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Idaho State University

50th Anniversary of the NSF Crabtree Field School

Don Crabtree, Experiemental Archaeologist, showing three students how to identify a Clovis Point.

September 12-13

$75/person or $20/student

This conference is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Donald Crabtree’s 1969 NSF funded archaeology field school. This field school influenced a new generation of archaeology scholars, who in turn have influenced others in the field. This conference will host several original field school speakers highlighting work in their careers and reminisce on how Crabtree influenced their scholarship. Topics will include experimental archaeology, Paleoindian studies, and more! The conference will host a limited audience of 100 visitors. This conference will also culminate with all of the paper presentations turned into articles for the re-launch of the journal Tebiwa. See the Crabtree Conference Schedule pdf for more details.

This conference hosted by the Idaho Museum of Natural History and co-organized by Dr. Michael Collins (Prehistory Research Project at UT Austin) and Amber Tews (Anthropology collections manager of IMNH). We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the NSF funded field school that Donald Crabtree led which you all attended. 



Conference Details

Optional Field Trip

Visitors and speakers are invited to attend a field trip on Friday from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm to visit American Falls Reservoir. The American Falls Reservoir has been a phenomenal location for yielding Pleistocene Megafauna and some Clovis stone tool technology. In September the days are long in Idaho, the afternoons cool and mild, and the reservoir is at its lowest. This is the perfect time to walk the beaches of Seagull Bay that now extend several hundred yards towards the Pleistocene channel of the Snake River. Each year new Pleistocene megafauna fossils emerge in this area including bison, camel, horse, mammoth, mastodon, and sabretooth cats! We hope you can join us for a relaxing stroll! $25 per person. 

Hotel - Holiday Inn Express

  • Call reservations at (800) 465-4329. Provide desk agent with travel dates and group code (CRT) for the group rates.
  • Book online. Visit and enter the travel dates. Below travel dates enter the Group Code "Crabtree Conference" in the provided box (CRT)

 We have guaranteed 30 rooms for the 11th, 12th, and 13th of September, a mix of single king and two queen beds.  After the first 30 rooms fill they will open up a new block of 30 and so on. The cut-off date as specified on the room block agreement is for  Wednesday, August 21st, 2019. After this cut-off date rooms not picked up in the group block will be released to normal inventory and sold at the full rate.

Conference Speakers

Payson Sheets, University of Colorado Boulder

Albert Goodyear, SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology

Lucy Johnson, Vassar College

Harriet Blitzer, Buffalo State  

Barbara Purdy, University of Florida

Daron Duke, Far Western Anthropological Research Group

Anne Smyrl, University of Montana

Loren Davis, Oregon State University

Vickie Clay, Far Western Anthropological Research Group

Larry Kinsella, Elsenpeter Productions

Amanda Hartman, University of Nevada Reno

James Adovasio, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida Atlantic University

Ken Reid, Former Idaho State Archaeologist

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We are located on the Idaho State University's Pocatello campus in Building #12.

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