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What is The Gratitude Challenge?

This fall, we are calling on you to join us in The Gratitude Challenge!  After the challenging year that we have gone through, letters of gratitude are one of the most effective ways of increasing perceptions of well-being, social support, and motivation for both the sender and the recipient (e.g., Kumar & Epley, 2018; Rash, Matsuba, & Prkachin, 2011).

Our goal: For students, faculty/staff/administrators, alumni, community members, and friends of ISU to write 400 letters of gratitude during the month of September to people who have made a positive difference in their life. The Gratitude Challenge will follow four themes for each week in September.

Week 1 (Sept 1-4) - Letter of gratitude to parents, family, or friends.
Week 2 (Sept 5-11) - Letter of gratitude to first responders (20th anniversary of 9/11).
Week 3 (Sept 12-18) - Letter of gratitude to ISU faculty and staff.
Week 4 (Sept 19-25) - Letter of gratitude to a person of your choice.

At this webpage, we invite you to tell us about the number of letters that you write to help us to move toward that goal. We also invite you to submit your stories and memories of gratitude in connection to ISU with the ISU Gratitude Book Project. We have also included details about upcoming events associated with The Gratitude Challenge and resources for teachers, among other updates.

Thank you again for joining us and helping to strengthen our community, one letter at a time!

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Thank You to Our ISU Gratitude Challenge Partners!

ISU Alumni Association

The ISU Alumni Association is partnering with the University Honors Program to produce the Orange, Black, and Thankful: Stories from ISU's Gratitude Challenge book.  Learn more about the Gratitude book project on the ISU Alumni Association website.

ISU Athletic Department

The ISU Athletic Department is partnering with the University Honors Program to produce videos that promote The Gratitude Challenge.  Check back later for more information and links to videos!

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Report Your Letter(s) of Gratitude Here

We need your help in order to know if we have reached our goal of 400 letters written!  At the end of September, please take a moment to let us know that you participated.  Your submission can remain anonymous.


News & Events

Keep up-to-date on The Gratitude Challenge news and events.


ISU Gratitude Book Project - Call for Submissions

We are partnering with the ISU Alumni Association to publish a book of gratitude letters and stories.  Follow this link if you would like to submit your letter/story.

chalkboardTeaching Information & Resources

Ideas and resources for incorporating The Gratitude Challenge into your course.