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History Minor

Image of the columns on top of Red Hill under constructions in 1970s

Top six reasons to get a minor in History:

  1. The History Minor can be completed in just six classes.
  2. Four out of the six History Minor classes double as General Education requirements.
  3. The History Minor can be completed online, on Main Campus, or in Idaho Falls.
  4. The History Minor complements many majors, from Anthropology and English to Biology and Physics.
  5. History classes prepare you for the job market by helping you develop marketable skills, including research, grant writing, project management, and persuasive writing.
  6. Understanding history makes us better able to solve the problems that we face today.

Degree Requirements

For the current degree requirements for the History Minor please visit ISU's Catalog.

Ready to join us?

Checking off your Gen Eds with a History Minor

Minor Handout


21-22 Minor Handout PDF