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May 2021 Newsletter

Check out the May 2021 ISU History Dept Newsletter!


Congratulations to all of our 2021 History graduates! 



April 2021 Newsletter

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Check out the April 2021 ISU History Dept Newsletter!

In this issue, History student Tyler Holman conducts an interview with Dr. Arunima Datta!

What is the most interesting thing you learned while working on your book? That an empty archive can also be full. In other words, that we can question and have dialogues with the silences in the archives to uncover aspects of the past that have been shied away from. The archives were created by a tyrannical power, so any mention of the coolie women was from the voice of those in power. Thus, the voices of the coolie women appear to us in the archive but in a very muted way.  Through the deviant acts of coolie women found in nonconventional sources (photos, oral histories, and arrest records), I was able to establish a dialogue through multiple sources and negotiate the history of the coolie women presented by the traditional archives.

February/March 2021 Newsletter

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Check out the February-March 2021 ISU History Dept Newsletter!


Co-sponsored by the ISU Department of History and the ISU Cultural Events Committee, this spring's Identity: A Black History Webinar Series features online presentations by historians and archivists from across the country. 

“This speaker series is designed to give our campus and community an opportunity to hear from some of the most exciting young scholars in the field,” said Dr. Marie Stango, who organized the series. 

“Each of the speakers’ work places Black activism and agency at the center of their research,” she said.

November 2020 Newsletter

Page 1 of 2020 November Newsletter for ISU History Department

Check out the November 2020 ISU History Dept Newsletter

Dr. Erika Kuhlman will retire in December after working at Idaho State University since 1996. Dr. Kuhlman is a leading scholar in her field, which includes American history, women, and war. As one of the most prolific scholars at ISU, she published six books, ten academic journal articles and book chapters, and many book reviews and encyclopedia articles. Dr. Kuhlman started the Humanities Cafe, started a scholarship for student refugees at ISU, and was the commissioner for the Historical Preservation Commission of Pocatello. Dr. Kuhlman says that one thing she will miss about teaching is “the look on students' faces when they realize that something they've learned is important to them.”



October 2020 Newsletter

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Check out the October 2020 ISU History Dept Newsletter! Congratulations to Dr. Raphael Njoku for publishing two books this year, which is an outstanding accomplishment!

A note from Dr. Njoku:
"First, I would like to thank my colleagues in the Department of History and the Department of Global Studies and Languages for all their strong support in writing these books. Apparently, something about ISU enables critical thinking. Second, reflecting on each of the two books reveals a couple of coincidences. West African Masking Traditions and Diaspora Masquerade Carnivals: History, Memory, and Transnationalism coincided with the COVID-19 masking new normal. Then United States and African Relations, 1400s to the Present coincided with the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. I am not sure why the coincidences, but they make both books exciting reads. As I highlighted in the U.S.-Africa Relations book, back in time, the lives of Americans and people of African descent have been intertwined on the most complex sociocultural, economic, and psychological levels. Understanding this dynamic and appreciating it is the route to a better America."

September 2021 Newsletter