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Manuscript Collections

Account Book. 1 item. (SmMC 001) *oversize Account book of farm records from an unidentified location, 1906-1924.

Aho Collection, James. 19.96 lin. ft. (MC 131)
Research materials, books, interviews, audio recordings, video recordings, periodicals, brochures, and correspondence focusing on right-wing extremism, predominately in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Alameda [Id] Ladies Aid Records. 4.17 lin. ft. (MC 097)
The collection contains materials related to the Alameda Ladies Aid, founded in 1924. Other materials include, Meeting minutes, yearbooks, record books, newspaper clippings, financial records, and scrapbooks, day-to-day business, events, and activities of this local women’s group.

Albertson Papers, Peter J. 3 folders. (SmMC 002)
A journal containing Albertson’s reminiscences from 1864 when he went to mine in Montana. He writes of his interactions with various tribes and includes a list at the end noting his observations of the similarities among them. Also included is a copy photograph of Albertson, some additional notes, and a typed copy of “Peter J. Albertson’s Boyhood on the Frontier, 1864- 1869.”

Albion State Normal School Yearbooks and Diplomas. 2.42 lin. ft. (MC 136)
A small collection of The Sage yearbooks from the Albion State Normal School, located in Albion, Idaho and five certificates and diplomas earned by Miss Mae Lowe and Miss Alice Irene Lowe, 1905-1914.

Alexander Report, Gross W. 1 folder. (SmMC 003)
Report on a peace meeting held in Pocatello, Idaho on Armistice Day, 1936.

Allison Manuscript, Dr. Samuel D. 3 folders. (SmMC 004)
Copy of a paper written by Allison focusing on early medicine in Idaho, divided into six parts: 1) Explorers, Fur Traders, and Missionaries; 2) The Gold Rush; 3) Hospitals; 4) Regulation of the Practice of Medicine; 5) Biography; and, 6) Interesting Anecdotes.

Allsberry Papers, Lawrence M. 4.63 lin. ft. (MC 155) processing
The Lawrence M. Allsberry Papers focus primarily on his years working for Garrett Freightlines, a transportation company located in Pocatello, Idaho.

Alvord Collection, Jack. 0.42 lin. ft. (MC 093)
The Jack Alvord Collection consists of various reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, maps for hunting season dates, contact information for personnel, fiscal reports, and summaries to and from the Idaho Fish and Game Department, from 1964 through 1977.

American Coal Company Stock Certificate. 1 item. (SmMC 005)
Stock certificate issued to Fitch Bowen for 100 shares in the American Coal Company of Allegany County, dated October 18, 1866.

American Land Title Company Records. (MC 120) processing
Photographs and plaques from the offices of the American Land Title Company, Pocatello, Idaho.

Anderson Collection, Alice. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 106)
Correspondence and materials related to the National Association of Railway Business Women, and the Union Pacific Railroad, 1929-1960.

Arcade Café Menu. 1 item. (SmMC 006)
Menu from the Arcade Café, Dawson, Yukon Territory, August 24, 1928. 

Armory Hall Collection. 3 items. (SmMC 132)
Three programs from the Armory Hall, Idaho Falls, Idaho, including the farewell concert of Miss Annie Shirley, August 3, 1906; a recital featuring Mr. J. J. McClellan and Mr. Willard Weihe; and an evening of entertainment from a variety of performers, March 3, 1905.

Arney Papers, Charles E. 1.25 lin. ft. (MC 006)
C. E. Arney was personal secretary to Senator Fred T. Dubois during most of Dubois' tenure in the U.S. Senate. Some personal information is included; however, the bulk of the collection relates to his work with Senator Dubois.

Associated Grocers Records. 0.83 lin. ft. (MC 077)
A small collection of order and delivery booklets and price lists (1952 – 1970) that provide detailed information on food costs during this period. 

Balch Manuscripts, Glenn. 1 folder. (SmMC 007)
Writings of Idaho focusing on its mining history.  

Bank of Eagle Rock Check. 1 item. (SmMC 008)
A blank check drawn by the Idaho Trading Company, Nicholia, Idaho on the Bank of Eagle Rock (Idaho), 1885.

Barry Papers, J. Nielson. 2 folders. (SmMC 124)
Letter dated January 1933 from Barry J. Nielson to Mrs. J. B. Brown, regarding his research of early Idaho history, including the discovery of the Columbia River and early trading posts in the Northwest. Also included are two hand-drawn maps of John Colter’s 1807 map superimposed with Lewis and Clark’s 1814 map.

Bartlett Papers, Eunice. 1 folder. (SmMC 009)
The collection consists of correspondence (1906-1926) to family in Idaho from Eunice Bartlett, Carlisle Indian School, Pennsylvania and later Fort Hall, Idaho. Also included are postcards and cancelled checks from The Bank of Roberts (Idaho), and one photograph of “Mother and Edith.”

Bartlett Collection, Stanley. 3.95 lin. ft. (MC 129)
The Stanley Bartlett Collection consists of his military records, photographs, photo albums, scrapbooks, and ephemera dating from 1903 through 1993.

Bates Manuscript, Clara. 1 item. (SmMC 010)
Paper by Clara Bates of Mackay, Idaho, relating the story of her family, early settlers in Salmon, Idaho.

Baum (1887-1970) Papers, 1925-1963, O. R. .21 lin. ft. (MC 038)
Copies of court documents relating to a 1925 murder trial involving three Bannock Indians from the Fort Hall Reservation: James Tisidimit, Elmer Whittenfone and Ben Ariwite. Includes some photographs.

Beal Papers, Merrill D. 10.9 lin. ft. (MC 010)
Correspondence and journals of Beal’s summer work in Yellowstone National Park (1930s to 1965), news clippings, pamphlets, some manuscripts of books and articles, and lecture notes pertaining to the Nez Perce Indians, "Beaver Dick" Leigh, Lewis & Clark, and the Old Oregon Trail. 

Bean Collection, Dr. J. H. (MC 109) processing
Ledger book (1895-1907) related to Dr. Bean's medical practice in Idaho Falls, as well as a collection of statements, billheads, bank papers, and correspondence from patients pertaining to his practice from 1894 through 1913, and Bean's Drug Store in Pocatello, Idaho.

Bean’s Drug Store Calendar. 1 item. (SmMC 131)
Decorative wall calendar from Bean’s Drug Store, Pocatello, Idaho, 1903.

Before and After Cartoon. 1item. (SmMC 112)
Political cartoon related to “proving up” the Northside Tract in Idaho.

Bentley Papers (1848-1947), Finis. 4.5 lin. ft. (MC 007)
The Finis Bentley Papers include materials that relate to Bentley's real estate legal work, his time with the WW II Selective Service board, and his work with a variety of organizations and temples in Pocatello, Idaho, 1848-1947.

Birch Creek Massacre. 1 item. (SmMC 011)
Handwritten research paper by an unknown author on the Birch Creek Massacre.

Bistline Family Papers. (MC 128) processing
Personal letters, photographs, invitations, programs, greeting cards, planners, genealogical information, news clippings, and awards that make tribute to the family.

Blackburn Collection, Frank H. 3 items. (SmMC 012)
Koran with text written in black and red Arabic script within frames in gold with vignette in gold, blue, red, and orange miniature painting; correspondence related to the gift of the Koran.

Blake (1912-1978) Papers, 1944-1949, Forrester. .21 lin. ft. (MC 086)
The Forrester Blake papers include the 1948 galley proofs for his best-known work of fiction, Johnny Christmas.

Blamires Papers, Lillian Cecil Harris Blamires and Joan. (MC 156)
A small collection that includes family photographs, scrapbooks, and other ephemera pertaining to the lives of Lillian Cecil Harris Blamires and Joan Blamires.

Blue Scarab Press Records. 2.5 lin. ft. (MC 143)
Publications, correspondence, manuscripts, and information pertaining to the history of the Rocky Mountain Poetry Festival, from the records of Blue Scarab Press, Pocatello, Idaho.

Boosinger Papers, J. C. 1 folder. (SmMC 082)
Three railroad passes issued to J. C. Boosinger, his wife and daughter for the Oregon Short Line Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad Company, 1902.

Bottolfsen Letter, C. A. 1 item. (SmMC 013)
A letter to Bottolfsen of Arco, Idaho from the Smithsonian Institution, listing notable North American Indian women.

Bowen Diary, D. J. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 024)
Typed transcription of Bowen’s diary (1884-1911) relating his life as a pioneer in southern Idaho, and the early history of Arbon Valley.

Brady Letter, James H. 1 item. (SmMC 140)
Letter to S. E. Brady from his father, Governor James H. Brady, being the last written from the State House in Boise prior to his term expiring.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Division #228 Records. 61.77 lin. ft. (MC 062)
Records of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Division #228, circa 1883-1979 consists in part, of meeting minutes, dues registers, and reports, with the bulk of the materials pertaining to case files.  

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Records. (MC 146) processing
Records of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers from its Pocatello, Idaho office consists in part, of reports and case files.

Burgemeister Collection, Georgia Worley. (MC 144) 
A small collection of photographs from the Albion State Normal School, a 1949 copy of the Albion State Normal School’s yearbook, Sage, newspapers clippings, and Georgia Worley’s State of Idaho Teaching Contract, dated July 15, 1924. 

Bush Collection, Louis G. 1.04 lin. ft. (MC 104)
Tibetan and Sanskrit prayer books.

Business and Professional Women Scrapbooks, 1972-1973. 1.25 lin. ft. (MC 080)
Scrapbooks focusing on the organization, Business and Professional Women.

Bybee Collection, Duane A. 2.65 lin. ft. (MC 114)
Materials pertaining to the Oregon Short Line Railroad and its construction through the Fort Hall (Idaho) Indian Reservation, and the Boise Cut-Off.

Calvin Manuscript, E. E. 1 item. (SmMC 015)
List of names of towns and cities in Idaho.

Campbell Collection, Leo. processing

Cartee Manuscript, Leona Hailey. 1 item. (SmMC 016)
Pioneer Days of the Idaho State Historical Department.

Censored Envelope. 1 item. (SmMC 056)
Envelope with censor’s label addressed to Mrs. Floy Laird, University of Idaho, and postmarked from Upper Clatford, England, 1942.

