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Graduate School Admission FAQs

General Questions

Why should I go to Grad School at Idaho State University?

How many programs does Idaho State University offer?

What do I need to do to get admitted to the Graduate School?

What are the different Graduate School admission classifications?

If I am a non-degree seeking student, what are the admission requirements?

I have a three-year bachelor’s degree. Am I eligible to be accepted into the Graduate School?

How much does it cost to go to Graduate School?

Do graduate students need to attend an orientation?

How do I get a tour of campus?

International Students

Are there additional requirements for international students?

What is the minimum required score for the TOEFL/IELTS exam?

What resources are available at ISU for international students?

What is an I-20 Form and how do I obtain one?

What financial assistance is available for international students?

Are GTA and GRA positions available for international students?

Native Students

What resources are available for native students at Idaho State University?

Application Processing

How long does it take the department to make a recommendation for admission?

What are the application deadlines for the Graduate School?

How can I check the status of my application?

How will I be notified when I am accepted/denied?

How long can a student be inactive before they must re-apply?

What should I do if I decide to defer?


What are the transcript admission requirements?

How is my admissions GPA calculated?

What if the Idaho State University undergraduate admissions office already has my transcripts (i.e., I am/was an Idaho State University undergraduate student)? Do I need to mail another copy to the Graduate School?

What if supporting materials are received before my application?

Can I fax documents to the Graduate School?

Entrance Exam/Tests

What is the GRE/MAT/GMAT requirement for Graduate School admission?

Where do I go to take the GRE/MAT/GMAT exam?

I do not like the score I got on the GRE/MAT/GMAT. Can I take it again?

How long are GRE/MAT/GMAT scores valid?


What is the application fee, and how do I pay?


What housing is available for graduate students?