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Physical Therapy

Students who want to pursue a Doctorate in Physical therapy are able to complete a pre-physical therapy program at Idaho State University. Students may choose any major as long as the admission requirements for the physical therapy program of choice are taken.  However, the following majors are the most common ones selected: Biology, Health Science, and PE with an Exercise Science  concentration.

What courses should the pre-physical therapy student take? That is a difficult question to answer in a simple way. The reason is that there are substantial differences between the many physical therapy programs in their pre-physical requirements. It is absolutely essential that each pre-physical therapy student develop a list of physical therapy programs that he/she plans to apply to for admission and to contact to them for a list of specific pre-physical therapy requirements or obtain that information from web sites of each program ( Competition for admission to Physical Therapy programs is sufficiently great that each student is advised to apply for admission to several physical therapy programs (we would advise about 5 programs).

Be sure to check admission requirements for each PT program for which you plan to apply.  Check the American Physical Therapy Association for more information.

For more information on ISU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program visit their website here:  PT at ISU

Courses Required for Entry into most Physical Therapy Programs

BIOL 1101 & Lab Biology I and Lab 4 credits
BIOL 1102 & Lab Biology II and Lab 4 credits
BIOL 3301 & Lab Anatomy and Physiology and Lab 4 credits
BIOL 3302 & Lab Anatomy and Physiology and Lab 4 credits
CHEM 1111 & Lab General Chemistry I and Lab 5 credits
CHEM 1112 & Lab General Chemistry II and Lab 4 credits
MATH 1153 Introduction to Statistics 3 credits
PE 3301 & Lab Physiology of Exercise and Lab 4 credits
PHYS 1111/1113 General Physics I and Lab 4 credits
PHYS 1112/1114 General Physics II and Lab 4 credits
PSYC 1101 Introduction  to General Psychology 3 credits 

Courses Required for Entry into many Physical Therapy Programs

PSYC 2225 Child Psychology 3 credits
PSYC 3301 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits
PSYC 3341 Social Psychology 3 credits

As indicated earlier, each individual physical therapy program will likely have a variety of specific requirements beyond those indicated above.

In addition to the above concerns about coursework leading to acceptance into a physical therapy program, it is also essential that students get some experience working with, working for, or observing practicing physical therapists. Such experience, which should be obtained over a reasonably long time (a year or more), will demonstrate the student's interest in and knowledge of the field. It will also provide the framework within which a practicing physical therapist can provide a meaningful letter of evaluation to be eligible for admission. ISU's DPT physical therapy program requires a minimum of 80 hours of PT experience, obtained in at least two PT facilities. This experience must include a minimum of 40 hours in each of those two facilities.