Certificate of Promotion, Southern Idaho College of Education. 1 item. (SmMC 136)
A certificate used to indicate a student’s satisfactory completion of “the Course of Study prescribed for the Junior High School Department of the Training School of the Southern Idaho College of Education” and admission to the High School, Albion, Idaho.

Challis Chinook. 4 items. (SmMC 017)
Civilian Conservation Corps newsletters, Challis National Forest, Challis, Idaho from June, October, and November, 1937. Also, a brief article entitled, “Sheepeater Indians” pertaining to prehistoric sites on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Challis, Idaho, 1938.

Clayton Collection, Ron. 14.83 lin. ft. (MC 103) processing
Materials related to the Idaho Centennial.

Clippings Files. 
Newspaper clippings files covering a variety of subjects related to southeast Idaho and the Intermountain West.

Cloquet Lumber Company Record. 1 item. (SmMC 141)
A logging contract between Eugene Allman of Brookston, Minnesota and the Cloquet Lumber Company, Cloquet Minnesota, 1904.

Coffin Papers, Clara Laura. 8 items. (SmMC 020)
Typed transcripts of letters written to the Ottumwa Courier (Iowa), from Coffin, who came to Idaho Territory in 1876 and settled in Pocatello. The letters focus on her reminiscences of that period.

Coker Papers, Tracy. 3 folders. (SmMC 021)
The Tracy Coker papers contain an invitation to the commencement ceremony of Idaho State College, correspondence from Charlton Laird, and an original typed manuscript for the novel Camas.

Community Concert Association Concert Programs. 1 folder. (SmMC 026)
Concert programs from performances presented by the Community Concert Association. Two of the programs are signed by the artists Dorothy Maynor and Paul Robeson.

Cone Papers, H. W. 2 items. (SmMC 022)
Article pertaining to the Indian woman Tolo and the Nez Perce War, including one entitled, “Tolo’s Friendly Act”; the collection also includes related correspondence.

Cornelison Manuscripts, Ersal (Mrs.). 2 items. (SmMC 023) Typed copy of “The Indian Sun Dance” and, “Fort Hall and Its Indians,” a typed address delivered by Cornelison to the State Convention of Business and Professional Women’s Club, June 2, 1937.

Correspondence. 2 folders. (SmMC 126) Correspondence between several Cooper family members, including Enoch, John (Croydon, NH, with one letter to John from Hiram McNutt), Barnaby, and I., dated 1840-1854; two letters to Thomas B. Woolman of Burlington, NJ (nd); one letter from W.M. Meredith, Philadelphia, dated November 2, 1837; letter, Brother F. Haines to Brother J. B. W., New York, March 12, 1841; one letter from Frank, Sago, Idaho, October 18, 1912 to “My dear friend”; and one letter, WWR to Bro AH, Idaho Falls, Idaho, May 22, 1903. Provenance unknown.

Corrigan Papers, Michael. .21 lin. ft. (MC 118)
This small collection contains drafts of Corrigan’s play, Journal of Grief.

Cradlebaugh Poem, John. 1 item. (SmMC 024)
A holograph poem entitled, “Dreamers They Were, Those Pioneers”.

Craven Manuscript, Evelyn M. 1 folder. (SmMC 025)
Photocopy of Craven’s “An Informal History of Idaho State University, 1901-1989.”

Cuoio Letterbook, Vito. 2 folders. (SmMC 027)
Letterbook containing carbon copies of letters (1906-1922) written by Vito Cuoio, an Italian merchant in Pocatello and owner of the Idaho Fruit Stand, located at 214 E. Center Street. The letters, written in English and Italian, focus primarily on his purchases, sales, and shipments of fruit, candy, tobacco, and similar goods. He dealt primarily with Utah businesses in Brigham, Ogden, and Salt Lake City.

Curtis Letter, George H. 1 item. (SmMC 142)
A letter from the Secretary of the State of Idaho, George H. Curtis to those interested in a reprint of a section of the 1941-1942 Biennial Report regarding the governors and secretaries of the Territory of Idaho.

Dalton Journal, Charles. 1 item. (SmMC 028)
Typed transcript of a journal kept by Charles Dalton concerning his experiences as a member of the Fort Lemhi Mission, 1855-1856.

Davis Manuscript, William E. 1 item. (SmMC 029)
Photocopy of Davis’ “An 1864 Journey from St. Joe to Idaho (from the Diary and Memoirs of George Forman)” Forward and Edited by William E. Davis.

Denney Photograph Collection, Larry F. (MC 157) processing
Negatives and photographs of Downey, Idaho during the 1950s taken by studio photographer, Larry F. Denney. Images primarily include portraits, local businesses, and scenes of Downey.

Dolbeer Ledger, Fred J. 1 item. (SmMC 173) processing
Ledger from the trading post of a mining camp in Silver City, Idaho, 1875.

Donaldson Photograph Collection, Max A. 3.33 lin. ft. (MC 138)
Photographs depicting Works Progress Administration construction projects in Pocatello (1934- 1941), including the Vocational Arts building on the campus of what is now Idaho State University. Donaldson was one of the supervising engineers for all of the projects shown in the photographs. He joined the WPA in 1934, District 1 Office, Pocatello, Idaho, and remained employed through 1941.

Downey [Id] Hog Pool, Inc., Records. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 084)
The Downey Hog Pool, Inc., Records contains its “Articles of Incorporation” and the minutes of annual or special meetings, and financial statements of the organization. These documents are from 1944 to 1949. Also included are the “Articles of Incorporation of the Bannock County Wool Growers, Incorporation” and the “Certificate of Incorporation,” issued by the Department of State of the State of Idaho, June 26, 1952.

Downey [Id] Pharmacy Records. 3.8 lin. ft. (MC 048) processing (*restricted access)
The Downey Pharmacy Records consists entirely of medical prescriptions for customers of the Pharmacy, 1948-1988. Due to Federal law, large portions of the collection are restricted. Access requires permission from the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

Downey [Id] Women’s Study Club Records. 6.02 lin. ft. (MC 074)
Scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia, and meeting minutes that provide details to the projects and functions of the Downey Women's Study Club.

Dubois Papers, Edna. 4 lin.ft. (MC 003)
Dubois family matters, politics, family photographs, and Mrs. Dubois' work with women's groups and child welfare, ca.1900-1931.

Dubois (1851-1930) Papers, 1868-1930, Senator Fred T. 70.28 lin.ft. (MC 004)
Extensive political and personal correspondence files, political scrapbooks, speeches, subject files and some memorabilia, covering the period 1872 through 1929 with the bulk of the material focusing on 1896 through 1907.

Dubois Papers, Touissant. 6 lin.ft. (MC 005)
Articles and other materials related to Touissant’s professional career in journalism and publicity. The daughter of Fred and Edna Dubois, she was actively involved in environmental conservation efforts.

Dunn Papers, Brigham. 1 item. (SmMC 030)
A brief autobiography focusing on Dunn’s journey from Utah to Idaho in 1887.

Early Pocatello Fire Department Photograph Collection. 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 154)
A small collection of late 19th and early 20th century photographs of the Pocatello, Idaho Fire Department.

Early Settlers, Malad [Id]. 1 folder (SmMC 031)
Brief sketches of early settlers in Malad, Idaho, including David R. Thomas, David (“Diamond Dave”) Williams, John T. Williams, Thomas Pierce, and Wale Thomas.

Eggers Manuscript, Violet. 3 folders. (SmMC 174) processing
Writings pertaining to historical figures in Idaho.

Emmett Fruit Growers Association. 1 item. (SmMC 160)
Advertising label for Emmett Fruit Growers Association, Emmett, Idaho.

Fahs Papers, C. F. 2 lin. ft. (MC 029)
Correspondence and inventories related to the work of C. F. Fahs, civil engineer, Union Pacific Railroad, 1879-1884. One letter, dated 1884, describes an "Anti-Mormon barbeque" while the remaining letters all concern various western railroads, 1899-1905.

Faris Papers, Dorothy. 3.55 lin. ft. (MC 051)
Contains some personal correspondence; however, the bulk of the materials pertain to her tenure as a faculty member of the university. Dr. Dorothy Faris was a professor of microbiology at Idaho State University from 1927-1966. *also listed as University Archives 

Fisk Tires Advertisement. 1 item. (SmMC 032)
Advertisement for Fisk Tires, 506 Main Street, Pocatello, Idaho, dated 1934.

First Congregational Church of Pocatello Records. 1 folder. (SmMC 143)
Church service programs for May, 1937 and 1938.

Fitz Scrapbooks, Herb. 3.25 lin. ft. (MC 073) processing

Fletcher Papers, Henry. 15 lin. ft. (MC 044)
Fletcher was connected with KSEI, a Pocatello radio station, from the 1930s through the early 1980s, and was the owner ca.1957-1973. Included in the collection is correspondence, information pertaining to the Federal Communications Commission, Freedom of Information Committee, and the Idaho Broadcasters Association.

Foreman Collection, John. 1 folder. (SmMC 175) processing

Former Pioneers, Pocatello. 1 item. (SmMC 033)
A list of names, addresses, and dates of arrival of former pioneers in Pocatello, who came to the “No More Frontier” event in 1932.

Fort Hall History. 3 folders. (SmMC 034)
Newspaper clipping, “Our Most Historic Outlook” by Byron Defenbach; and, a short paper focusing on the history of Fort Hall.

Fort Hall Indians. 3 items. (SmMC 035)
Received from the United States Indian Service through the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, this collection includes three issues of Fort Hall Indians, vol. 1, nos. 4-6 (August – October, 1941), a bulletin devoted to the interests of members of the Fort Hall Reservation. The October issue is the “Junior” edition.

Fort Hall Indian Reservation Collection. 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 096) processing

Fort Hall Indian Reservation History Collection. 2 folders. (SmMC 176) processing
A relation in four parts to the history of Fort Hall Indian Reservation of its topography, treatise with the United States government, and history of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes.

