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Academy of Idaho (1901-1915) Photograph Collection. digital collection available

Albion State Normal School Photograph Collection. digital collection available

Albion State Normal School Records processing
The records of the Albion State Normal School range in date from 1894 – 1951, and contain diplomas, yearbooks, commencement programs, meeting minutes, faculty and student records, photographs, and other publications. When the Normal School closed its doors in 1951, the remaining students and all of the records transferred to Idaho State College, now Idaho State University.

Annual Budget Reports. processing

Architectural Rendering, Fort Hall [Id]. 1 item. (SmMC 007) *oversize
Architectural rendering of the proposed museum to be built on the campus of the University of Idaho Southern Branch, prepared by the School of Engineering, 1935.

ASISU Newspapers. 47.13 lin. ft. (RG 026.015)
ASISU newspapers from 1910 – present reporting on events on campus. Available in print and on limited years on microfilm.

College of Vo-Tech, Technology, or Applied Technology Records. 5.0 lin. ft. processing

Ethos 0.42 lin. ft. (RG 006.004.001)
Ethos is a magazine that contains varieties of poetry, short fiction and a few black and white photographs contributed by students of Idaho State University.

Momentum.42 lin. ft. (RG 022.004)
This collection contains an arrangement of weekly newsletters from University Relations at Idaho State University. The newsletters include information about scholarships, programs, and people in the University. They also include events, both ISU sponsored, and from the surrounding area of Southeastern Idaho between the years of 1997-2008.

Harris, Wesley M., ISU Dept. of Music, Choral Performance Collections (3 lin. ft.) processing

Idaho State College Faculty and Weekly Bulletins. 0.42 lin. ft. (RG 022.004, RG 022.005)
This collection contains news relevant to faculty, including faculty accomplishments, activities, and events in the surrounding area. It also includes changes to curriculum, the courses offered and their time and credits, and information about testing. Some of the bulletins have recapped council and committee meetings as well as memos from Deans or the President of the college. Every Weekly Bulletin has a list of article suggestions. The Faculty Bulletins have a list of procedures and policies.

Idaho State College/Idaho State University Today. (RG 022.008) processing

Idaho State College (1947-1963) Photograph Collectiondigital collection available

Idaho State College Weekly Calendars and Bulletins. 1.17 lin. ft. (RG 022.003)
This collection includes a list of activities and events at Idaho State College during the period beginning in September, 1950 through December, 1959. Additionally, there are memos, announcements, faculty notices, library notes, and, sports schedules and team standings.

Idaho Museum of Natural History Publications. 2.5 lin. ft. (RG 021)
This collection contains the various journals from the Idaho State College Museum that analyzed anthropological studies including the Tebiwa published between 1958 to December 1990. Included are papers regarding the Idaho Museum of Natural History (IMNH), newsletters and IMNH promotional material between 1934 and 1989, essays published about archaeological proposals, sites, excavations, and methodologies ranging from 1955 to 1998. There are also miscellaneous essays containing information about scorpions, birds and the Lander Trail.

Idaho State University Buildings Recordsprocessing
Blueprints of existing and non-existing buildings on the campus of Idaho State University.

Idaho State University Broadsides Collection. 7.22 lin. ft.
This collection consists of broadsides created to promote a variety of events on the Idaho State University campus, a large portion of which pertain to films shown at the Bengal Theater.

Idaho State University Centennial Celebration Records. 16.92 lin. ft. processing

Idaho State University College of Education Records. processing

 Idaho State University College of Pharmacy Holiday Recipes. 1 item. (SmUA)
A small collection of holiday recipes submitted by those associated with the ISU College of Pharmacy.

Idaho State University College of Pharmacy Records. 4.17 lin. ft. processing

Idaho State University Course Catalogs.
Undergraduate and graduate student course catalogs, 1904-2014.

Idaho State University Department of Philosophy and English. processing

Idaho State University Department of History Records. processing

Idaho State University Department of Math Records. processing 

Idaho State University Directories.
ISU Faculty and student directories, 1940-2009.

Idaho State University Faculty Bulletin. RG 022.004
October 1953 – August 1954.

Idaho State University Film Collection

Film footage from the mid-20th century to more recent, in various formats depicting athletic games, practices, homecoming parades, and more, documenting events at Idaho State University.

Idaho State University Folklore Collection. .42 lin. ft. (RG 006.004)
The ISU Folklore Collection is comprised of writing assignments completed by ISU students enrolled in section two of English 2212: Introduction to Folklore/Oral Tradition, during spring semester, 2014 and 2018.

Idaho State University History Students’ Seminar Papers. 1 lin. ft. (RG 006.007.001)
Student papers relating to Idaho topics and/or Idaho attitudes on national concerns. Some of the topics covered include: Women, Native Americans, Polygamy, Mining, the Teton Dam Disaster, Diamondfield Jack, and Agnes Just Reid.

Idaho State University in the Media.
News related to events and announcements from Idaho State University, 1939 – 2011.

Idaho State University Oral History Project Collection. 9.71 lin. ft. (RG 006.007.002) digital collection available
The Oral History Project Collection contains oral interviews of Idaho residents located in the central and southeastern regions of the state.  Recordings of the interviews were conducted during the early part of the 1970s through the early 2000s. They cover such topics as local history, mining, ranching, farming, fishing, education, social customs, religion, education, the Great Depression, and transportation during the latter nineteenth and early twentieth century in rural Idaho.There are corresponding files for the oral interviews that contain background information on the interviewers and the interviewees.  The collection also consists of publications and research notes including news clippings in the format of a chronology, and biographies of J. R. Simplot and Joseph Albertson. The collection also contains oral history references and correspondence. The content of the material in the collection ranges from the 1930s to the early 2000s.

Idaho State University (1963-present) Photograph Collectiondigital collection available
This collection contains images from the University Archives beginning in 1963 when Idaho State College became Idaho State University.

Idaho State University President’s Office Recordsprocessing
Records from the Idaho State University President’s Office dating from 1901.

Idaho State University President’s House Photograph Collection. digital collection available 
Architectural renderings and photographs of the Servel House, also known as the home of Idaho State University Presidents beginning in 1934 with Dr. John R. Nichols. On July 5, the Idaho State Board of Education purchased the Servel House as the official residence of ISU Presidents and their families.

Idaho State University Theatre Department Photograph Collection. digital collection available

Idaho State University Weekly Calendars and Bulletins. 1.1.7 lin. ft. (RG 022.003)
This collection includes a list of activities and events at Idaho State College from September 1950 through December 1959. Additionally, there are memos, announcements, faculty notices, and library notes. This collection also includes sport schedules and team standings.

Idaho Technical Institute Broadsides Collection.
This collection consists of a series of seventeen broadsides from the 1920s that focus on the various trades and degree programs once offered by the Idaho Technical Institute. Some of the broadsides include photographs.

Idaho Technical Institute (1915-1927) Photograph Collection. digital collection available

Latino Americans Oral History Project. digital collection available

Marley Collection, Bert W. processing

New Knowledge Adventures Records. processing

News and Notes. 2.71 lin. ft. (RG 022.005) processing

Rendezvous: Journal of Arts and Letters.

University of Idaho-Southern Branch (1927-1947) Photograph Collection. digital collection available
This collection contains images from the University Archives during the period that Idaho State University was the University of Idaho-Southern Branch, 1927-1947.

ISU yearbooks from 1907 through 1972, and includes a 1976/1977 and a 1980/1981 edition.