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Because of the personal and sensitive nature of a letter of gratitude, we strongly suggest that you do not require students to submit their actual letters of gratitude as coursework. 

Instead, be creative and consider alternative ways to incorporate the Challenge into your course, such as:

  • Read articles on the benefits of expressing gratitude and hold a class discussion.
  • Assign a self-reflection paper after students write letters of gratitude. 
  • A writing assignment could include a submission to the Gratitude Book Project.

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Journal Articles on Expressing Gratitude

Links are to PDF files.

Kumar & Epley, 2018 - Undervaluing Gratitude: Expressers Misunderstand the Consequences of Showing Appreciation

Rash, Matsuba, & Prkachin, 2011 - Gratitude and Well-Being: Who Benefits the Most from a Gratitude Intervention? 

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Gratitude Challenge Self-Reflection Assignment

An example of an assignment that encourages students to participate in The Gratitude Challenge and then self-reflect on their experience.  Links to a word document.