Fort Hall Museum Architectural Record. 1 item. (SmMC 170) *oversized Architectural rendering and floor plan of proposed Fort Hall Museum, to be built on the campus of the University of Idaho Southern Branch, Pocatello, Idaho, prepared at the School of Engineering, 1935. *also listed as University Archives

Furey Papers, Charles H. 0.21 lin ft. (SmMC 166)
The Furey papers deal with the author’s life as a vagrant in California, Idaho and Oregon, beginning with 1869. His papers include a Certificate of Citizenship, 1879; correspondence to Charles Furey from W. S. Riley, 1891; counter check payable to C. H. Furey for the sum of twenty-two dollars, dated November 17, 1882; and, a calf-bound volume in folio in which contains the original text entitled “Acapulka Heley 12th 1869” and several pages of business accounts and memoranda.

Furniss Collection, Lloyd S. 19.38 lin. ft. (MC 127) processing digital collection available 
Over 40,000 negatives from Lloyd S. Furniss’s local photography business taken between the years 1956-1995. The bulk of the collection focuses on studio portraits, weddings, and commercial photography, including images of businesses once located in downtown Pocatello. It also includes images from the Pocatello Camera Club, and his time working as a photographer for Idaho State University.

Galli-Curci Collection, Amelita. 37.71 lin. ft. (MC 119)
Scrapbooks and recordings that document the life of the famous coloratura Soprano, Amelita Galli-Curci, 1916-1935.

Gardner (1880-1969) Papers, 1920-1981 James C. 3.69 lin. ft. (MC 045)
The Gardner papers contain newspaper clippings, some correspondence, a few pamphlets that relate to the Idaho State College band, and Herbert C. Clark, of John Philip Sousa's band. Gardner was the band director at Idaho State College for 27 years. *also listed as University Archives

George Papers, Thom Ritter. 0.98 lin. ft. (MC 117)
The Thom Ritter George papers contain a draft of George’s composition for Orpheus created for the ISU Centennial, and a variety of ephemera from the Symphony. *also listed as University Archives

Gittins Papers, H. Leigh. 21.16 lin. ft. (MC 107) processing
Family and business correspondence; research materials for Gittins’s books; scrapbooks; publications; ephemera; photographs depicting his family and regional history; and, his personal journals [bulk, 1921-1931] depicting life on the farm and its hardships.

Godden Letter, F. W. 1 item. (SmMC 036)
A brief history of the Wallace (Boyle) ranch, Panther creek, and mining, written by Godden, Forest Supervisor, August 23, 1937.

Gough Manuscript, A. C. 1 item. (SmMC 037)
A paper written by Gough, entitled, Early Days of the Southern Branch.

Grayson Collection, John. 2.26 lin. ft. (MC 139)
Fifty-seven reels of film and four VHS tapes depicting Idaho State College Basketball games from 1954-1958, while John Grayson was coach. *also listed as University Archives

Greenwood (1879-1956) Collection, 1869-1989, Annie Pike. 11.8 lin. ft. (MC 151)
The Annie Pike Greenwood Collection consists of writings (published and unpublished): poetry, prose, plays, and manuscripts (complete as well as incomplete). It also contains her handwritten notes, correspondence, books, photographs, ephemera, and family history.

Gross Collection, F. A. 7 folders. (SmMC 038)
Typed letter, F. A. Gross, Superintendent, Fort Hall Agency to All Indian Mothers and Young Women on the Fort Hall Reservation, July 2, 1934 announcing home economics classes of the Fort Hall Boarding School. Also included are copies of the “Shoshone-Bannock Tevope” 1936- 1939, 1941; and, a report from the Department of the Interior, U. S. Indian Field Service, entitled, “Information Regarding the Reservation.”

Guide to the Great Northwest. 1 item. (SmMC 119)
A portion of a 1909 travel guide (pages 129 – 160) focusing on Idaho. 

Hale Collection, Thomas. (MC 110) restricted
The Thomas Hale Collection contains materials related to Dr. Hale’s tenure at Idaho State University. Per the donor’s wishes, the collection will remain closed until further notice. *also listed as University Archives

Halliwell Collection, Jack. (MC 095) processing

Hanson Papers, Sam. 6.79 lin. ft. (MC 068)
Papers, writings, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera created and gathered during the 1940s and 1950s, by the journalist Sam Hanson who worked in Idaho and California.

Hansen Report, W. L. 1 item. (SmMC 039)
Typed report written by Forest Ranger W. L. Hansen, regarding a trip along Marsh Creek between the Goodenough and Walker Creek Canyon, March 12, 1938, and concerns of drainage issues; includes original photographs.

Harrington Collection, J. A. 1.5 lin. ft. (MC 012)
Copies of correspondence; manuscripts; extracts from unpublished sources; and research notes, which focus on early Idaho history, ca. 1830s through the 1930s. Also included are the reminiscences of Chief Joseph's War by two scouts, Clough and McCreery.

Harris, ISU Department of Music, Choral Performance Collection, Wesley M. (MC 150) processing
*also listed as University Archives

Harrison Collection, Benjamin. 1 item. (SmMC 041)
Itinerary for the Tour of the President to the Pacific Coast, 1891.

Harstad Papers, Peter. 0.42 lin. ft. (MC 040)
Former ISU history professor’s notes, photocopies, and correspondence relating to Oscar Sonnenkalb, Idaho surveyor and pioneer. The original account written in 1925 by Sonnenkalb was used by Dr. Harstad to develop his publication entitled Reminiscences of Oscar Sonnenkalb, Surveyor. *also listed as University Archives

Havenor Papers, W. P. 12.76 lin. ft. (MC 043) processing
Havenor's office files pertaining to the everyday operations of the local business, Bannock Engineering; also included is information on his personal dairy farm and thoughts and methods on improving his herd.

Hawkes Photograph Collection, Ezra. 20 items.
A small photograph collection consisting of twenty images taken between 1936-1938, depicting various locations in Idaho including, Bellevue, Snake River Canyon, Wahhi Falls, Bechler River, the Shoshone Ice Caves, the State Game Farm, and Devil’s Corral in Eden. Housed as part of the Historic Photographs Collection.

Hayden Scrapbooks, Carl E. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 065) processing

Hayes Letter, Anna H. 2 items. (SmMC 040)
A letter and corresponding envelope written by Hayes, of Twin Falls, Idaho to her cousin Harry Newman, Pocatello, Idaho, dated March 21, 1959 regarding fishing in the Snake River in the 1890s.

Haynes Photograph Album, F. Jay. 0.75 lin. ft.
Photograph album, Yellowstone published in 1891 by F. Jay Haynes includes forty silver gelatin mounted prints with descriptions of Yellowstone National Park. Housed as part of the Historic Photographs Collection.

Heinz Collection, Richard J. 4.29 lin. ft. (MC 133)
The collection consists primarily of company newsletters of the Garrett Freightlines Trucking Company, from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Historic Photographs Collection. 4.58 lin. ft. An artificial collection of historic photographs consisting primarily of images of southeast Idaho with some from outside the geographic collecting scope, taken between 1868 through 1954.

Historic Postcards Collection processing

History of Bannock County, 1893-1993 Records. 2.93 lin. ft. (MC 087)
A collection of printer's proof sheets for The History of Bannock County 1893-1993 a book project written in celebration of The Bannock County Centennial, March 6, 1993.

History of Idaho Book Outline. 1 item. (SmMC 152)
Typed outline for an apparent book on the history of Idaho. Title, author, and date unknown.

Holdcamper Letter, Forrest R. 1 item. (SmMC 042)
Letter, dated October 17, 1947 from Holdcamper, Industrial Records Office, National Archives, to John E. Trimming, Postmaster, Pocatello, Idaho, regarding the first established post office in Pocatello. Included is a list of Postmasters in Pocatello and their dates of appointment.

Hopkins Manuscript, Sara Winnemucca. 2 folders. (SmMC 043)
Typed abridged copy of Winnemucca’s Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims. Pages 1-75 are omitted.

Hoult Papers, Arthur. 1.46 lin. ft. (MC 034)
Seven journals dating between 1941 and 1955 that primarily report the daily observations and activities related to Mr. Hoult's work for the Idaho State Highway Department, including some weather reports as they relate to road conditions. A photograph album depicting scenes of roads and roadwork in Idaho during this same period is included.

Howard (1872-1965) Papers, Dr. Minnie F. 27 lin. ft. (MC 001) digital collection available
Materials gathered by Drs. William F. and Minnie F. Howard, ca. 1890 - 1965. Subjects include in part, Southeast Idaho, Bannock County, Fort Hall and the Oregon Trail, women's issues, and medicine.

Howard Papers, Dr. Richard. 1.25 lin. ft. (MC 092) processing
Materials pertain to Howard family history; Fort Hall and the Oregon Trail; newspaper clippings; and, ephemera.

Hutchinson Papers, John. 15 lin. ft. (MC 072) processing

Idaho Commemorative Envelope. 1 item. (SmMC 048)
An envelope commemorating fifty years of Idaho Statehood, 1890-1940.

Idaho Education Association Legislative Bulletin. 1 item. (SmMC 046)
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 3, February 20, 1937

Idaho Ethnic/Demographic Data Collection. 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 063) processing

Idaho Falls Advertisement. 1 item. (SmMC 121)
An advertisement published in Sunset Homeseekers’ Bureau of Information, December, 1909, promoting Idaho Falls.

Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs, Rexburg [Id] Records. (MC 088)
District reports, financial files, minutes of meetings, scrapbooks, correspondence and individual histories of participating organizations, between the years 1901-1996.

Idaho Folklore Collection. 14 folders. (SmMC 045)
This collection includes a combination of copies and original manuscripts focusing on such subjects as Idaho topography, prehistory, mines and mining, rural economy, local history, historical legends, beliefs and customs, tall tales, epitaphs, and folk poetry. 

Idaho Growers Association Records. 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 142)
The Idaho Grower’s Association Records, 1921-1923, consists of receipts relating to the transactions between the Idaho Growers Association, co-operating farmers, and customers.

 Idaho Historic Newspapers Collection. processing

Idaho Lifelong Learning Association Records. 1 lin. ft. (MC 159) processing
Records pertaining to the establishment in 1992 of the Idaho Lifelong Learning Association (ILLA), whose mission is to enhance the profession of adult education in Idaho. The collection contains in part, incorporation documents, photographs, and newsletters.

