipment. The plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the heating season from about mid-September to June. Steam is supplied by means of piping located in a steam tunnel system, consisting of about two miles of tunnel throughout campus. Of all the steam used by the campus, about 80% is returned to plant in the form of water to be re-used to make new steam.


Interesting Facts

  • The steam plant was located in the Liberal Arts building prior to 1947
  • The current steam plant was constructed in 1947 and two of the original boilers are still in use today


Electrical Team

Electrical Foreman: Kent Blessinger, (208) 282-4502

We provide installation on new electrical circuits and maintenance of existing electrical. We are responsible for approximately 50 fire alarm systems and 50 elevators, and oversees the inspection of the 27 fire sprinkler. Employees hold Journeyman electrician license and the NICET level 2 fire alarm system license.



Construction Foreman: Brad Peck, (208) 282-4452

We construct furniture and do small remodels. We also have a sign shop that maintains and makes the signs for campus. Our paint crew paints for new construction projects and buildings that need painting for maintenance. Our student crew does moving of departments and various jobs around the campus. The lock shop takes care of key and lock needs on campus.