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Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Manuscript Collections

MC 001 — Dr. Minnie Howard Papers
This collection contains material gathered by Drs. W.F. and Minnie F. Howard. Topics included are: Southeast Idaho, Bannock County, Fort Hall and the Oregon Trail, women's issues, medicine, etc. (ca.1890-1965) (27 lin.ft.)
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MC 002 — Perry Swisher Collection
The papers include correspondence, pamphlets, etc. arranged in subject files covering Perry Swisher's early newspaper and political career from ca. 1950 through 1968 (7 lin.ft.). (Perry Swisher addendum collection, MC125)
MC 003 — Edna Dubois Collection
This collection focuses on Dubois family matters, politics, and Mrs. Dubois' work with women's groups and child welfare. (ca.1900 - 1931) (4 lin.ft.)
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MC 004 — Fred T. Dubois Collection
The collection contains an extensive correspondence file (political and personal), political scrapbooks, speeches, subject files and some memorabilia. The material covers from 1872-1929 with the bulk of the material focusing on 1896-1907. (26 lin.ft.)
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MC 005 — Touissant Dubois Collection
This collection consists primarily of articles and other materials related to her professional career in journalism and publicity. Daughter of Fred and Edna Dubois. (6 lin.ft.)
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MC 006 — C. E. Arney Collection
C. E. Arney was personal secretary to Senator Fred T. Dubois during most of Dubois' tenure in the U.S. Senate. While some personal information is included, most of the collection relates to his work with Senator Dubois. (1.25 lin.ft.)
Related Collections:
MC 007 — Finis Bentley Papers
The Bentley Collection covers a number of aspects of attorney Finis Bentley's life in Pocatello, but no one aspect in depth. Instead, the user will find bits of information on a variety of topics.
MC 008 — Charles Winkler Legislative Papers
This is a collection of correspondence, clippings, Democratic campaign information, copies of bills and resolutions, etc., received and used by Charles Winkler while he served in the Idaho legislature. (ca.1951-1968) (7.75 lin.ft.)
MC 009 — Pocatello Chamber of Commerce Records
The collection contains correspondence, clippings, subject files, and the minutes of the Chamber and its sub-committee meetings. Some maps and blueprints are included. Records cover from the beginnings of the Chamber in 1904 through 1965. (7 lin.ft.)
MC 010 — Merrill D. Beal Papers
This collection contains correspondence, diaries/journals of summer work in Yellowstone Park (1930s to 1965), news clippings, pamphlets, some manuscripts of books and articles, lecture notes, etc. Topics included are: the Nez Perce Indians, "Beaver Dick" Leigh, Lewis & Clark, Old Oregon Trail etc. (10.9 lin.ft.)
MC 011 — Lemhi Indian Agency Records
The collection includes a correspondence file (1887-1904) of approx. 5,000 items in letterbooks and folders. Tribal census information, lists of supplies, medical reports, personnel reports and miscellaneous agency reports comprise the balance of the materials. (ca.1885-1907)(8 lin.ft.)
MC 012 — J. A. Harrington Collection
J. A. Harrington's collection was copied from many sources and contains correspondence, manuscripts, extracts from unpublished sources, research notes, etc. which focus on early Idaho history. Many of the items are copies of originals, the location of which is unknown. Includes the reminiscences of Chief Joseph's War by two scouts (Clough and McCreery). Time covered is approximate. (ca. 1830s to 1930s) (1.5 lin.ft.)
MC 013 — Charlton Laird Collection
This collection is composed of miscellaneous papers, most of which relate to early Idaho history. Several short stories and a one-act play by local(?) authors (possibly his students) are included. (.6 lin.ft.)
MC 014 — George Shoup Papers
A collection of letters and documents formerly in the possession of Idaho's first Governor, and U.S. Senator. Subjects covered include: Indian fighting, business methods, transportation, and politics in early Idaho. (ca.1867-1900) (.2 lin.ft.)
MC 015 — A. L. Lillibridge Collection
Correspondence, articles and news clippings related to railroad history (especially the Utah Northern Railroad) and Pocatello area history are the primary focus of this collection. Also included are some of Lillibridge's personal records and materials related to his teaching career at Idaho State University. (ca.1920-1962) (4 lin.ft.)