Idaho Power Company Bulletin. 1 item. (SmMC 047)
Volume 16, No. 3, Boise, Idaho, August, 1959.

Idaho State Journal Biographical Clippings. (MC 090) processing

Idaho State Journal Photographic Negatives Collection. processing
Photographic negatives (1950 through 1995) from the Idaho State Journal, a local Pocatello newspaper.

Idaho State University Buildings Survey. 1 folder. (SmMC 049)
Buildings survey of seven of the University’s structures conducted by Jennifer Eastman Attebery and Kathleen Marie Lacey in 1994 on behalf of the Pocatello Historic Preservation Commission, City of Pocatello.

Idaho State University Weekly Calendars and Bulletins. 1.1.7 lin. ft. (RG 022.003)
This collection includes a list of activities and events at Idaho State College from September 1950 through December 1959. Additionally, there are memos, announcements, faculty notices, and library notes. This collection also includes sport schedules and team standings.

Idaho State University Women’s Club Records. 15.4 lin. ft. (MC 145)
The Idaho State University Women’s Club Records contains membership, club organization, and financial records from the years 1941-2015, as well as club correspondence. The records also include information on projects and events organized by the Idaho State University Women’s Club, including scrapbooks.

Idaho, The Gem of the Mountains. 1 item. (SmMC 150)
A brief paper, Idaho, The Gem of the Mountains, by an unknown author, boasting of Idaho’s greatness.

Idan-ha Label. 1 item. (SmMC 044)
Label for Idan-ha spring water, Soda Springs, Idaho.

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspapers, 1855-1899. 7.29 lin. ft.
Selections from Frank Leslie’s illustrated newspaper, focusing predominantly on Idaho, Pocatello, and the Intermountain West.

Illustrated Print Collection. 13 folders. (SmMC 125)
A small artificial collection of illustrated plates (etchings and lithographs) from various unknown publications covering a range of Idaho-related subjects including the landscape and Native Americans.

Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Collection (MC 158) digital collection available
Records of the Pocatello-Blackfoot Chapter, Intermountain District Council, JACL, including scrapbooks and correspondence.

Japanese Soldier’s Diary. 1 folder. (SmMC 171)
A cloth-bound book, apparently being a Japanese soldier’s diary that was picked up on the Island of Saipan by William Bartz, United States Marine Sergeant.

Jenkins Papers, Henry E. 1 item. (SmMC 050)
List of toll fares in 1869 from Corrine to Montana, including intermediate stations.

Jensen Scrapbooks, W. H. “Pete”. 3 items. (MC 147) processing

Johanson Papers, Olof P. 1 item. (SmMC 051)
Copy of the reminiscences of Johanson’s childhood in Sweden, his conversion to Mormonism, his journey to Logan, Utah, his experience as a ward teacher, his mission to Lyman, Idaho, his subsequent mission to Sweden, and his supervision of the Lenroot Canal irrigation project .

Johnson Papers, Henry C. 1 item. (SmMC 169) *oversize
Personal observations by Johnson at the outbreak of the Nez Perce Indian War of 1877.

Johnston Manuscript, Gwenn. 1 item. (SmMC 052)
A brief paper focusing on Idaho’s progress and future growth, entitled “Idaho’s Recent Progress and Future Possibilities”.

Jones Letters, William J. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 152)
The William J. Jones letters consist of correspondence between Jones and other news outlets, including with Geoffrey “Pat” O’Connor, the city editor of the Southampton England Echo, giving insight of British opinion during World War II.

Kasiska Family Papers. (MC 055) processing
Materials focusing on the Kasiska family’s real estate holdings; includes scrapbooks from 1910 to 1970, which offer a personal view of the Kasiska women and features some brief histories on W.F. Kasiska and his two daughters, Eva and Mabel. Travel document issued to William Kasiska and two minor children issued by the United States Department of State, May 18, 1906. Included in the collection is a property deed issued to William F. Kasiska, Bannock County, Idaho for land purchased in block 148 in the Town of Pocatello, February 21, 1902.

Kackley Papers, Evan M. 3.34 lin. ft. (MC 121) processing
Notebooks kept by the early Soda Springs physician during his tenure at Harvard Medical School in the late 1920s. Some materials by his wife and mother are included.

Kay Papers, Hyrum. 0.4 lin. ft. (MC 023)
A group of papers entitled Mormon Theology and Exegesis: Eristic writings on religious themes. One article explores the origin of the American Indian, and a few items concern Pocatello area history. Also included is some Kay family history and genealogy, ca.1922-1938.

Kay Financial Record, Hyrum. 2 items. (SmMC 053)
Photograph copy of a notice of a dishonored check and Kay’s written response providing explanation, September, 1921.

Kay Certificate, Mildred. 1 item. (SmMC 054)
Senior beginner swimmer YMCA certificate awarded to Mildred Kay, July 26, 1929.

Kirkpatrick Collection, Orion E. 3 folders. (SmMC 144) digital collection available
Materials and photographs that focus on mining and mining laws in Leesburg, Idaho; and, a tinted photograph showing a scene from the Philippine Islands. Photographs from this collection are housed in the Historic Photographs Collection.

Klōs Collection, Stan. 1 folder (SmMC 133)
Included in this collection are Report No. 1064, House of Representatives 51st Congress, 1st Session, “ Admission of Idaho into the Union”, Report No. 1507, House of Representatives 55th Congress, 2nd Session, “Ratification of Agreement with Indians of Fort Hall Reservation”, Calendar No. 1466, S. 2266, 50th Congress, 1st Session, a Bill introduced by Mr. Dawes, to ratify an agreement with the Shoshone and Bannock Tribes regarding relinquishment of their land; and, a letter, R. O. Adams, Marshall, Idaho, Nov. 27, 1881 to Thomas S. Kiball, Esq., A.G.M., U.P.R.R., Omaha, Neb., reporting to Union Pacific concerning Northern Pacific’s plans for a rail route through the Bitter Root Mountains to Lewiston, Idaho.

Knoll Archive, Zig. 1.58 lin. ft. (MC 148)
The Zig Knoll Archive contains published and unpublished literature written by Knoll including poetry, short stories and novels. Included is correspondence regarding the unpublished novel Restricted Entry, which focuses on the 1961 SL-1 incident at the Idaho nuclear reactor site. Zig’s mother was a first responder and provided care to the victim pulled from the reactor room.

Koehler Papers, William N. 1 folder. (SmMC 055)
Biographical and autobiographical information regarding William N. Koehler, including his time spent in the United States Army during World War I, and working as a cowhand in 1928.

KSEI Radio Records. 6 folders. (SmMC 145)
Typed transcriptions of various radio addresses presented in 1936 for the Idaho State University program given by Dorothy D. Faris, Steven R. Meadows, Robert H. Hume, Victor E. Jones, Walter C. Shipley, and Ralph R. Wilson.

Kulp Photograph Album, Howard. 0.58 lin. ft. (MC 081)
Small family photo album from the early-mid twentieth century that includes images of family, a Fairbanks, Alaska scale station, F. E. Phelps Construction Company’s camps and the building of bridges in Nevada, the Carbon Coal Company’s mine and camp in Rain, Utah, agriculture, and various waterfalls throughout Idaho.

Laird Collection, Charlton. 0.6 lin. ft. (MC 013)
A variety of papers, most of which relate to early Idaho history. Several short stories and a one act play by local authors are included.

Larson Collection, Kenneth. 0.4 lin. ft. (MC 030)
Three bound volumes of photocopied folksongs and ballads, and one folder of unbound material collected between 1920 and 1952 in Eastern Idaho.

Larson Collection, W. A. 1 item. (SmMC 115)
A check dated November 5, 1873 drawn on the Gould and Curry Silver Mining Company (Nevada) and payable to “State and County Taxes” in the amount of $1,715.46, signed by James Fair.

Latino Americans Oral history Project 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 066) digital collection available
The Latino Americans Oral History Project, sponsored by the Idaho Humanities Council (IHC), the Ethnic Heritage Committee of the Idaho Centennial Commission, and the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs includes twenty-two oral interviews of Hispanic immigrants and descendants of immigrants, living and working throughout Idaho.

Lawrence Papers, James N. (1813-1911). 1 folder. (SmMC 057)
Materials pertaining to James N. Lawrence, pioneer and saloon keeper of the Naked Truth Saloon in Boise, Idaho.

Lawson Journal. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 026)
Typed transcription of a journal that relates the author's Mormon mission (1868-1869) to Worchester, England and his life as a teacher and worker after his return to Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah, ca. 1869-1872.

LDS Idaho Pioneer Monument Program. 1 item. (SmMC 058)
Souvenir program for the dedication of the LDS Idaho Pioneer Monument at Fort Lemhi, May 13, 1950.

Lehrbas Manuscripts, Lloyd. 0.2 lin. ft. (MC 032)
Ten articles written by Lehrbas focusing on people of note in Idaho from the period of Statehood to World War I.

Leighton Scrapbook, Edra. 3.52 lin. ft. (MC 028)
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings focusing primarily on World War II, with some clippings regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; includes some full-size newspapers, some of which pertain to Idaho’s centennial.

Leonard (1884-1964) Papers, 1884-1963, Eugene O. 10 lin. ft. (MC 033)
The Eugene O. Leonard papers include personal and professional correspondence; course and lecture outlines; reports and analysis of milk, water and feed grains; business and financial records, ca.1905-1960.

Lemhi Indian Agency Records. 13.79 lin. ft. (MC 011)
Correspondence files of approximately 5,000 items in letter books and folders. Tribal census information, lists of supplies, medical reports, personnel reports and miscellaneous agency reports comprise the balance of the materials, ca.1885-1907.

Lewiston & Southeastern Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Stock Certificate. 1 item. (SmMC 059)
Stock certificate issued to Judson Spofford for 2,651 shares in the Lewiston & Southeastern Electric Railway Company, dated February 10, 1906.

