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In addition to cash donations, the Idaho Museum of Natural History looks for assistance with tangible items like drawing tablets for summer camps, a van for field trips, drawers for our collection cabinets, and new cabinets for long-term storage of plant specimens in the Ray J. Davis Herbarium, and miscellaneous exhibit supplies. In-kind gifts allow the IMNH to meet critical needs where funding currently does not exist. We welcome your consideration and can provide specific details about each gift. Support of this nature is considered a gift-in-kind and is eligible for tax deductions under charitable giving as defined by the IRS.


  • IMNH Classroom remodel
  • A passenger van for field trips
  • Funding for bus transportation from schools to IMNH


  • Help with mounting plants for permanent preservation
  • Exhibit Tour Guides
  • Drawers for cabinets for storage units for Paleontology specimens
  • Additional Cabinets for plant specimen storage in Herbarium
  • Long-Armed Microscopes for plant identification
  • Archival, acid-free boxes of various sizes for artifact storage. 
Idaho Virtualization Lab
  • 4 drawing tablets for summer camps
  • New Workstation: $2800 x3
  • Laser Scanner upgrade: $18,000
  • Drawing Tablets: $120 x 3
  • Camera Lenses: up to $1500
  • VR Headset: $700
  • Mantis F6 Smart 3D Scanner (for forensics): $17,500
  • Photography Studio Lights: $200
  • Wacom Cintiq: $1800
  • Standing Desk: $185 x4
  • Conference Backdrop: $110
  • Banner Stand: $25 x2
  • Workstation Keyboards: $50 x4
  • Power Strip/Surge Protector: $25