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  • PMC 015 Photographs... (Historical photographs of Pocatello, Idaho State University, and railroads are included.)
MC 016 — J. A. Youngren Collection
This collection contains correspondence, radio addresses, research files and newspaper clippings, primarily concerning Indian Affairs. The material is from the 1930s and 1940s when Youngren was the Agent at Fort Hall. (2.3 lin.ft.)
MC 017 — Susie and Byrd Trego Collection
The Tregos owned the Blackfoot, ID newspaper and many of the items in the collection were written for the paper. Their collection contains correspondence, research notes, typed copies of publications, news clippings, and pamphlets. The focus of the collection is on Idaho history, in general, and specifically, the pioneers and Indians of Eastern Idaho, and the history of Fort Hall. (ca.1918-1938) (2.3 lin.ft.)
MC 018 — John R. Nichols Collection
John R. Nichols was president at University of Idaho Southern Branch in the 1930s and 1940s and established the Historical Museum. A collection of miscellaneous correspondence, historical data, committee reports, etc. Some of the materials cover early Idaho history, but most are related to the 1930s and 1940s. (.2 lin.ft.)
MC 019 — John E. Rees Collection
Most of these items are copies of research materials collected and/or written by John E. Rees (a recognized authority on Indian life and lore). Included are unpublished interpretations of Indian pictographs, a dictionary of the Shoshoni Indian language, Shoshoni legends, and the reminiscences of Murdock F. McPherson (pioneer, miner and merchant). (ca.1917-1929) (.63 lin.ft.)
MC 020 — McNutt and Phillips Pioneer Store Records
These records include bills, invoices, account books, business correspondence, and other financial documents relating to this store from 1868-1877. (1.5 lin.ft.)
MC 021 — Southeast Idaho Family and Place History Collection
Interviews compiled by people and family members documenting their ancestors' journeys from their homelands to the United States and eventually Southeast Idaho. The collection consists of 7 manuscript boxes and houses 264 individual folders with a date range of 1642-1984.
MC 022 — U.S. Works Progress Administration Collection
This collection contains correspondence, folk tales, interviews, etc. collected by Vardis Fisher and others for the Federal Writers Project. Also included are some materials for the Historical Records Survey. (1.5 lin.ft.)
MC 023 — Hyrum Kay Papers
The majority of the collection is made up of a group of papers entitled Mormon Theology and Exegesis: Eristic writings on religious themes. One article explores the origin of the American Indian. A few items concern Pocatello area history. There is also some Hyrum Kay family history and genealogy. (ca.1922-1938) (.4 lin.ft.)
MC 024 — D. J. Bowen Papers
This is the story of D. J. Bowen's life as a pioneer in southern Idaho. It contains much material concerning the early history of Arbon Valley. (ca.1884-1911) (.1 lin.ft.)
MC 025 — [George?] Yearian Papers
This is the diary/journal of [George?] or [Jacob?] Yearian. The story of the author's journey to Idaho in 1864 is related, as well as details of his life as a settler in southern Idaho. (ca.1864-1911) (.1 lin.ft.)
MC 026 — [Joseph?] Lawson Journal
This journal relates the author's Mormon mission (1868-1869) to Worchester, England and his life as a teacher and worker after his return to Utah (Ogden and Salt Lake). (ca.1869-1872) (.1 lin.ft.)
MC 027 — Miscellaneous Manuscripts I Collection
This collection is an "artificial" grouping of small manuscript collections which have been pulled together and filed by the author's name in order to simplify handling and filing. It consists of a number of articles, reminiscences, speeches, etc. about Idaho and Northwest history. Most items are one folder in length. (.9 lin.ft.)
MC 028 — Miscellaneous Manuscripts II Collection
Same groupings as MC 027, except that the source and/or the author are not known for many items. (1 lin.ft.)