Lillibridge (1891-1971) Papers, A. L. 3.75 lin. ft. (MC 015)
The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, photographs, articles and news clippings related to railroad history, with a focus on the Utah Northern Railroad, and Pocatello area history. Also included are some of Lillibridge's personal records and materials related to his teaching career at Idaho State University, ca. 1920-1962. *also listed as University Archives

Lindenschmidt Collection, Fred. 15 folders. (SmMC 162) digital collection available
Materials relating to H. O. Harkness of McCammon, Idaho, including business records, 19th - century photographs of McCammon, Civil War documents from the 45th Co. K Illinois Volunteers; materials and correspondence related to the Utah and Northern Railroad’s right-of-way through Shoshone-Bannock lands; and a notice to officers from Stoddart & Company, regarding pension claims, April 10, 1895. Photographs are located in the Historic Photographs Collection.

Lions Club International Directory Collection, 1973-2016. 0.834 lin. ft. (MC 164)
The Lions Club International Directory Collection consistsof directories from District 39E between the years 1973 through2016. They contain contact information for the leaders of District 39E’s clubs, listingthe president, secretary, treasurer, and the membership office holders of each club in the district during this period.

Lufborough Legal Papers. (MC 089) processing

Lyon Papers, Benjamin H. 2 folders. (SmMC 060)
Correspondence to the University of Idaho from Ida and Ben Lyon, 1957; an Abstract of Title for Estate, 1901; and, a certificate of Baptism for Benjamin Harrison Lyon, 1893.

Mack Scrapbook, Melba. 1.33 lin. ft. (MC 094)
A scrapbook (1946 – 1955) highlighting the years Melba Frances Mac spent as a student at Idaho State College, graduating in 1951with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics.

Mallery Manuscript, G. 1 item. (SmMC 061)
"An Indian Conversation in the Sign Language." Most of the text is an extract from G. Mallery's, Sign Language of North American Indians, Washington, 1881.

Map Collection. 37.86 cubic feet.
This is an artificial collection comprised of over 2,000 maps and atlases focusing on Idaho, the Intermountain West, and the Western United States, including National Forests and National Parks. Included are topographic, soil, road, and tourist maps, flood prone areas, Metsker’s Atlases, and blueprints.

Markham Papers, John. 0.3 lin. ft. (MC 039)
Original and photocopied material used to write John Markham's The Ashton; Idaho-Moran; and, Wyoming Horse and Wagon Freight Line: Mid-July of 1910 to October 15, 1927. A copy of the published book is included.

Marley Collection, Bert W. 9 lin. ft. (MC 153) processing
The bulk of the Bert W. Marley Collection includes records created while working as a faculty member of Idaho State University Department of History (1967 - 1989), and includes other materials including from his time in the Idaho State Legislature (1979-1990).

Martin Papers, 1914-1948, William Humphrey. 1 folder. (SmMC 165)
The William Humphrey Martin Papers include documentation pertaining to his career as a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, beginning in 1914. During his career, he worked as a switchman, brakeman, and conductor, for a number of railroad companies, including the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company (Texas), The Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, the M K & T Railway, The Texas and Pacific Railway, the St. Louis El Reno and Western Railway Company, the Fort Worth Belt Railway Company, the Colorado and Southern Railway Company, the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company, the Union Pacific Railway (Pocatello), the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company, the Oregon and Northern Railroad Company, and the Kansas City Southern Railway Company.

Mason Papers, Hon. R. B. 1 folder (SmMC 062)
Correspondence and Confederate currency sent to the Mayor of Chicago, Hon. R. B. Mason from Palmetto, 1871.

McAteer Papers, Senator Thomas F. 8.26 lin. ft. (MC 052)
Correspondence and legislation covering the period from 1966-1969, formerly in the possession of Idaho Senator Thomas F. McAteer.

McCall, Idaho History. 1 item. (SmMC 151)
A brief paper prepared in 1935 for the Payette Lakes Progress Club, focusing on the history of McCall, Idaho.

McCarty Collection, Vera. 3 items. (SmMC 019)
Event program for the centennial tribute to William Borah presented by Senator Frank Church, 1965; also included is a brief note signed by Church; and, a program for the Utah and Northern Monument Ceremony and Pioneer Railroad Appreciation Dinner, Idaho State University, May 7, 1964.

McCord-Brady Record. 1 item. (SmMC 161)
Invoice from McCord-Brady Wholesale Grocers, Omaha, to McCammon Inv. Co., McCammon, Idaho, July 19, 1912.

McDougall Manuscript, Isaac E. 1 item. (SmMC 063)
A brief paper pertaining to irrigation in Idaho in the mid-19th century, entitled, “First Irrigating Ditches and First Irrigation Case.”

McIntosh Papers, Carl. 6.1 lin. ft. (MC 050)
Personal office files and speeches from McIntosh’s tenure as President of Idaho State College (1946-1959). *also listed as University Archives

McKenna Manuscript, Marian C. 1 item. (SmMC 064) Uncorrected copy proof of Borah, a biography about William E. Borah, written by Marian C. McKenna.

McNeil Collection, Warren Q. 1.88 lin. ft. (MC 137)
The Warren Q. McNeil collection consists of Garrett Freightlines Trucking Company newsletters, annual reports, financial quarterly reports, correspondence, memos, truck routes, employee benefit handbooks, and ephemera, collected by McNeil, a former Garrett employee.

McNutt and Phillips Pioneer Store Records. 1.5 lin. ft. (MC 020) Bills, invoices, account books, business correspondence, and other financial documents relating to this store from 1868-1877.

Merriam Report, C. Hart. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 064)
This collection consists of a photocopy of original documents relating to the 1890 biological expedition in Idaho by C. Hart Merriam. Although C. H. Merriam got official credit for the expedition, his chief naturalist and brother-in-law, Vernon Orlando Bailey, was a party leader and record keeper from the start of the expedition on 9 July, 1890 until August, 1890. The original document is located at the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division.

Methodist Church, Pocatello, Idaho. 1 folder. (SmMC 135)
A pocket-sized edition of the New Testament (New York: Thomas Nelson and Sons); decorative leather bookmark; copy photo of Pocatello’s “First” Methodist Church, erected 1890-1891; a copy of the “Souvenir Story: 50 Years of Organized Methodism, 1891-1941”; and a handwritten history of the first Methodist service in Pocatello.

Monteith Manuscripts, Frances Whitman. 1 folder. (SmMC 065)
Typed extracts from articles written by Monteith for the Lewiston Morning Tribune in 1929 and 1933, concerning her life at the Lapwai Indian Agency (Nez Perce) during the 1860’s and 1870’s, collected and commented upon by an unknown writer.

Morrison Manuscript, Edmund. 2 items. (SmMC 146) A paper in two parts, written for the radio program, “The University and the Times,” December 18, 1935, entitled, The Misfortunes of Joseph: A View of the Nez Perce War.

Morton Project, Marilyn (ILA). 12.93 lin. ft. (MC 071) processing

Musical Heritage of Southeastern Idaho Collection. 0.4 lin. ft. (MC 059)
Twenty-three scripts arranged alphabetically by the name eastern Idaho community covered that once accompanied a series of videos entitled Musical Heritage of Southeast Idaho.

Myers Collection, J. W. 3 folders. (SmMC 083)
Materials in this collection include five railroad passes issued to William J. Harvey for the Oregon Short Line, and the Union Pacific System, 1895, 1889, 1905, and 1906; photographs of Asian gentlemen in Blackfoot, Idaho, railroad photographs, and photographs taken at Fort Hall, housed in the Historic Photographs Collection.

Nash Collection, Paul V. 2 folders. (SmMC 114)
Postmarked envelope, dated May 20, 1938 addressed to Paul Nash, Secretary, Pocatello Chamber of Commerce, from the Mackay, Idaho Community Club; and a Brigham Young College Bulletin, September 1910, that includes photographs of campus and students, a list of classes for fall, 1910, and a list of the Board of Trustees.

National Air Mail Week Documents. 2 items. (SmMC 066)
Two postmarked envelopes from Salmon and Mackay, Idaho commemorating the first National Air Mail week, May 15-21, 1938.

National Youth Administration Records. 1 item (SmMC 067)
National Youth Administration job application and instructions, 1936.

Nelson Records, Thomas and Sons. 1 item. (SmMC 068)
Typed letter from Thomas Nelson and Sons Research Department (New York), regarding the description of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s flag and seal.

Nichols Manuscript, Dorothy. 1 item. (SmMC 168) *oversize
“Fort Hall Sundance” written by Nichols, describes the process of a Sundance and other observations. Date unknown.

Nichols Collection, John R. 2 lin. ft. (MC 018)
Correspondence, historical data and committee reports pertaining to early Idaho history, with the bulk of the materials related to the 1930s and 1940s.

Nielson Papers, Joseph Le Roy. 2 items. (SmMC 069)
Letter from Nielson to his mother, regarding a copy of “The Prophecy of the Class of ‘60” relating his visit to a fortune teller in California in 1906.

Nixon Advertisement, S. M. 1 folder. (SmMC 177) *oversize processing
Advertisements for the sale of 25’ x 120’ Pocatello city lots, for $35.00 each, located in “the Nixon Tech Tract.”

Oakey Papers, Hyrum Poll. 1 folder. (SmMC 070)
Photocopies of home remedies and recipes belonging to Hyrum Poll Oakey’s great grandfather Oakey, a patriarch in the LDS Church.

Oboler Papers, Eli M. 5 lin. ft. (MC 042)
Publications and photocopied articles pertaining to censorship and intellectual freedom used as source material by Oboler as background information for his published books.

Oelwein Family Papers. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 083)
Documents, letters, student newspapers, and other items related to Alva Holmberg Oelwein focusing on education during the 1920’s; and, items related to the family business, the People’s Market.

Office of Indian Affairs Publications. 2 items. (SmMC 179) Two publications pertaining to Indian Agencies and schools: Routes to Indian Agencies and Schools, 1903 and Rules for the Indian School Service, 1904.

Old Fort Hall and Proposed Museum. 1 item. (SmMC 156)
Article, Old Fort Hall and Proposed Museum written by Dr. Minnie F. Howard, then-president of the Southern Idaho Historical Society.

Olinger Papers, John. [ ] lin. ft. (MC 075)
This collection is divided into three areas: 1) Olinger’s personal writing on American History; 2) primary and secondary material on Camp Downey; and, 3) Russian History.

