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University Honors Program Mentors

UHP Mentors provide UHP students a resource on campus that they can rely upon to answer questions related to their education, the university, and even personal matters. Their knowledge of ISU campus resources and professional training offer new UHP students with a reliable advocate for a successful college experience.

Addison Biason - Third Year, Health Science
Brook Burnham - Second Year, Physics
Austin Coleman - Third Year, BioMedical
Tori Davis - Third Year, English
Drake Heithoff - Third Year, Exercise Science
Camdon Kay - Third Year, Medical Lab Science
McKenzie Kohler - Second Year, Biology
Adam Ping - Second Year, Business Management
Sydney Soppe - Second Year, Accounting
Dustyn Walton - Third Year, Exercise Science
Hailey Wilcox - Third Year, Biology
Marshal Whitaker - Second Year, Exercise Science