MC 029 — C. F. Fahs Collection
This collection consists primarily of correspondence and inventories related to the work of C. F. Fahs, civil engineer, Union Pacific Railroad, 1879-1884 (folders 3-15). One letter, source unknown, describes an "Anti-Mormon barbeque" (1884). The remaining letters all concern various western railroads. (ca.1899-1905) (.2 lin.ft.)
MC 030 — Kenneth Larson Collection
Three bound volumes of folksongs and ballads entitled:
  1. Countryside Folklore
  2. The Folklore Trade With Gershon Legman, which contains part 1, Larson's Barnyard Folklore of Southeastern Idaho and part 2, Legman's Typical Specimens of Vulgar Folklore
  3. Songs of Eastern Idaho.
There is also one folder of unbound material entitled Songs and Ballads (Folk Material and Old Favorites). The material was all collected between 1920 and 1952 in Eastern Idaho, except those received in trade from Gershon Legman. (.4 lin.ft.)
MC 031 — South Mountain Mining Company Records
These records, with the exception of approximately 3 sheets, are financial in nature. They pertain to orders for equipment and supplies, and to wages, room and board. There are no memos, correspondence, assay records or any other records that relate to the actual operations of the company. (ca.1941-1945)  (.2 lin.ft.)
MC 032 — Lloyd Lehrbas Papers
This collection consists of 10 articles by Lloyd Lehrbas about people of note in Idaho's history. One additional item is a "Statement of Service..." for General Gilman Marston (dated 6/7/1935). The scope of the articles range from the Idaho Statehood period to World War I. Most items date from the 1930's. (.2 lin.ft.)
MC 033 — E.O. Leonard Papers
E. O. Leonard is a former Idaho State College Dean of Pharmacy. His papers include personal and professional correspondence; course and lecture outlines, grade lists, exams; reports and analysis of milk, water and feed grains; business and financial records, etc. (ca.1905-1960) (11.3 lin.ft.)
MC 034 — Arthur Hoult Papers
Arthur Hoult's 7 journals are dated: 1941, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1953, 1955. The journals primarily report the daily observations and activities related to Mr. Hoult's work for the State Highway Department. They also record some weather conditions as they relate to road conditions. (.2 lin.ft.)
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  • PMC 034 Photographs... (Two albums)
MC 035 — U.S. Weather Bureau, Pocatello Records 1899-
The bulk of this group of records is comprised of the original handwritten Monthly Records of Observations...(year). The records for the first six months of 1899 were taken at Idaho Falls. The service was then moved to Pocatello, where the Weather Bureau has kept records since July 1, 1899. (23 lin.ft.)
MC 036 — D. W. Standrod Papers
The collection is made up almost entirely of correspondence. Among the topics discussed are banking and finance, legal matters, political topics (such as the Anti-Mormon Party), and personal affairs. These papers are photocopies of the original collection which was sent to the Idaho State Historical Society. (ca.1891-1936) (5.5 lin.ft.)
MC 037 — University of Idaho, Fort Hall (ID) Study Records
This collection has been combined into MC 096 - Fort Hall (ID) Indian Reservation Miscellaneous Collection.
MC 038 — O. R. Baum Papers
This collection primarily contains copies of court documents relating to a 1925 murder trial involving 3 Indians: James Tisidimit, Elmer Whittenfone and Ben Ariwite. (.05 lin.ft.)
MC 039 — John Markham Papers
This collections consists of both original and photocopied material that was used to write John Markham's The Ashton, Idaho-Moran, Wyoming Horse and Wagon Freight Line: Mid-July of 1910 to October 15, 1927. A copy of the published book is included. (.3 lin.ft.)
MC 040 — Peter Harstad Papers
Peter Harstad is a former ISU history professor and this is a collection of his notes, photocopies, correspondence, etc. relating to Oscar Sonnenkalb. The original account was written in 1925 by O. Sonnenkalb and was used by Dr. Harstad to develop his publication entitled Reminiscences of Oscar Sonnenkalb, Surveyor. (1.5 lin.ft.)
MC 041 — Mary Lou Skinner Papers
Mary Lou Skinner was a health consultant at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. This collection includes her field notes, correspondence, reports, publications, etc., which relate not only to Indian health, but to the history, social and political conditions, ethnology, and psychology of the Shoshone and Bannock tribes. (ca.1956-1958)(2.8 lin.ft.)
MC 042 — Eli M. Oboler Papers
Eli M. Oboler was the ISU University Librarian for 34 years. This is primarily a collection of photocopied articles on censorship and intellectual freedom. These were the source materials that Eli M. Oboler consulted to provide much of the background for his published books. (ca.1971-1983)  (5 lin.ft.)
MC 043 — W. P. Havenor Papers
This collection consists of W.P. Havenor's office files and covers the everyday operations of the Bannock Engineering business. One box is dedicated to the operations of his personal dairy farm and on improving his herd.
MC 044 — Henry Fletcher Papers
Henry Fletcher was connected with KSEI radio from the 1930s through the early 1980s (the owner ca.1957-1973). This collection will be important for researching the history of radio in Idaho. (ca.1926-1986) (15 lin.ft.)
Related Collections:
  • PMC 044 Photographs...(Included in the photograph collection are KSEI promotional photos as well as photographs of the Fletchers and KSEI Staff.)
MC 045 — James C. Gardner Papers
James C. Gardner was the band director at Idaho State College for 27 years. This collection contains newspaper clippings (many undated), some correspondence, and a few pamphlets which relate to the Idaho State College band, Herbert C. Clark (of J.P.Sousa's band), etc. (1 lin.ft.)
Related Collections:
  • PMC 045 Photographs...(students, instructors, bands, etc.)
MC 046 — John Taylor Collection
The collector of this sheet music was the organist for the Orpheum Theater, in Pocatello. With only a few exceptions the music included represents only the chorus or selected passages from the sheet music. (The portion that Mr. Taylor used to accompany the silent films.) (7.5 lin.ft.)
MC 047 — Young Women's Christian Association, Pocatello Collection
A majority of the records relate to the financial affairs (bills, receipts, tax information) of the YWCA, Pocatello. There are also subject files on topics such as family planning, the women's movement, sexuality, legislation, and parenting. (ca.1928-1982) (6.7 lin.ft.)
MC 048 — Downey (ID) Pharmacy Records
The Downey Pharmacy collection is made up entirely of medical prescriptions for customers of the Pharmacy. The material is in three groups which have overlapping dates: 1948-1955, 1957-1988, and 1966-1986. (3.8 lin.ft.)
MC 049 — Glenn Tyler Papers
This collection contains 45 records or manuscript boxes containing Glenn E. Tyler’s personal material. Except for 3 boxes containing financial material, the rest of the collection, Dr. Tyler used for teaching. If you count the 15,000 to 20,000 books that Dr. Tyler donated to the Eli M. Oboler Library, this collection is vast.
MC 050 — Carl McIntosh Papers
Donated by Dr. Carl W. McIntosh to Idaho State University in 1989, this is a collection of his office files of two universities as well as a collection of his speeches and consists of 26 manuscript boxes. The collection covers the years that Dr. McIntosh was the president of Idaho State College (1946-1959) and the years he was president of California State University, Long Beach (1959-1969). This collection is of his personal office files; his professional files from ISC are also housed in the Archives at Idaho State University.
MC 051 — Dorothy Faris Papers
Dr. Dorothy Faris was a professor of microbiology at Idaho State University for 39 years. This collection consists of her office files. There is very little of her personal life featured.
MC 052 — Thomas McAteer Papers
This collection consists of correspondence and legislation formerly in the possession of Idaho Senator Thomas F. McAteer and covers the time period from 1966-1969.
MC 053 —C. Henry Thomas Papers
Christian Henry Thomas, known locally as Henry, was born March 30, 1889 in Morrill, Nebraska. He lived in Wayan Idaho from 1915 until his death in January 1973. He is remembered by the people of the area in many ways; he is especially well-known for his gem and mineral collection. Smithsonian geologists wanted it, but he willed it to Idaho State University.