Oregon Short Line Railroad Photograph Collection 0.42 lin. ft. (MC 141)
A small collection of photograph postcards and photographs depicting various bridges, tunnels, cranes, trackage, and pile drivers on the Oregon Short Line from near Ashton to Twin Falls, Idaho and a few from Nevada, c. 1920-1930.

Osmundson Papers, John. 2 items. (SmMC 180)
Holograph letter from John Osmundson to Dr. Liljeblad, in which he provides ethnographic notes on the Yakima Indians. Also included is a typed transcription of the letter.

Owens Papers, Dr. Jack. 2.25 lin. ft. (MC 132)
A collection of materials about the preservation of Pocatello’s historic downtown and Old Town Neighborhood, and the foundation of ISU’s unique and world renowned GIS-based graduate program in History, the development of undergraduate curriculum, three publication about the graduate program, and the first major funded project though the European Science Foundation. *also listed as University Archives

Oxford, Idaho History, 1865-1987. 1 folder. (SmMC 139)
Materials pertaining to the history of Oxford, Idaho, including newspaper articles, maps, and, the “Memories of Oxford: Reunion 1987,” written by James D. Boyce.

 Passey Manuscript, Earl F. 1 item. (SmMC 072)
A photocopy of “An Account of the Settlement and Development of Montpelier” written by Passey in 1936.

Petersen Photograph Collection, Arthur. 2 items.
Two copy photographs from the Union Pacific Museum (Omaha) showing locomotives at Pocatello and the old roundhouse in the background. Housed as part of the Historic Photographs Collection.

Peterson Scrapbook, Ruth E. (1892-1976). 1 item. MC 099
News clippings, photographs, programs, articles, maps and handwritten notes pertaining to history and events in Pocatello, Idaho and the surrounding area.

Petrone Collection, Vito and Mary Allphin. (MC 161) processing
Family papers, photographs, and scrapbooks of Vito and Mary Allphin Petrone. Vito Petrone was an opera singer and taught voice at Idaho State College.

Phoenix Café Coupon Book. 1 item. (SmMC 073)
Coupon book from the Phoenix Café, Pocatello, worth $5.00 divided into five-cent increments.

Pioneer Biographies. 3 items. (SmMC 074)
Brief biographies focusing on the following pioneers: Bill Muller; Sarah Jones; and, Baxter W. Hopkins.

Pocatello Chamber of Commerce Membership Card. 1 item. (SmMC 075)
Blank membership card for the Pocatello Chamber of Commerce, 1932.

Pocatello Chamber of Commerce Records, 1904-2018. 5.42 lin. ft. (MC 009)
The Pocatello Chamber of Commerce Records contains correspondence, clippings, subject files, and the minutes of the Chamber and its sub-committee meetings. Some maps and blueprints are included, as well as photographs; the records range from the beginnings of the Chamber in 1904 through 1965.

Pocatello Chieftain. 2 items. (SmMC 147)
Publication of the Pocatello Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) District, November-December, 1935, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2.

Pocatello Junction Committee Records, 1989-1990. 8.09 lin. ft. (MC 113)
Correspondence, ephemera, photographs and related material compiled by the Pocatello Junction Committee.

Pocatello Junior Chamber of Commerce Record. 1 item. (SmMC 123)
A collection of small booklets entitled, “The Documents on the Freedom Train,” 1947.

Pocatello Juvenile Band Ticket. 1 item. (SmMC 111)
Ticket to the First Grand Ball of the Pocatello Juvenile Band, November 13, 1891.  

Pocatello Literary Club Records. (MC 149) processing
Scrapbooks, photographs, membership, financial records, programs, newspaper clippings, and meeting minutes that were created by the Pocatello Literary Club, a women’s social club that formed in September, 1945 and continued to meet monthly through 2016.

Pocatello Ministerial Association Record. 1 item. (SmMC 077)
An appeal to the University of Idaho Southern Branch faculty for cooperation in improving the moral atmosphere surrounding the youth of Pocatello, February 17, 1940.

Pocatello Rail and Trail Center Decal. 1 item. (SmMC 076)
Decal promoting the Pocatello, Idaho Rail and Trail Center; the image depicts a Railroad train and a wagon train both moving towards the City of Pocatello.

Political Propaganda, Pocatello. 1 item. (SmMC 078)
Two-page document detailing the wrongdoings of a Sheriff in Pocatello who was up for reelection. Date and source unknown.

Poll Manuscript, Ida Berrett. 1 folder. (SmMC 079)
“The Life of Charles Henry Barrett” written by Poll in the late 1940s, details her father’s life based on her memories of him.

Pomerene Collection, Senator Atlee. 2 items. (SmMC 080)
Two typed speeches, one by Pomerene, the second by Owen D. Young, both given at the National Conference of Business and Industrial Committees, August, 1932.

Portneuf Medical Center Records. (MC 116) processing
Internal newsletters and Public relations files relating to the Portneuf Medical Center and its predecessor, Bannock Regional Medical Center. *restricted

Potlach Lumber Company Record. 1 item. (SmMC 118)
Pay stub from the Potlach Lumber Company (Idaho) to E. Cassidy, dated July 26, 1913 that includes deductions for the store account and hospital fees.

Powell Papers, Vio Mae. 2 items. (SmMC 081)
Playbill from Powell’s production of “The Salmon River Saga” performed by the Citizens of Salmon, Idaho in conjunction with the Lewis and Clark Sesquicentennial Celebration, August 20-21, 1955, Lemhi County Fairgrounds; and, a typed transcript of the drama, “Days of Old Fort Hall”

Prisoner of War Correspondence Materials, 1945. 3 items. (SmMC 164)
Items obtained by Dean John R. Nichols during an inspection of the Prisoner of War stockade at Fort Ord, California, November, 1945; includes blank postcards and mailer for prisoner of war correspondence.

Railroad YMCA, Pocatello, ID, Records. 6.73 lin. ft. (MC 079)
YMCA correspondence, meeting minutes, board and financial records, as well some legal material and memorabilia, from 1900 through 1985.  

Redfield Papers, Ethel. 1.3 lin. ft. (MC 058)
This collection covers the period Redfield spent at Kamiah on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and the research for her book about her father. Dr. Ethel Redfield was a renowned educator; one box focuses on her teaching experiences.

Redfield Papers, Francis Mylon. 1 item. (SmMC 084)
Reminiscences of Redfeld’s childhood in Springfield, Vermont; of his move west to California, Oregon, and eventually Lewiston, Idaho, where in 1876 he was appointed a sub-agent on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation.

Reed Address, Pres. Miles F. 1 item. (SmMC 137)
“The Law of the Red Balance”, an address delivered by President Miles F. Reed of the Academy of Idaho at the Railroad Young Men’s Christian Association, Pocatello, Idaho, January 17, 1915.

Rees Collection, John E. 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 019)
Copies of research material collected and/or written by John E. Rees, a recognized authority on Indian life and lore. Included are unpublished interpretations of Indian pictographs, a dictionary of the Shoshoni Indian language, Shoshoni legends, and the reminiscences of Murdock F. McPherson, pioneer, miner and merchant.

Reid Collection, Marlene. 0.42 lin. ft. (MC 098)
Materials pertaining to the Dubois monument; correspondence; PrestO Press; and, historic preservation efforts in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Riggs Collection, Ralph W. 5 items. (SmMC 117)
Riggs’ collection consists of materials he acquired while stationed in New Guinea with the 5th Air Force Division from August 25, 1943 through January 8, 1944. Included is a small Japanese cigarette package found among the debris of the bomb-leveled town of Lal; four small picture cards with Japanese characters on verso, and, a photograph of a Japanese family taken from the diary of a Japanese soldier during the campaign by Australian troops to capture the town of Lal.

Rodehouse Collection, Effie Gittins.  (MC 126)
Materials consist of school records, including report cards, text books, and notebooks from the early 1900s, that belonged to Rodehouse.

Rotary Club of Pocatello Records. 10.21 lin. ft. (MC 122)
Meeting minutes, publications, and materials pertaining to the history of the Rotary Club, as well as some materials from the International Rotary Club.

Rowland Photograph Collection, Stella. 20 items.
Twenty photographs of Pocatello, Idaho during the 1890’s. Housed as part of the Historic Photographs Collection.

Ruckman Papers, Jo Ann. 62.77 lin. ft. (MC 108) processing
The Jo Ann Ruckman Collection focuses on Pocatello history, Ruckman family history, and lecture notes and student’s works from her time as an ISU faculty member in the Department of History. *also listed as University Archives 

Ryan Congressional Franks Collection, Bill. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 130)
A small collection of Congressional Franks collected by local journalist and former ISU faculty, Bill Ryan.

Schwartz Papers, Herman. 1 folder. (SmMC 148)
Certificates, applications, correspondence, and contracts pertaining to the Big Lost River Irrigation Company and project, 1909-1922.

Shambaugh Manuscript, Alice Purvis. 1 item. (SmMC 085)
Migration and Memories: A History of the Purvis Family, written by Alice Purvis Shambaugh, 1995.

Sharp Papers, N. J. 2 items. (SmMC 087)
Business card of N. J. Sharp, U. S. Land Office, Hailey, Idaho, and a blank post card from the United States Department of the Interior.

Shilling Papers, Winston Newton. 1 folder. (SmMC 086)
The collection includes: letters of recommendation concerning Mr. Shilling's activities as an Indian trader at Ross Fork, Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho (1880-1881), as Superintendent of Schools, Ogden, Utah (1882), as a messenger boy for the Department of the Interior (1900), and, a certificate of his membership in the Independent Order of Good Templars (1867), a copy of the "Lincoln Autograph Biography", a copy of "A Birthday Retrospect of Watson Newton Shilling on his Eightieth Birthday, April 12, 1920", and a photograph of Mr. Shilling.

Shoshone-Bannock Indians, Fort Hall. 1 item. (SmMC 128)
A short paper on the lifeways, legends, and customs of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes at Fort Hall, Idaho; included are descriptions of Indian Agency buildings.

Shoshone Falls and the Blue Lakes. 3 items. (SmMC 181)
Two calotypes of Shoshone Falls and the Blue Lakes, c. 1910, and a brief description of both.

