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Graduate School Admission FAQs

General Questions

What do I need to do to get admitted to the Graduate School?

Are there additional requirements for international students?

What are the different Graduate School admission classifications?

If I am a non-degree seeking student, what are the admission requirements?

How do I take professional development courses?

If I am an undergraduate student, can I take graduate-level courses?

I have a three-year bachelor’s degree. Am I eligible to be accepted into the Graduate School?

Do graduate students need to attend an orientation?

How do I get a tour of campus?

Application Processing

How long does it take the department to make a recommendation for admission?

What are the application deadlines for the Graduate School?

How can I check the status of my application?

How will I be notified when I am accepted/denied?

How long can a student be inactive before they must re-apply?


What are the transcript admission requirements?

How is my admissions GPA calculated?

What if the Idaho State University undergraduate admissions office already has my transcripts (i.e., I am/was an Idaho State University undergraduate student)? Do I need to mail another copy to the Graduate School?

What if supporting materials are received before my application?

Can I fax documents to the Graduate School?

Entrance Exam/Tests

What is the GRE/MAT/GMAT requirement for Graduate School admission?

If I already have a Master’s degree, do I have to take the GRE/MAT/GMAT?

Where do I go to take the GRE/MAT/GMAT exam?

What is Idaho State University’s institution number for GRE/GMAT/MAT score reports?

I do not like the score I got on the GRE/MAT/GMAT. Can I take it again?

How long does the Graduate School keep GRE/MAT/GMAT scores?


What is the application fee, and how do I pay?