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Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee is composed of faculty from ISU's College of Arts and Letters, College of Pharmacy, College of Science and Engineering, and Kasiska Division of Health Professions who have an interest in educating health professionals. One of the functions of the committee is to evaluate a student's preparation for application to a health professions program by reviewing each student's credentials and interviewing the student. The comments of committee members who participate in a student's interview are combined into a letter of recommendation called a committee letter. Many health professions schools require a committee letter to accompany the student's application materials in addition to letters of recommendation from individuals who know the student well. The committee highly encourages students to apply for a committee interview in the semester prior to submitting their applications to the health professional schools.

In addition to providing evaluative interviews, the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee members serve as sources of information and advice about developing successful health professional school applications for students with academic majors in many different departments.

Committee Members

Requesting an Interview with the Health Professions Advisory Committee

Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet