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Master of Physical Education in Athletic Administration

Prepare today's student-athletes to become tomorrow's leaders! Be an Athletic Administrator. Growth in this field is projected to be 21% over the next decade. The Master of Physical Education - Athletic Administration (MPE-AA) is aligned with NASPE-NASSM professional standards to strengthen your understanding, knowledge, and skills of sport leadership and administration, including management, leadership, and organization in sport, research in sport, legal aspects of sport, marketing in sport, sport business in the social context, financial management in sport, ethics in sport management, and field experience in sport management. The MPE-AA is a Western Regional Graduate Program eligible for in-state tuition for member states.


Athletic Administration, M.P.E.-A.A.

Preparing professional educators for leadership, health, and performance improvement in sport.

  • Athletic Administration Coursework (33 credits)
  • Written Examination or Project (3-6 credits)

ISU Catalog, Athletic Administration, MPE-AA

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Program Description

The Master of Physical Education - Athletic Administration is aligned with 2 sets of standards:

  1. The Idaho State University College of Education Standards for Advanced Professionals, and
  2. The National Associate for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Standards.

The Master of Physical Education - Athletic Administration is designed to strengthen the student’s understanding, knowledge, and skills in the areas of leadership and administration as they relate to the management of athletic programs at the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels. The curriculum is based on current NASPE/NASSM standards.

NASPE - NASSME Content Standards:
The NASPE-NASSM standards for Master's Degree Programs in Sport Management address eight specific areas that include the following: Management, Leadership and Organization in Sport, Research in Sport, Legal Aspects of Sport, Marketing in Sport, Sport Business in the Social Context, Financial Management in Sport, Ethics in Sport Management, and Field Experience in Sport Management.

The program also enables students to form and pursue unique course goals and career objectives; such as advanced coaching skills, athletic administration/direction at the high school and collegiate levels. Also, it is possible to complete all degree requirements in one year’s time. (12 cr. in the Fall, 12 cr. in the Spring, 9 cr. in the Summer, for example.)

Career Opportunities

  • Sports Management
  • Leadership and Organization in Sport
  • Recreation & Youth Development Management
  • Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Athletic Marketing & Communications
  • Sport Business in the Social Context
  • Financial Management in Sport
  • Ethics in Sport Management
  • High School/College Athletic Director
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Director
  • Coaching & Coaching Management
  • Sport Agency Oversight