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Idaho State University

Moodle Faculty Advisory Board

MFAB Overview      

The Moodle Faculty Advisory Board (MFAB) was established as part of the ongoing process of evaluating, improving, and renewing the services and software of Moodle ISU. Faculty and staff advisers provide valuable information used to determine direction and priorities based on software upgrades, faculty needs, and student requests. The ITRC adjusts services based on feedback collected during the MFAB meeting to amend any problems or concerns offered by the board members.


The Moodle Faculty Advisory Board provides input and feedback on changes to the campus LMS. Financial and support considerations will be considered before any recommended changes are initiated by the ITRC. Recommendations offer the ITRC direction as to adoption or changes in the LMS. Considering the usage and direction of the LMS, the ITRC encourages the campus community to make recommendations by participating in the Moodle Community (           

Membership & Meetings      

MFAB meetings are hosted by the ITRC once every semester or when changes in Moodle ISU require more discussion. Meetings are open to student, faculty or staff members who would like to represent their department or program. You can be added to the MFAB email list by contacting the ITRC         

Comments and suggestions regarding Moodle ISU can be voiced outside of meetings times and are encouraged. Contact the ITRC directly or use the forums in our MFAB Moodle course.

Additional Information