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Idaho State University

M.A. Degree Requirements


A minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate work is required to complete the program. Fifteen of these credits must be at the 6600-level.


Core Requirements


HIST 6605

Introduction to Graduate Studies in History

HIST 6610

History in the Digital Age

HIST 6600

Graduate Proseminar

Applied History


HIST 6623

Global Idaho


or HIST 6664

Graduate Internship

Digital or Other Professional Development Electives


Beyond the required program components above, students must take at least one graduate-level course that will develop their ability to use digital tools in research (such as a course in geographic information systems), or an additional course that will further develop their academic and professional marketability (such as grant writing).


Coursework Limitations

Students may count up to six credits from outside the History department toward their degree, as approved by the Graduate Director.

Students may count up to six thesis credits (HIST 6650) or six independent research project (HIST 6645) credits toward the total required credit hours for the degree.


Presentation and Oral Defense

There will be a final departmental presentation and oral examination for each student. For students pursuing the thesis option, the examination will be based on the thesis. For those with the non-thesis option, the written and oral examination will be based on the independent research project. The non-thesis examination will focus on both the scholarship in the field of digital history and the student's topic of focused research.


Separate GIS Certificate

Geographic information systems (GIS) is a powerful tool used for historical research, as well as for conducting analysis across a wide range of public and private sector applications. Training and experience with GIS is a highly marketable job skill. Many of our most successful graduates have combined an emphasis in historical GIS in the MA in HRM program with a Postbaccalaureate GeoTechnology Certificate, offered by the ISU Geosciences Department. Students must apply separately to the certificate program. Students may count up to six credits of GIS Certificate courses towards the MA in HRM, with approval of the Graduate Director. The combined programs usually add at least one semester to the time of completion.