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Career Opportunities in Health Care Administration

As a result of the transformation taking place in the healthcare system, career options for healthcare executives are becoming more diverse. Increasingly, positions for healthcare executives may be found in a wide variety of settings such as:

  1. Ambulatory care facilities
  2. Consulting firms
  3. Clinics
  4. Healthcare associations
  5. Health insurance organizations
  6. Home health agencies
  7. Hospices
  8. Hospitals and hospital systems
  9. Integrated delivery systems
  10. Long-term care facilities
  11. Managed care organizations (such as HMOs and PPOs)
  12. Medical group practices
  13. Mental health organizations
  14. Nursing homes
  15. Physician practices
  16. Public health departments
  17. Rehabilitation centers
  18. Skilled nursing facilities
  19. University or research institutions

If you choose a career in healthcare management, your first job might be an entry-level to mid-level management position in a specialized area, such as:

  1. Finance
  2. Government relations
  3. Human resources
  4. Information systems
  5. Marketing and public affairs
  6. Materials management (purchasing of equipment and supplies)
  7. Medical staff relations
  8. Nursing administration
  9. Patient care services
  10. Planning and development

Acute care career

Acute care involves assessing and treating sudden or unexpected injuries and illnesses. Acute care facilities, typically general or specialty hospitals, provide care for patients who have sustained life-threatening injuries or who have conditions that may lead to deteriorating health status.

Managed care career

The term "managed care" describes healthcare systems assembled specifically to deliver services in ways that improve quality and control costs. Executives in the managed care field often describe themselves as working in "the insurance business" even though the field encompasses more than insurance operations.
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