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History Major

The History major requires 36 credits, including 24 upper-division credits. Some of the lower division credits may also count toward the General Education requirements.  To declare your major, please contact the History Department.

All courses for the major may be completed full- or part-time in Pocatello or Idaho Falls.

students and professor at graduation


Category 1:   World Regions – choose any three                                                             9 cr.

HIST 1101 Foundations of Europe – satisfies 3 credits of gen ed 6, social & behavioral

HIST 1102 Modern Europe – satisfies 3 credits of gen ed 6, social & behavioral

HIST 1120 Global History since 1500 – satisfies gen ed 7, critical thinking

HIST 2241 History of World Religions

HIST 2221 Ancient World

HIST 2251 Latin American History and Culture – satisfies gen ed 9, cultural diversity

HIST 2252 East Asian History – satisfies gen ed 9, cultural diversity

HIST 2254 Middle Eastern History and Culture – satisfies gen ed 9, cultural diversity

HIST 2255 African History and Culture – satisfies gen ed 9, cultural diversity


Category 2:   Research Skills –  take both                                                                           6 cr.    

HIST 2291 Historian’s Craft – satisfies gen ed 8, information literacy

HIST 4491 Seminar


Category 3 & 4:        Upper-Division U.S. History  – choose two                                      6 cr.

HIST 3307 Early North America

HIST 3308 Industrialization and Reform in the United States

HIST 3309 Modern United States

HIST 4418 U.S. History for Teachers

HIST 4420 Topics in U.S. History

HIST 4421 Federal Indian Relations

HIST 4423 Idaho History

HIST 4425 Women in the North American West

HIST 4427 North American West

HIST 4432 U.S. Environmental History

HIST 4485 U.S. Political History


Category 5:  Upper-division World, Non-U.S. History – choose two                6 cr.

HIST 3318 History of Christianity

HIST 3322 Religious Reformation and Conflict

HIST 3325 Early Modern Europe

HIST 3326 Twentieth Century Europe

HIST 3327 World War I and Its Legacy

HIST 3350 Spain in the Early Modern World

HIST 3354 Modern Middle East

HIST 4429 Foreign Relations since 1900

HIST 4431 Topics in Global History

HIST 4430 Global Environmental History

HIST 4435 Colonial Frontiers

HIST 4437 Families in Former Times

HIST 4438 Women in Pre-Industrial Europe

HIST 4443 Topics in European History

HIST 4445 Modern Ireland

HIST 4446 Topics in Ancient History

HIST 4448 Topics in Medieval History

HIST 4451 Topics in Latin American History and Culture

HIST 4452 Topics in Asian History and Culture

HIST 4454 Topics in Middle East History and Culture

HIST 4455 Topics in African History and Culture

HIST 4474 Islam in the Modern World

HIST 4478 Imperialism and Progressivism


Category VI:  Electives                                                                                                   9 cr.

Take three chosen from within or across categories 3 and 4, or 5, or from the following following:

HIST 3337 Archeology and History of Southern Idaho

HIST 3355 Slavery in History

HIST 3364 Public History Internship

HIST 3376 Foodways in History ($50.00 course fee)

HIST 4405 Problems in History

HIST 4411 Introduction to Museum Studies

HIST 4461  Independent Study – U.S.

HIST 4461 Independent Study – Europe

HIST 4463 Independent Study – World Regions

HIST 4479 History of Disease, Medicine, Society

HIST 4486 History Field Seminar

ANTH 4410 Introduction to Cultural Resources Management

HIST 4471 Historical Geography of Idaho

HIST 4490 Cartography History and Design (co-requisite 4490L Cartography Lab)

GEOL 4403 Principles of GIS (co-requisite GEOL 4403L) or HIST 4489 GIS for Social Sciences

Foreign Language

In addition to the 36 credit history major, students must complete one full year of a single foreign language. Students should note that one semester (4cr) of foreign language counts for gen ed 4 – Humanities; the other four will count toward the 120 credits needed for graduation.

Other Advice

Studies have shown that liberal arts majors, such as History, are among the most marketable majors, if they are combined with even one immediately marketable, practical skill. For this reason, the ISU History department recommends that students use some elective credits to develop and hone at least one such skill, which can be developed in as little as one class. Some recommended classes or paths to consider are:

  • INFO 1110 Web Development
  • CMT 2202 Photo, Graphic, and Video Editing
  • ENGL 3307 Professional and Technical Writing; or
  • Developing marketable proficiency in a foreign language.

The History Department also encourages students to consider using these elective credits to pick up an additional minor to develop their critical thinking skills, writing skills, and general marketability.

Some popular minors for to combine with the major are:

  • Anthropology (21 credits)
  • Communications (multiple tracks available, 18 credits)
  • English (multiple tracks available, 21 credits)
  • Political Science (18 credits)
  • Philosophy (multiple tracks available, 18 credits)