Shoup Papers, George. 0.2 lin. ft. (MC 014) digital collection available
Letters and documents formerly in the possession of Idaho's first Governor, and U.S. Senator, that pertain to Indian fighting, business methods, transportation, and politics in early Idaho.

Simpson Postcard Collection, Travis. 0.43 lin. ft. (MC 027)
A collection of contemporary postcards, the majority of which depict scenes of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, California, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

Siroky Collection, Joseph. 2.09 lin. ft. (MC 101)
Materials pertaining to the Jerome, Idaho Co-Operative Dairy (1930-1957), and mining, including assay reports and publications.

Skinner Collection, Mary Lou. 2.71 lin. ft. (MC 041)
Field notes, correspondence, reports, and publications, which relate not only to Indian health, but to the history, social and political conditions, ethnology, and psychology of the Shoshone and Bannock tribes. 

Small Maps Collection. 7 folders. (SmMC 122)
An artificial collection of small maps depicting the modern mouth of the Boise River, the trail of Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail, southern Idaho, a 1940 Idaho highway map, and two geologic and topographic maps depicting the Yellowstone Park Route from Ogden, Utah to Yellowstone National Park, 1915.

Smith Biography, Amanda Barnes. 1 item. (SmMC 088)
Photocopy of a biography of Amanda Barnes Smith.

Smith Musical Score, Ellen U. 1 item. (SmMC 158)
“Shoshone March” written by Ellen U. Smith, 1927.

Smith Papers, George H. 1 item. (SmMC 089)
Typed copy of an extract of the address made by Smith, August 15, 1915, at the opening celebration of the Pocatello, Idaho passenger station.

Smith Manuscript, W. C. 1 folder. (SmMC 149)
Typed, with handwritten notes, fragment of a paper focusing on Birch Creek, and the Bannock Indian War.

Songs of Idaho and Its Schools Collection. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 082)
An artificial collection consisting of musical notes for various songs. Included in this are several copies of “Alma Mater”, the victory songs for Idaho State College, and “In the Hills of Idaho”.

Sousa and His Band. 2 items. (SmMC 138)
Programs from “Sousa and His Band”, a performance conducted by John Phillip Sousa, Idaho Technical Institute, December 15, 1923.

Southeast Idaho Family and Place Histories Collection. 3.93 lin. ft. (MC 021)
Interviews compiled mostly by family members documenting their ancestors' journeys from their homelands to the United States and eventually Southeast Idaho, between the years 1642-1984, with the bulk of the materials focusing on the 1870s to the 1940s. Subject areas covered in these histories include religion, houses, home life, clothing, games, school, punishments, vacations, and food.

South Mountain Mining Company Records. 0.2 lin. ft. (MC 031)
Financial records of the South Mountain Mining Company, Owyhee County, Idaho pertaining to orders for equipment and supplies, wages, room and board, 1941-1945.

Spalding Mission. 1 item. (SmMC 130)
Typed paper, “The Old Spalding Log Cabin Mission” written by an unknown author.

Stallings Papers, Senator Richard. 109.06 lin. ft. (MC 067)
Included in the Stallings Papers are legislative files, correspondence, and constituent casework of former Congressman Richard H. Stallings. Additional materials were donated in 1995, 2006, 2014, and 2016 including publications, memorabilia, papers from his service as United States Nuclear Waste Negotiator, and news clippings and promotional materials from his 2014 campaign.

Standrod Papers, D. W. 5.5 lin. ft. (MC 036)
Correspondence pertaining to banking and finance, legal matters, political topics (including the Anti-Mormon Party), and personal affairs. These papers are photocopies of the original collection sent to the Idaho State Historical Society.

Stedtfeld Family Papers. 18 lin. ft. (MC 123)
Three generations of family correspondence, Pocatello, Idaho history, and family photographs including a 1916 family camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. The Garrett Freight Lines Trucking Company records make up the bulk of this collection.

Steenson Papers, Nellie Cline. 0.4 lin. ft. (MC 056)
Photographs, including some Naval photographs from Steenson’s trip to Pearl Harbor; biographical and genealogical material; two funeral announcements; six chapters of a manuscript, news clippings, campaign material and some political publications.

Stein Warranty Deed, Edward. 1 item. (SmMC 090)
Warranty Deed issued to Edward Stein for land in Mt. View Cemetery, Pocatello, Idaho, July 5, 1893.

Stephenson Collection, Ruth Marchetti.  (MC 115)
Scrapbook concerning Stephenson’s work with the Pocatello YWCA 1959-1970, and the headdress she received upon induction into the Pocatello Chiefs organization.

Stevenson Collection, Edward. 39.025 lin. ft. (MC 111) digital collection available
The collection includes several hundred sketches of costumes created by Stevenson from his early days as an apprentice to his final years as costume designer for DesiLu Productions. Also included are photographs of family, friends, and Hollywood actors and actresses, scrapbooks, correspondence, and sketches by other Hollywood costume designers.

Stevenson, Research Collection, 1915-1976, Edward. 3.67 lin. ft. (MC 163)
The Edward Stevenson Research Collection consists of documents, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, tapes, and personal items about Edward Stevenson and Daniel Alkofer’s research project on him.

Stinson Papers, Edward. processing

Stinson Papers, J. Whitla. 4 items. (SmMC 091)
Original typed manuscripts with some notes and signed by the author, of four short stories written by Joseph Whitla Stinson, including, “Cui Bono”, “Giuseppe”, “Titian and Del Sarto”, and “The Cardinal’s Niece”.

Stites (1899-1973) Papers, c. 1885-1999, Ernest F. 9.23 lin. ft. (MC 112)
The Ernest F. Stites Papers is comprised of photographs, slides, and negatives focusing on Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, and the western United States, including National Forests and National Parks. The bulk of the collection pertains to the years 1950 through 1973, dealing with his writing and photography career, his 1967 road trip to Alaska, and correspondence with his wife, Catherine. The collection also contains handwritten and typed notes on various topics for the newspaper, newspaper clippings and a scrapbook, which round out the collection.

Stone Musical Score, Jesse. 1 item. (SmMC 157)
“Idaho” words and music by Jesse Stone, 1942.

Strong Postcard Collection, Vernon. 27 items.
A set of photograph postcards from Treasure Mountain Camp of the Tetons, a Boy Scout summer camp, Teton Peaks Council. Housed within the Historic Postcards collection.

Sudweeks Manuscript, Leslie. 1 item. (SmMC 092)
Typed copy of “Indian Troubles on the Sublette Cut-off”, written by Sudweeks.

Sully Correspondence, John. 1 folder. (SmMC 093)
Photocopies of correspondence between Sully, family, and friends in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Indiana, 1884-1896.

Summers Diary, Edith. 1 folder. (SmMC 134)
A typed transcription of Edith Summers’ diary detailing her trip from Colorado to Idaho in 1904. Included is a marked map of her trip.

Swisher Papers, Perry. 61.79 lin. ft. (MC 002)
Correspondence, pamphlets, arranged in subject files covering Swisher's early newspaper and political career from ca. 1950 through 1968; an addendum includes photographs and twenty-one volumes of bound newspapers featuring Swisher’s many columns and articles.

Talbot Manuscript, Rt. Rev. Ethelbert. 1 item. (SmMC 120)
An article, “In Western Camps” written by the Rt. Rev. Talbot regarding his time spent as Bishop of Wyoming and Idaho serving the mining camps. Published in Harper’s Monthly Magazine, 1905.

Talkington Collection, H. L. 2 items. (SmMC 014)
Typed transcription of the opening address given by Loyal P. Brown to the Pioneers of Idaho County, June 13, 1888, on the occasion of their first reunion; and, a typed copy of Eliza Hart Spalding’s diary depicting her journey from Prattsburgh, Steuben County, New York in February 1836 to the Nez Perce Mission.

Taylor Papers, Senator Glen. 1 folder. (SmMC 094)
Correspondence, newspaper clippings and papers pertaining to United States Senator Glen Taylor (1945-1951).

Taylor (1882-1953) Collection, 1804-1944, John. 16.49 lin. ft. (MC 046)
Approximately 3,000 pieces of sheet music collected and used by Taylor to accompany silent films shown at the Orpheum Theater in Pocatello, Idaho.

Taysom Ledger, Wayne. 1 item. (SmMC) processing
Ledger from a grocery store, 1905-1907 that includes in part, purchases made by the Battle Lake Copper Mining Company, Wyoming.

The Challis Messenger. 1 item. (SmMC 018)
Newspaper article pertaining to Specimen Hill written in The Challis Messenger, 1935.

The Eight Ball. 1 item. (SmMC 095)
First issue of The Eight Ball, Vol. 1, No. 1, September, 1953, published by the Fort Hall Agency, Idaho.

[ ] Journal, Thelma. 1 folder. (SmMC 163)
A day-to-day re-account of Thelma’s father’s trip from Oklahoma by covered wagon to Idaho when she was eight years old.

Thomas Papers, Christian Henry. 19.05 lin. ft. (MC 053)
Correspondence between Thomas, family, friends, and a variety of government agencies, organizations, and businesses, written in both English and German between 1863 and 1972. Thomas carried on a long-term correspondence with Dr. Roland W. Brown from the National Geographic and U. S. Geological Survey, and with multiple universities regarding his rock, fossil, and botany collections. Also included are financial and legal documents, ephemera, photographs, negatives, and a small collection of postcards. A vast portion of the collection contains over 2,300 greeting cards covering a variety of holidays and events, dating from 1900 through 1970.

Travel Costs. 2 items. (SmMC 096)
Typed transcriptions from the Idaho Statesman and the Pocatello Tribune regarding the cost of stage fare and stage stations in Utah and Idaho during the mid-19th century.

Trego Collection, Susie and Byrd. 2.3 lin. ft. (MC 017)
Correspondence, research notes, typed copies of publications, news clippings, and pamphlets focusing on Idaho history, in general, and specifically, the pioneers and Indians of Eastern Idaho, and the history of Fort Hall.

