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Idaho State University

2019  Letter of Recommendation/Evaluation Cover Sheet    Letter of Recommendation/Evaluation Cover Sheet

How to use the Cover Sheet

  1. Print the cover sheet (you may print it double sided)
  2. Students complete the information on page 1.
    • Waiver of Access - recommended.  This means that you will not be able to view the letter. Medical schools will not give your letter of recommendation a great deal of weight if you do not waive your right to view the letter.
    • Denial of Waiver - this means that you will be able to view the letter of recommendation. Because letter writers may not be as candid, medical and dental schools will determine that your reviewers are not as candid as they would be otherwise.
  3. Print your name (the student)
  4. Enter your student ID
  5. Circle the professional program that you are applying for (medical or dental)
  6. Sign the form
  7. Date the form
  8. Print the name of your letter writer
  9. Print the writer's title (professor, doctor, dentist, etc.)
  10. Give the form to you letter writer.  It will explain how they send the letter to the Pre-Health Professions Office.