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Be Well, Bengals!

ISU has your health and well-being in mind!  We are excited to announce a new opportunity for benefit-eligible employees who desire to participate in  wellness activities during work hours. We call this new wellness initiative “Be Well, Bengals (BWB)”  The goal of BWB is to support wellness and a better quality of life for our employees, with flexibility for each employee to consider their personal wellness interests and needs. This program will be  a tangible step toward investing in  a culture where trust, compassion, stability, and hope can be felt by our faculty and staff. 

Benefit eligible employees are allotted up to 60 minutes of BWB Wellness release time per week, during working hours, with supervisor approval. Eligible employees may stay on campus or provide information for activities or programs held off campus. The 60 minutes can be used all at once or divided throughout the week (ex. 15 minutes four days a week, or 30 minutes two days a week, etc.) 

Wellness activities generally fall within these eight categories: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Social, Financial, and Environmental. Examples of qualifying activities include:

To participate in this program, please complete the following steps: .  

  1. Fill out the Be Well Bengals - Release Form
  2. Meet with your supervisor to discuss your release time plan and the needs of your department.Work together to reach an agreement on qualifying activities and work schedule. 
  3. Review this agreement as necessary.

General Guidelines
Specifics of the BWB Wellness Release Time arrangement are established between the employee and their immediate supervisor. Employees participating in Wellness Release Time will acknowledge their participation on the Wellness Release Time Acknowledgement form, which the supervisor will approve and keep on file. There is no need to send this form to HR. This is strictly an agreement between the employee and their supervisor. Information will not be shared with the State of Idaho Office of Group Insurance, or any other university-related medical or insurance providers. A review of the employee's use of Wellness Release Time should occur at least annually; typically during the annual performance review. If an employee has a supervisor change, the new supervisor must review, discuss, and approve the employee's release time. 

Prior to participation in Wellness Release Time, employees seeking to engage in physical activity are encouraged to consult with their physician before beginning a new exercise regime.


Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas: 
*many of these opportunities are available virtually for all campus locations

Campus Recreation- memberships available 

GET-FIT Classes- passports available   

Personal Training- see website for prices  

Fitness Assessment- see website for prices

Nutrition/Wellness Coaching- see website for prices 

Mindfulness Meditation- please register 

CATS Communities- please register  

Idaho Museum of Natural History- subject to admission fee

Outdoor Recreation Center- rentals available