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Idaho State University

Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment Council (IEAC) Steering Committee Focus

The IEAC Steering Committee serves in an advisory role, reporting to the President and is comprised of individuals who have the skills, knowledge, and authority to lead in this institutional effort.

The IEAC Steering Committee is chaired by the Executive Vice President & Provost and consists of representatives from across campus.

Short-term Charges:

  • Provide oversight and direction for coordinated, systematic university planning to support the University mission and Core Theme Planning. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Academics
    • Facilities
    • Technology
    • Financial/budget planning
  • Develop guidance and timelines for IEAC Subcommittees to contribute to the process of maintaining NWCCU Accreditation
  • Meet Strategic Planning requirements.

What does this mean?

ISU will revise its mission, core theme descriptions, establish revised/new objectives, indicators, and benchmarks. ISU will develop a new strategic plan.

We will develop a plan to ensure that budget planning is in alignment with Mission and Core Theme planning, and incorporate budget planning processes into the strategic plan timeline.

ISU will have a budget planning process that is in alignment with Mission and Core Theme planning that demonstrates budget decisions are made in support of mission fulfillment and strategic planning goals.

Long-term Charges:

  • Reduce redundancy and increase efficiency, transparency, and accountability among strategic planning, institutional management, university accreditation, and state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Develop an assessment plan that supports the implementation of the strategic plan and demonstrates mission fulfillment
  • Develop templates for units to map their goals to ISU strategic plan goals.

What does this mean?

Once the SBOE has approved ISU’s revised Mission, Core Themes, and Strategic Plan, ISU will develop plans for assessment.

We will work with appropriate Faculty Councils to design, implement and encourage participation in institutional effectiveness related faculty development opportunities.

We will develop a communication plan for faculty to optimize faculty engagement in institutional effectiveness.

We will develop a mechanism to support faculty development, participation in institutional effectiveness, and cross-curricular scholarly development.

ISU will have mechanisms to engage faculty in institutional effectiveness work as well as addressing opportunities for faculty professional development.