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Teaching Online with Moodle

This course is for anyone who would like to teach online with Moodle ISU. 

It is a 12-week online course designed with three main goals of:

  1. Using Moodle ISU
  2. Designing an Online Course
  3. Exploring Best Practices in Online Teaching

This course is designed upon authentic learning principles. The technology of Moodle ISU is embedded
within authentic tasks and activities, which guide you through research-based best practices in online
pedagogy/andragogy. It is not self-paced, and you are expected to engage with your peers from across
campus in weeks 1-8. All participants are required to have a specific online course they will be teaching
for ISU.

This course is 12 weeks long and you should anticipate approximately 6 hours of work each week.

Weeks 1-8 will walk you through designing or redesigning your online course using Moodle ISU.

Weeks 9-12 you will be working with an instructional design partner to complete your alignment map,
get your Moodle ISU course ready, and your syllabus updated.

The class is limited to 20 participants. Priority will be given to ISU faculty who have been asked to teach
an eISU course.


This course is taught every term. See the registration form for exact dates.

  • Fall and Spring: Begins the 4th week of the term.
  • Summer: Begins the 1st week of the term. 

Teaching Online with Moodle ISU Online Registration Form


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