Trinity Episcopal Church Manuscript. 1 item. (SmMC 097)
Copy of “An Historical Sketch of Trinity Episcopal Church in Pocatello, Idaho from 1889 to 1970” written by Mona Lillibridge, Mabel Church Pilchard, and Father Andrew Asboe.

Tristram Record, George. 1 item. (SmMC 113)
Certification that George Tristram was registered as a student for the year 1893-94 at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Trude Photograph Collection, Daniel P. 5 items.
The Trude photograph collection consists of five images of Yellowstone National Park, photographed and published by F. Jay Haynes, official photographer for the Northern Pacific Railroad, Fargo, North Dakota. These images are part of the Historic Photographs Collection.

Turner Interview, Lucy Petty. 1 item. (SmMC 098)
Typed transcription of an interview conducted by Meriette Robinson, regarding information obtained from Lucy Petty Turner on the Battle of Bear River as told to her by her father, Louis James Petty.

Turner Broadside, Theodore F. 1 item. (SmMC 172)
A cardboard poster recommending Theodore F. Turner, Bannock County, as a republican candidate for a seat in the Idaho State Legislature. The November 7, 1951 election referred to his support of Idaho State College.

Tyler Papers, Glenn. 25.67 lin. ft. (MC 049)
Correspondence in English and German, including some from the 1940s when Tyler served in the United States Army; some financial records; however, the bulk of the materials relate to his teaching in the Department of History at Idaho State College (1955-1975). *also listed as University Archives

Union Pacific Railway Broadside. 1 item. (SmMC 100)
Broadside listing Montana and Idaho rates of the Far West Fast Freight Line via the Union Pacific Railway from Omaha, Nebraska to Corinne, Montana.

Union Pacific Railroad Envelope. 1 item. (SmMC 101)
Official R. R. Business envelope addressed to W. Snyder, General Freight Agent, U. P. R. R., Omaha [Ne].

Union Pacific Railroad Train Orders, 1885-1886; 1940. 2 folders. (SmMC 099)
Holograph train orders listing engine numbers, conductors, and detailed information regarding the running of trains, 1885-1886; also includes photocopies of train orders from December 16, 1940.

United Cattle and Horse Growers Association of Idaho Records. 1 item. (SmMC 102)
A small booklet containing a list of Idaho rancher’s registered livestock brands.

United Spanish War Veterans Collection. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 069)
Ledger book containing financial records of the Santa Ana Camp #3, United Spanish War Veterans; meeting minutes (1939-1949; 1948-1967); list of veterans from the Pocatello area who served in wars from the Civil War to World War II; and, maps of Sections 1-14 of the Mountainview Cemetery in Pocatello, indicating burial sites of veterans.

United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service Records. 7 items. (SmMC 103)
Materials, including photographs, correspondence, and press releases pertaining to John Colter and the Colter Stone, from the National Park Service, Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming, 1935.

United States Land Office Records. 8 folders. (SmMC 153) digital collection available
Documents for homestead and mining claims from the United States Land Office, Hailey, Idaho, and property deeds for Pocatello from the United States Land Office, Blackfoot, Idaho, 1892- 1927.

United States Naval Ordnance Plant Scrapbook, Pocatello, [Id]. 1 item. (SmMC 167)
Newspaper clippings pertaining to the Ordnance Plant in Pocatello [Id], from 1948 through December, 1959.  

United States Weather Bureau Records [1899 - ]. 28.61 lin. ft. (MC 035)
The Monthly Records of Observations, taken first in Idaho Falls (first six months of 1899), and since July 1, 1899, in Pocatello, by the United States Weather Bureau, Department of Agriculture.

University of Idaho, Fort Hall Study Records. 0.2 lin. ft. processing

Utah Southern Railroad Company Record. 1 item. (SmMC 127)
A receipt indicating goods received of the Naylor brothers from the Utah Southern Railroad Company, June 30, 1873.

VanHook Photograph Albums. 3.04 lin. ft. processing

Vertical Files.
Predominantly brochures, pamphlets, and maps focusing on Idaho and the Intermountain West.

Voight Photograph Collection, John. processing

Wallace Petition, Governor W. H. 1 item. (SmMC 104)
A typed petition to W. H. Wallace, Governor of Idaho Territory, concerning the abandonment of mining claims because of threat from hostile Indians, written by nine holders of mining claims on the bank of the Snake River, 1863.

Ward Massacre. 1 item. (SmMC 129)
Typed paper by an unknown author (possibly Annie L. Bird) on the Ward Massacre.

West Papers, George. 2 items. (SmMC 154)
Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States, submitted by George West, Bingham County, Idaho, September 25, 1890; and, West’s certificate for years of service to the Great Northern Railway (1882-1854), Kings Cross, London.

Wenske Collection, Jack. 6.04 lin. ft. (MC 124) The collection consists of Garrett Freightlines Trucking Company paraphernalia, ephemera, photographs, company newsletters, trucking and route regulations, collected by Jack Wenske, a former Garrett employee.

Whittaker Manuscript, Oran. 1 item. (SmMC 105)
“Idaho’s First Steam Engine”, an essay on the history of a steam engine bought in the East by Brigham Young, hauled by teams into Idaho Territory in 1870, and at the time of writing, made part of a “relic hall”, erected in Franklin, Idaho, on a WPA project. Written by Whittaker, April 14, 1936, who worked as a researcher for the WPA Historical Records Survey.

Whitaker Papers, William P. 0.8 lin. ft. (MC 105)
Correspondence of William Porter Whitaker, Pocatello resident and former mayor, written during the time of his campaign for Governor of Idaho in 1938.

Wilde Paper, Pat. 1 item. (SmMC) processing
Manuscript pertaining to Montpelier [Id].

Williams Manuscript, Grant. 1 item (SmMC 106)
Photocopy of a brief history of the Railroad, and of the Postal history in Arimo, Bannock County, Idaho.

Wilmot Obituary, Luther P. 2 items. (SmMC) processing
Two typed transcriptions of obituaries from two unknown newspapers, both regarding the death of Luther P. Wilmot, c. 1923.

Wilmot Manuscripts, Luther P. 3 folders. (SmMC 107)
Typed copies of “Old Indian Fighter in Last Camp;” “The Cottonwood Fight;” and, “The Raines Massacre” dated July 2, 1877, written by Luther P. Wilmot.

Wilson Paper, Eugene T. 1 item. (SmMC 108)
“The Nez Perce Campaign,” written and presented to the Tacoma, Washington Research Society by Wilson, September 22, 1958. Original manuscript is at the Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma.

Wilson Papers, Mrs. Orah J. 2 items. (SmMC 109)
Holograph letter to Charlton Laird with a description and drawings by Wilson regarding the covered wagon she traveled in while crossing the plains in 1879.

Winkler Legislative Papers, Charles. 6.88 lin. ft. (MC 008)
Correspondence, clippings, Democratic campaign information, copies of bills and resolutions, etc., received and used by Charles Winkler while he served in the Idaho legislature, 1951-1968.

Works Progress Administration Federal Writers’ Project Records. 1.46 lin. ft. (MC 022)
Correspondence, folk tales, and interviews collected by Vardis Fisher and others for the Federal Writers Project. Also included are some materials for the Historical Records Survey.

World War I Collection 6 items. (SmMC 116)
This collection includes: ration stamps; a visitor’s pass to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace (dated October 11, 1919); a censored envelope dated December 16, 1918; a brochure developed by the Mountain States Telephone Company promoting the need of copper, aluminum and other telephone materials for the war effort; and, instructions entitled, “How to Use Your War Ration Book”.

World War II Oral History Collection. 0.63 lin. ft. (MC 060)
Interviews and essays of personal recollections of men and women who lived through World War II; also included is the finished issue of the Rendezvous, titled The "Good War" in Retrospect: Memories of World War II.

Wrensted Photographic Negatives Collection, Benedicte. 0.42 lin. ft. digital collection available
The Benedicte Wrensted Photograph Collection contains copy glass plate negatives of residents of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, taken by Benedicte Wrensted (1859-1949). Wrensted established a successful photography business in Pocatello, taking photos of the city, its residents, and the residents of Fort Hall. The photographs within this collection are largely portraits of Bannock, Shoshone and Lemhi tribal members. The original glass plates are housed in the Idaho Museum of Natural History.

Yankee Fork Gold Dredge Association Project Records. 1 folder. (SmMC 110)
Correspondence regarding a video project with Idaho State University and former employees of Yankee Fork Gold Dredge; newsletters; and, a photocopy of an engineer’s drawing of the general arrangement of an eight cubic foot placer dredge.

Yarber Papers, Esther. 18.92 lin. ft. MC 076
Newspaper clippings and research material for her two books: Land of the Yankee Fork and, Stanley-Sawtooth Country, as well as many articles that she wrote, pertaining to the history of the American west.

Yearian Papers, George. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 025)
Photocopy of a journal (1864-1902; 1906-1911) that includes the story of the Yearian’s journey to Idaho in 1864 and provides details of his life as a settler in southern Idaho.

Yellowstone National Park Microfilm Collection.
Forty-nine reels of microfilm from the archives of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The microfilms (reels 1-41) contain all of the civilian records from the years prior to 1916; the filmed records consist of administrative paperwork, correspondence, reports and daily logs, and specific subjects of concern to park administration, including wildlife, sanitation, and concession operations.

Yellowstone Park Route. 1 item. (SmMC 159)
United State Geological Survey 1915 map depicting the route from Ogden, Utah to Yellowstone National Park.

Youngren Papers, J. A. 5.4 lin. ft (MC 016)
Correspondence, radio addresses, research files, newspaper clippings, and photographs from the 1930s and 1940s, primarily concerning Indian Affairs, Fort Hall, Idaho, and the Shoshone-Bannock tribe.

Youngren Record, S. A. 1 item. (SmMC 155)
Naturalization record for S. A. Youngren, Knox County, Illinois, October 23, 1880.

Young Women's Christian Association Records, Pocatello, Idaho. 6.7 lin.ft. (MC 047)
Financial affairs (bills, receipts, tax information) of the YWCA, Pocatello, ca. 1928 - 1982. There are also subject files on topics such as family planning, the women's movement, sexuality, legislation, and parenting.

Young Women's Christian Association Records. 0.21 lin. ft. (MC 085) processing