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Pow Wow Dancers of the Wind River

Fancy Feather Dancer George Abeyta, Champion Dancer, by Dr. Jeb Schenck

War Shield White, by Dr. Jeb Schenck.

The photo exhibition by Dr. Jeb Schenck will open Sept. 10, 2022 in our Community Gallery

The project is ten years in the making and is still on-going. The exhibit features unposed images of indigenous dancers with explanations in their own words of the dances or their backgrounds. Many dancers are from Wyoming, Rocky Mountain region, and Canada. 

Schenck says “These folks are literally our neighbors and here is an opportunity for non-natives to gain more understanding. Many of the dancers have become friends and have helped me learn about them. This is one of several ways I wanted to give something back. To help celebrate and honor their culture. Their dancing helps to continue their culture and many sacred practices, and these photographs document a part of their culture.”

Schenck taught for 42 years in the Wyoming public schools and for University of Wyoming’s College of Education. He is a consultant and workshop leader in neuro-education, a substitute teacher, an author, and the operator of Schenck Photography. In addition, he is Vice-Chair of the Big Horn Basin Nature and Discovery Center and past co-chair for Smoking Waters Art Guild. 

The exhibit is made possible by the generous contribution of Bob and Pam Kennedy.