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Idaho State University

Student Global Leadership Program


A Series of Leadership development seminars that culminates in a 9 day experience in Ireland.

Travel Dates: May 10-21, 2020


Thursday, September 12, 2019
12:15 pm & 5 pm
Wood River Room (Pond Student Union)

Questions about the Student Global Leadership program should be directed to Lowell Richards, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, (208) 282-2427. Location ASISU/Student Union Offices.

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About the Student Global Leadership Program (SGLP)

Idaho State University is calling all students to embark on the experience of a lifetime. The Division of Student Affairs has planned a program focused on student leadership development that involves a series of seminars exploring leadership, concepts, values and styles followed by a 9 day visit to Ireland in May, 2020. 

The need for cultivating global leaders, whose vision extends beyond our borders, has never been greater than it is today. In order to build inclusive and prosperous communities, our future leaders must possess knowledge, skills, and cultural understanding that can transcend the borders of our interconnected world.

The Division of Student Affairs is privileged to work with national and local sponsors who support global leadership experiences and help to make more opportunities available to our students.

Higher education institutions that are serious about cultivating global leaders are placing greater emphasis on international experiences and finding new ways to help more students take part. These experiences can play a critical role in developing the global mindset needed to balance local and international challenges. Exploring another country opens students’ eyes to a new way of thinking about the world, instilling a more informed approach to problem-solving in cross-cultural contexts. This time overseas can be a transformative experience that pushes students to evaluate their career plans, and may influence their future life goals as they negotiate their place in the world. 

The 90 minute leadership seminars scheduled for the evening are all free and any student is welcome to attend, whether or not the student is planning to enroll in the international travel experience. The six seminars will be held in the spring of 2020. Students will explore leadership theories, team leadership and characteristics of effective teams, as well as identifying personal leadership styles, values and ethics, and cultures of the countries we visit.

Education First (EF Tours) is our third party partner and host for the trip. This company specializes in providing high quality international experiences to students around the world. They are experts at ensuring that every aspect of the international experience runs smoothly. Education First has set the total price per student as low as possible to encourage participation. Student Affairs has also partnered with the Idaho State University Credit Union to make the cost even lower through sponsored scholarships. Please see the full details on our Price & Discounts page.

Contact Us

(208) 282-3451

Student Leadership & Engagement Center

921 S. 8th Avenue

Pocatello, ID 83209


The Student Leadership & Engagement Center is located on the 1st floor of the Pond Student Union Building.