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Counseling at ISU-Idaho Falls

Bennion Student Union Building

The counseling staff of Counseling, Testing and Career Services are available to assist students who are encountering personal, social, emotional and career decision-making difficulties while enrolled in at least one credit at Idaho State University. If you are interested in personal or career counseling, come in to room 223 in the Bennion Student Union to fill out initial paperwork and make an appointment with a counselor.

During the first appointment students and the counselor discuss the student’s needs and concerns and decide on an appropriate plan, which might include individual, couples and/or group therapy. When a student’s needs are different from the services provided at our office, the counselor will assist the student with a referral. Call 282-7750 or stop in today for more information.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered for enrolled students only. Counseling is available for students who need to talk to someone regarding life concerns; including, but not limited to, depressed or anxious mood, relationship problems, academic difficulties, stress, sudden changes in personality, sleep or eating difficulties, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, sexual identity concerns, self-destructive behaviors, thoughts of harming oneself or someone else, etc.


Couples Counseling

 Couples counseling is offered for enrolled students and their enrolled or non-enrolled partners. Couples counseling helps partners learn to communicate their issues in a way that helps each partner feel heard, and aims to increase each partner’s understanding of the problems in the relationship and to find possible solutions.


Group Therapy

 Group therapy is offered for enrolled students only and is one of the recommended therapeutic treatments for students dealing with personal problems such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship difficulties and life transitions/adjustments. Group therapy offers support for personal problems, providing insight into why such problems may be a primary concern, while offering healthy strategies to resolve these concerns. Therapy groups are facilitated by Counseling, Testing and Career Services therapists, usually have between five and eight group members, and meet weekly for a set number of sessions (e.g., for eight weeks). Most groups are open to both men and women, while some groups may be restricted to one gender. For more information about how to get involved in the next available group or to request a specific group related to student needs, cal ISU Counseling, Testing and Career Services at 282-7750.


Personal and career counseling is provided to students free of charge. For more information about services contact Counseling, Testing and Career Services at 282-7750.


Outreach and Workshops

Counseling, Testing and Career Services is excited to offer a wide variety of outreach services, including teaching academic courses, leadership development programs, workshops on communication skills, anxiety, anger and stress management, guest lectures on a variety of topics, and information on study skills, test taking, etc. Workshops, lectures and courses can be designed to fit the needs of specific individuals, groups, or departments. If you have an outreach or workshop request in mind, please contact Counseling, Testing and Career Services at 282-7750.



In addition to intervention and follow-up services, Counseling, Testing and Career Services staff are available for a variety of other consultations with students, parents, faculty, staff, and the community. The most common consultations include debriefing with individuals and departments who have had a critical incident, assisting individuals and departments in working more effectively with students of concern, and providing support and follow-up to individuals undergoing significant change. We also speak with parents, students, faculty and staff about concerns they may have about a student.

We may not be able to reveal whether the student receives or has received counseling due to confidentiality, but we can listen to the situation and offer advice, guidance, and support depending on the needs and the situation. If you need consultation, even if you are unsure, call Counseling, Testing and Career Services at 282-7750 and ask to speak with a counselor.