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Green Dot: Everyone Has To Do Something

The Green Dot Strategy is a comprehensive approach to end violence that capitalizes on the power of peer and cultural influences across all levels of the socio-ecological model. Informed by social change theory, the model targets all community members as potential bystanders, and seeks to engage them, through awareness, education, and skills-practice, in proactive behaviors that establish intolerance of violence as the norm, as well as reactive interventions in high risk situations. In order to ensure that Idaho State University does its part in protecting it's students, the Gender Resource Center, faculty, staff, students, and departments have joined efforts to fully implement the Green Dot Strategy on campus. Our implementation effort includes student outreach, trainings, and overview speeches to promote our cause towards the Idaho State University student base.

Green Dot Overview Speech: An overview speech is a brief introduction that discusses the basic elements of Green Dot while using persuasive and inspirational language to engage participants into immediate action. The basic elements of this speech are used to introduce members of any given community to Green Dot, generate community-wide buy-in, and begin the process of behavioral change.

Green Dot Bystander Training: The Green Dot Training is an interactive workshop designed to equip participants with the necessary connection, knowledge and skill to increase their proactive and reactive bystander behaviors. The training is 6 hours and can be broken into separate sessions.

For more information contact: Stephanie Richardson by email at or call (208) 282-3590.