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Duo Security at ISU

Getting Started with Duo

Duo Security Logo. Duo in white on a green background.

Initiate Setup

Download the App to Your Smartphone

Activate Duo Mobile

Duo Security provides multi-factor authentication to keep your ISU accounts and information secure. Instead of only using a password to log in, Duo requires confirmation outside of the browser (like your smartphone) to confirm your identity. This prevents anyone from logging in to your account--even if they have your password--thus securing your information from intrusion and theft. The Duo Mobile app will send your phone a notification when you first log in, asking your approval of the sign-in attempt.  Duo will be used in conjunction with our Identity Management software, so it will affect many services for students, including BengalWeb and Moodle. We have secure options for those who cannot use a smartphone or tablet for authentication. Contact the Service Desk for more information, at 208-282-help (4357) or

Additional Resources

To read more about the rollout plan for Duo Security, the ITS department has released the following to inform ISU students, faculty, and staff of the forthcoming changes.

If you would like more detailed instructions about how to set up Duo Security on your account, or simply have additional questions, the following Knowledge Base article provides more detailed information.