MC 055 — Kasiska Family Papers
This collection, donated to ISU by the Kasiska Family Foundation in 1999, consists of three manuscript boxes. It is focused on the Kasiska family real estate holdings, and also contains scrapbooks from 1910 to 1970, which offer a personal view of the dynamic Kasiska women. The collection also features some brief histories on W.F. Kasiska and his two daughters, Eva and Mabel.
MC 056 — Nellie Cline Steenson Papers
In 1943, Nellie Cline Steenson was elected to the Idaho State House of Representatives and was the first woman to serve in the Idaho Senate. This is a very small collection, consisting of one legal sized manuscript box. Other than a few photographs, some biographical and genealogical material, and two funeral announcements, personal material is virtually non-existent.
MC 057 — Idaho State University, Oral History Project Collection
MC 058 — Ethel Redfield Papers
The Redfield collection is a relatively small collection, three manuscript boxes. This collection covers the time she spent at Kamiah on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and the research for her book about her father. Dr. Redfield was a renowned educator and one box is dedicated to her teaching experiences.
MC 059 — Musical Heritage of Southeastern Idaho Collection
This is a collection of 23 scripts that accompany a series of 23 videos on the Musical Heritage of Southeast Idaho. The scripts are arranged alphabetically by the name of the community covered. The videos are not housed in this Library. (.4 lin.ft.)
MC 060 — World War II Oral History Collection
Most of the interviews and essays that make up this collection are personal recollections of men and women who lived through World War II.. This collection consists of 2 manuscript boxes containing the interviews and the finished issue of the Rendezvous, titled The "Good War" in Retrospect: Memories of World War II.
MC 061 — History Seminar Student Paper Collection
This is a collection of student papers relating to Idaho topics and/or Idaho attitudes on national concerns. A sampling of the papers cover topics such as Women, Native Americans, Polygamy, Mining, Teton Dam Disaster, Diamondfield Jack, and Agnes Just Reid. (1 lin.ft)
MC 062 — Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Div. #228 Records
Records of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Division #228, circa 1883-1979.
MC 063 — Idaho Ethnic/Demographic Data Collection
MC 064 — C. Hart Merriam 1890 Biol. Survey Collection
This collection consists of a copy of original documents relating to the 1890 biological expedition in Idaho by C. Hart Merriam. The original document is housed at the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division. The material in this collection is hand-written and at times, difficult to read.
MC 065 — Carl E. Hayden Scrapbooks
MC 066 — Hispanic Oral History Project (IHC) Collection
MC 067 — Richard Stallings Papers
The Stallings Collection contains the papers of former Congressman Richard H. Stallings, including legislative files, correspondence, and constituent casework. In 2006, Mr. Stallings donated additional material to the collection including publications, memorabilia, and his papers from his service as United States Nuclear Waste Negotiator.
MC 068 — Miscellaneous Manuscripts III Collection
A five-box collection containing multiple one-folder collections; this is an artificial collection - a collection of discreet materials from a variety of unknown sources.
MC 069 — United Spanish War Veterans Collection
The United Spanish War Veterans Collection consists of four archival folders. They feature veterans from the Spanish–American War, lists of Pocatello area veterans who served in any war from the Civil War to World War II, and ledger books of the Santa Ana Camp #3 of the United Spanish War Veterans.
MC 071 — Marilyn Morton Project (ILA)
MC 072 — John Hutchinson Records
MC 073 — Herb Fitz Scrapbooks
MC 074 — Downey (ID) Study Club Records
The Downey Women's Study Club is a collection of 15 scrapbooks and consists of 7 boxes. The collection features photographs, memorabilia, meeting minutes and details the projects and functions of the Downey Women's Study Club.
MC 075 — John Olinger Records
The Olinger Collection was brought into the Idaho State University Archives in 1995. This collection is divided into three areas. The first area is his personal writing in American History. A second area in the collection is primary and secondary material on Camp Downey. The collection ends with several items on Russian History.
MC 076 — Esther Yarber Collection
The Esther Yarber Collection consists primarily of newspaper clippings and research material for her two books (Land of the Yankee Fork and Stanley-Sawtooth Country), as well as the many articles that she wrote. The main focus of the collection is on the history of the west.
