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Health Professions Application Services – Launch, Submission and Deadline Dates*
Application services open each year on different dates.  Some allow submission on the same date that they allow access and data entry.  Others do not.  Services also have specific deadlines, but these can vary for specific schools.  DO NOT wait to submit too close to the deadline.  Remember that professional schools use rolling admissions – applications are reviewed as they are received.  You don’t want to be at the bottom of the pile!  

Application Service (for applicants to enter Launch Date (open for data entry) Submission date (date on which applications may be submitted) Submission Deadline (Do NOT submit this late)
AACOMAS (Osteopathic Medicine) May 1 June 1 Range from October 1-April 3
AACPMAS (Podiatry) August 2 August 2 April 1 – Priority deadline July 31 – final deadline
AADSAS (Dentistry) June 3 June 3 Varies (school specific)
AMCAS (Allopathic Medicine) May 4 June 1 October 1 –  December 15
CASPA (Physician Assistant) April 14 April 14 November – January (school specific)
OPTOMCAS (Optometry) July 15 July 15 May 15
OTCAS (Occupational Therapy) August August  
PHARMCAS (Pharmacy) Early (1st Week) of June Early (1st Week) of June November – March (school specific)
PTCAS (Physical Therapy) July 1 July 1 October – June (school specific)
SOPHAS (Public Health) August 26 August 26 Varies (school specific)
VMCAS (Veterinary Medicine) June 3 June 3 October 1
TMDSAS (Texas Medical and Dental) May 3, 8:00 a.m. CDT Do not submit until spring grades are available. August 1- October 1 (school specific)

*these dates may shift slightly each year.  Be sure to check the application service web site for accurate launch, submission and deadline dates.



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