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50th Anniversary of the NSF Crabtree Field School

Don Crabtree, Experiemental Archaeologist, showing three students how to identify a Clovis Point.

September 12-13


This conference is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Donald Crabtree’s 1969 NSF funded archaeology field school. This field school influenced a new generation of archaeology scholars, who in turn have influenced others in the field. This conference will host several original field school speakers highlighting work in their careers and reminisce on how Crabtree influenced their scholarship. Topics will include experimental archaeology, Paleoindian studies, and more! The conference will host a limited audience of 100 visitors. This conference will also culminate with all of the paper presentations turned into articles for the re-launch of the journal Tebiwa. 

This conference hosted by the Idaho Museum of Natural History and co-organized by Dr. Michael Collins (Prehistory Research Project at UT Austin) and Amber Tews (Anthropology collections manager of IMNH). We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the NSF funded field school that Donald Crabtree led which you all attended. 

We would be honored if as many of you as possible could present on your current research and/or discuss and reflect on the impact Crabtree had on your lives. We are currently open for a total of 16 speakers. We will fill the remainder of slots with speakers in experimental archaeology and Paleoindian studies. We will have a limited audience of no more than 100 attendees. If you cannot attend, you are more than welcome to send a student or colleague as your proxy.    



Conference Details

Buffet Meals

The conference registration fee will cover three buffet-style meals, entrance fee to the Museu, a special Crabtree Reflection mini-exhibit.

Field Trip

There will be a field trip for $25 to roam the beaches of American Falls Reservoir to look for Pleistocene fossils and potentially visit an exposed Clovis site.