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Oh to be 14 -17 again and have the learning opportunity of a lifetime!  Spend three weeks this summer at a Digital Sculpting Studio combining digital modeling, artistry, 3D printing and top it off with making a full scale, action packed museum model of a North American Lion attacking an Antelope.
Student may attend one week or all three weeks.  Your support through Idaho Gives provides internships so student access is free.  Whether attending one week or all three weeks, student internship/learning experiences are sure to prepare these young, eager minds with 21st century skills that are transforming science and engineering. 
The Idaho Virtualization Lab at the Idaho Museum of Natural History is one of the few places across the globe that students can get hands on experience creating 3D models that are put on display in a museum exhibit.
  • It is the vision of IMNH "to shape the future by understanding Idaho's natural history and creating unforgettable educational experiences"  
  • It is the IMNH mission to "inspire appreciation and curiosity for Idaho's natural history through its exploration and preservation"
  • It is believed that nowhere else in the world shares the same story as the Idaho Museum of Natural History.