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Student Projects

Student recording audio for a project

Faculty and students in History explore the past from a variety of angles, often combining these with hand-on, applied, or digital components. Here are some examples of the kind of projects undergraduate and graduate students might pursue in courses in History. Our graduate students often serve as Teaching Assistants in undergraduate courses, so even graduate students can be involved in projects designed for undergraduates.


Early Modern and Modern Still Lifes

Students in History 1101 examine the emergence of still life painting as an art form as a response to the reformation. Students then have an opportunity to create their own still life art. In recent years, the course professor has had students 3-D print objects from Renaissance still life paintings to create their own 3-D modern still-life collages.

Early Modern and Modern Still Lifes


Middle East Facts

To develop awareness about the culture and history of the Middle East, students in HIST 3354 Modern Middle East created list of Middle East Facts, which was distributed around the ISU campus and published in the local newspaper.

Middle East Facts


Idaho in the Great War

Students in HIST 2291 The Historian’s Craft contributed to a semester-long collaborative research project on Idaho in the First World War. This project coincided with the 100-year anniversary of the United States’ entry into the war, and asked students to consider Idaho’s role in the war, local perceptions of the global conflict, and Pocatellans’ everyday experiences during this transformative event. Students engaged with a variety of primary and secondary sources, taking advantage of the Oboler Library special collections as well as a variety of digitized documents.

Idaho in the Great War


Idaho Suffragettes

Students in HIST 4425 Women in the North American West researched and wrote biographies Idaho suffragists, which were published on the website Women and Social Movements in the United States.


Global Idaho Podcast

Graduate students in History 6623 Global Idaho researched, wrote, and produced a six-part series on immigration and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in Idaho. The entire series is freely available through SoundCloud.


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