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Idaho State University

Search Committee

Idaho State University has selected Summit Search Solutions, Inc. to assist with the national search process. Additionally, members of the Idaho State community have agreed to serve on the search committee.

Dean for the Graduate School Search Committee  

  • Paul Link, Professor, Geological Sciences, (College of Science and Engineering), Search Committee Chair
  • Brent Wolter, Interim Dean (Graduate School), Ex-Officio
  • Henry Evans, Associate Director (Office of Equality and Inclusion), Ex-Officio
  • Matthew Levay, Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy (College of Arts and Letters)
  • Noran Amin, Student Member (College of Arts and Letters)
  • Kevin Marsh, Professor, History (College of Arts and Letters)
  • Greg Murphy, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management (College of Business)
  • S. Hossein Mousavinezhad, Professor, Physics, Nuclear, and Electrical Engineering (College of Science and Engineering)
  • Robin Lindbeck, Associate Professor, Organizational Learning and Performance (College of Education)
  • Barbara Wood Roberts, Staff (Graduate School)
  • Randy Astramovich, Associate Professor, Counseling (College of Health Professions)
  • Nancy Devine, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy (College of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences)
  • Susan Tavernier, Assistant Professor (College of Nursing)
  • