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In the Shadows

See what creeps when you're asleep

January 2020 - Spring 2021

In the Shadows takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the hidden pockets of the world around us and discover how the smallest, unseen creatures can have a profound influence on our lives. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D technologies, we bring to life captivating stories about the unseen areas and the creatures that hide in them. Explore how creatures of the night such as owls, bats, and mountain lions live their lives and see small insects and organisms come to life on a massive scale with the wonders of 3D printing. Visitors will gain an appreciation for the outsized role the tiniest of creatures can play in our lives and never look at the dark the same way again!

Encounter Night Time Animals

Wolf Spider and Wasp 3D prints in In the Shadows exhibition

taxidermy owl in the gallery hall

taxidermy Mountain Lion