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ISU Cares is a feedback program regarding positive experiences with university employees and departments. We also welcome concerns about customer service, diversity and inclusion issues, or any other suggestions for improvement at Idaho State University.


We thank all of our ISU Cares Award Recipients for their excellent service!

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2016 ISU Cares Annual Awards

2016 ISU Cares Awards - Meridian pictures

Monthly winners

Cindy Russell has worked at ISU since September 2016 in the position of Financial Technician in the Biology Department. Previously she worked as a student worker for two years in the Theater Department and Facilities. She received a bachelor’s in Accounting from ISU, with an emphasis in operation management. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, 4-wheelers, quilting, cross-stitch, watching PBS shows, and sleeping. Cindy is being recognized for her excellent follow up on an order before the funds expired at fiscal year-end. She followed up and sent emails so that the staff member didn’t have to research it. She was very proactive and continually seems to be thinking ahead. Thank you Cindy, for your exceptional customer service at ISU.



Cassandra Tack has worked at ISU since August 2014 as an Administrative Assistant II in the College of Pharmacy. She received her bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from ISU, and is currently a MBA student. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her kids, riding horses, quilting, and spending time outdoors with family and friends. Recently a student needed assistance with some scheduling issues. Cassandra was pleasant, helpful, and gave assistance that seemed to be over and beyond her responsibility, but she continued to help out. Thank you Cassandra, for your excellent customer service.



Rebecca Sidell has worked at ISU since January 2016 as an Office Specialist 2 in Communication Sciences & Disorders. Rebecca is being recognized for going above and beyond to help patients. Most are elderly and need extra attention. She is always very genuine and truly cares about the patients. Each day she greets the patients with a smile and a very kind and caring voice. Recently she helped a very frustrated gentleman who was having difficulties with his hearing aids. She went out of her way to repair the hearing aids herself. It was a simple fix, but the gentleman would have had to wait more than a week to have them repaired through the free repair clinic. She is a great asset to the clinic. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, art, hiking, baking, and writing. Thank you Rebecca, for your excellent customer service. 

Tiffany Elsberry has worked as a Technical Records Specialist since February 2015 at Student Services/College of Technology. She recently accepted the position as an Academic Advisor for the COT. She received a bachelor’s in Psychology from the College of Idaho. In her spare time she enjoys being active outdoors with her dog, doing yard work, and spending time with her family. The nominator indicated that Tiffany has a positive attitude, and is never too busy to help out. She is always smiling and spreading cheer around the office, and gives great customer service. It is a pleasure to work with Tiffany. Thank you for your excellent customer service at ISU



Jeanne Blank has worked as a Technical Records Specialist since January 1994 at Student Services/College of Technology. She loves working in this office because she gets to directly work with students. Because of the teamwork philosophy in Student Services, Jeanne has been able to participate in other areas on campus, such as being an adviser for SkillsUSA, and the Classified Employee Council, including one year as president. In her spare time she enjoys concerts, theater, reading, gardening, and riding her scooter around town. The nominator indicated that Jeanne has a positive attitude, and is never too busy to help out. She is always smiling and spreading cheer around the office, as well as giving great customer service. It is a pleasure to work with Jeanne. Thank you for your wonderful customer service you provide at ISU.

Natalie McHugh has worked at ISU since August 2012 as a Landscape Tech and Senior Landscape Tech in the Grounds Department. She received a bachelor’s in Art from ISU. Natalie is being recognized for coming to the aid of another employee who had taken a fall on the sidewalk. Natalie later brought a drink to this employee because she had spilled her drink when she fell. This act of kindness completely changed the outlook of the nominator’s week. Natalie works hard every day to make sure our campus looks beautiful. She has a great work ethic, but she has a huge heart as well. In her spare time she enjoys crocheting and pottery. Thank you Natalie, for your outstanding customer service at ISU.


Barbara Mayfield was the Spring 2017 semester winner. Barbara works as a Circulation Manager in the Library, and has worked at ISU for 39 years. She enjoys reading (of course!) and traveling. Congratulations Barbara!

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