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Graduate Tuition and Fees

Idaho State University’s cost of attendance for graduate resident and non-resident student tuition is available for the current year through Finance and Administration.

Professional Fees

  • Idaho Dental Education Program= $10,222 per semester
  • Nursing BSN= $600 per semester
  • Nursing MSN= $770 per semester
  • Graduate Counseling= $395 per semester
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Resident= $880 per semester
    • Non-resident= $3,042 per semester
  • Physical Therapy
    • Resident= $880 per semester
    • Non-resident= $3,042 per semester
  • Non-Traditional PharmD
  • PharmD
    • Resident= $3,604 per semester
    • Non-Resident= $5,682 per semester
  • Physician Assistant
    • Resident= $5,938 per semester
    • Non-resident= $6,607 per semester
  • Speech Language Pathology Online PreProfessional= $276 per credit
  • Speech Language Pathology Online MS= $499 per credit
  • Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Online EISU= $35 per credit (for Undergraduates only)
  • Speech Language Pathology MS= $85 per credit
  • Audiology AuD= $88 per credit
  • Dental Hygiene BS (Junior/Senior)= $250 per semester
  • Dental Hygiene MS - Didactic= $80 per credit
  • Dental Hygiene MS - Clinical= $318 per credit
  • Dental Hygiene MS - Thesis= $160 per credit
  • Radiographic Science= $350 per semester
  • Clinical Lab Science= $400 per semester
  • Social Work= $206 per semester
  • Athletic Training MS = $750 per semester 
  • Master of Nutrition / Dietetic Internship = $1,000 per semester when enrolled in Internship Practicum

Miscellaneous Charges

  • Health Insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act.
  • Class Fees as authorized per class
  • Late Fees, as applicable. Students are expected to pay fees by the due date of fees, regardless of receipt of bill or financial aid availability. Please start early in arranging for fee payment, and check for options if you are having difficulty by calling (208) 282-3000.
    • $50 if tuition and fees are not paid by the due date
    • $100 after last day to drop the class.
  • Additional Fees, as applicable. Different programs may have additional fees associated with the program. Please contact the department for more information.
  • Housing Costs, not including laundry, bedding, or personal items.
  • Books and Supplies. Approximate expenses are $350 to $550 per semester, and vary depending on course requirements.

For other cost of attendance information please see Student Financial Services.