MC 077 — Associated Grocers Records
MC 078 — American Legion - Women's Auxiliary Records
This Collection is included with the
MC 097 - Alameda (ID) Ladies Aid Collection
MC 079 — Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Records
The Railroad Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) began in Pocatello on August 12, 1900 when the first meeting was called to order by Chairman W.H. Cleare.
MC 080 — Business and Professional Women Records
This is a collection of one large scrapbook of the Business and Professional Women and covers 1972-1973.
MC 081 — Miscellaneous Manuscripts IV Collection
MC 082 — Songs of Idaho and Its Schools Collection
The Songs of Idaho and Its Schools Collection is an artificial grouping of material from many sources. This is a small collection consisting of 13 folders.
MC 083 — Oelwein Family Collection
MC 084 — Downey (ID) Hog Pool, Inc. Records
MC 085 — Young Women's Christian Association Records
MC 086 — Forrester Blake Johnny Christmas
MC 087 — History of Bannock County, 1893-1993 Collection
A collection of printer's proof sheets for "The History of Bannock County 1893-1993", a book project written in celebration of The Bannock County Centennial, March 6, 1993.
MC 088 — Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs, Rexburg (ID) Records
This is a relatively small collection, consisting of five manuscript boxes. The collection was donated to Idaho State University in June 1996.   The material consists of district reports, financial files, minutes of meetings, scrapbooks, correspondence and individual histories of participating organizations. The collection span the years 1901 until it was donated in 1996.
MC 089 — Lufborough Legal Papers
MC 090 — Idaho State Journal Biographical Clippings
MC 091 — ISU - Building Histories
MC 092 — Dr. Richard Howard Collection
This is a small collection consisting of 3 manuscript boxes. The collection was donated to Idaho State University by Dr. Richard Howard. The collections main focus is on Howard Family history.
Related Collections:
MC 093 — Jack Alvord Papers
MC 094 — Melba Mack Scrapbook ISU
MC 095 — Jack Halliwell (Halliwell Drug) Collection
MC 096 — Fort Hall (ID) Indian Reservation - Misc. Collection
The first box was formerly Manuscript Collection 37/University of Idaho, Fort Hall (ID) Study Records and consists of publications related to this study.
The second box, Manuscript Collect 96/Fort Hall (ID) Indian Reservation Miscellaneous Collection, consists of miscellaneous publications generated by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe.
MC 097 — Alameda (ID) Ladies Aid Collection
     This collection has been combined with the
     MC 078 — American Legion - Women's Auxiliary Records
MC 098 — Marlene Reid Collection
The Marlene Reid Collection has historical significance because of the material on Fred T. Dubois and the Lincoln Creek Fort Hall site.
MC 099 — Ruth E. Peterson Scrapbook Collection
Ruth E. Peterson scrapbook features history and events in the Pocatello and surrounding area; date range of the collection is 1892 – 1976.
MC 100 — Old Idaho Newspapers Collection
MC 101 — Joseph Siroky
Joseph Siroky was a member of the Jerome Co-Operative Dairy from 1930 until 1957; one box is devoted to this subject. He had an interest in mining; some assay reports and publications are featured in the collection.
MC 102 — International Portrait Gallery Portraits (Gale Research)
MC 103 — Idaho Centennial (Ron Clayton) Collection
MC 104 — Tibetan and Sanskrit Prayer Books
MC 105 — William P. Whitaker Collection
This collection consists mainly of the correspondence of William Porter Whitaker, Pocatello resident and former mayor, during the time of his campaign for governor of Idaho in 1938. (.8 lin. ft.)
Related Collections:
MC 106 — Alice Anderson Collection
MC 107 — H. Leigh Gittins Collections
This collection focuses on H. Leigh Gittins' family and his work. Leigh Gittins was the principal of McCammon's Elementary and Junior High Schools. He was also an author and wrote Pocatello Portrait, Gittins Family History, Boxcar Pocatello and Idaho's Gold Road. His work in the community is also featured in this collection.
