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Discover the Naturalist Within Exhibit Details

Exhibit Size:

400 - 800 sq ft

Exhibit Highlights:

  • 15 Artworks by renowned artist Edson Fichter
  • Poems and other stories from Fichter's Life
  • TV with rolling video of 3D renderings of some of his great works

Discover the Naturalist Within Exhibit Spec pdf

Idaho Bound Program Requirements


Discover the Naturalist Within tells the story of noted Idaho naturalist, Edson Fichter, through 15 of his artworks, his poetry, and stories from his life. This exhibit will delight and inspire visitors to start out on their own naturalist journey, right in their own backyards!


  • Explore the journey of one of Idaho’s great naturalists, Edson Fichter  
  • Garner an appreciation for the beauty and wonder that Idaho’s natural landscape inspires 
  • Encourage the next generation of naturalists to start exploring the natural world around them