MC 108 — JoAnn Ruckman Collection
MC 109 — Dr. J.H. Bean Collection
MC 110 — Thomas Hale Collection (restricted)
MC 112 — Ernest F. Stites Collection
Ernest F. Stites was a staff writer, columnist and editor for the Idaho State Journal from 1960 to 1972, where he retired to part-time status. He wrote "Ernestly Yours" and "Travel Topics" columns for the Journal.
MC 113 — Pocatello Junction Committee Records 1989-1990
This collection consists of correspondence, memorabilia, photographs and related material compiled by the Pocatello Junction Committee.
MC 114 — Duane A. Bybee Collection
This collection centers on the Oregon Short Line Railroad and its construction through the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.
MC 115 — Ruth Marchetti Stephenson Collection
This collection consists of one scrapbook concerning Stephenson’s work with the Pocatello YWCA 1959-1970, and the headdress she received upon induction into the Pocatello Chiefs organization.
MC 116 — Portneuf Medical Center Collection
This collection contains public relations files relating to the Portneuf Medical Center and its predecessor, Bannock Regional Medical Center.  It also includes internal newsletters.
MC 117 — Thom Ritter George/Idaho State Civic Symphony Collection
Contains draft of George’s composition for Orpheus created for the ISU Centennial, and a variety of ephemera from the Symphony.
MC 118 —Michael Corrigan Collection
Contains drafts of his play “Journal of Grief”.
MC 119 —Amelita Galli-Curci Collection
This collection contains scrapbooks and recordings documenting the life of the famous coloratura Soprano.
MC 120 —American Land Title Collection
A small collection of photographs and plaques from the offices of American Land Title Company in Pocatello.
MC 121 —Evan M. Kackley Collection
This collection is comprised of notebooks kept by the early Soda Springs physician during his tenure at Harvard Medical School in the late 1920s.  Some material by his wife and mother are included.  These were received as part of a larger book donation to the library.
MC 122 —Rotary Club of Pocatello
The Pocatello Rotary Club held its first meeting on February 11, 1918.  The first president of the organization was J.T. Young.  The club met several times each year bringing in guest speakers, and continuing to add members.  Among the early guest speakers were William Jennings Bryan and Senator William E. Borah.  The membership of the Pocatello Rotary club contained many of the important leaders from many aspects of the Pocatello community from its inception to the present day. A booklet on the history of the Pocatello Rotary Club is included in the collection (MC122, Box 1, folder 1).
MC 123 —Stedtfeld Family Collection
The Norman V. Stedtfeld Collection was donated to Idaho State University Special Collections by his daughter Karen Offen. It contains 28 boxes filled with over 50 years of Pocatello, Idaho history.
(Access note: Access to this collection must be approved by the donor. Please contact Special Collections for further information.)
MC 124 —Garrett Freightlines Collection
This is a very small collection that came from the Idaho State Historical Society consisting of two boxes containing various company paraphernalia, photographs, memorabilia, and route regulations.
MC 125 —Perry Swisher Collection (addendum)
This collection, is an addendum to the original Perry Swisher Collection MC002, was received in 2010. This collection contains 22 boxes plus 21 large books of bound newspapers featuring Perry Swishers many columns and articles. 2 records boxes from the collection contain photographs. These boxes have been moved to a separate photograph collection. (PMC 125)
MC 126 —Effie Gittins Rodehouse Collection
MC 127 —Lloyd S. Furniss Collection
This collection consists of 40 small boxes of negatives. The date range is 1956-1995. These are negatives from Lloyd Furniss’ photography business and not related to his years as Idaho State University photographer.
MC 128 —Beverly Bistline Collection
The Beverly Bistline Collection contains many personal letters, photographs, invitations, programs, greeting cards, planners, genealogical information, news clippings, and awards that make tribute to the family.
MC 129 —Stanley Bartlett Collection
The Special Collections Department received the Stanley Bartlett Collection from the ISU Foundation in the summer of 2011. This is a very small collection (one record box). The collection consists of photographs and memorabilia. One folder contains some of his Army records.
MC 130 —Bill Ryan Collection of Congressional Franks
MC 131 —James Aho Collection (a study of right wing extremism)


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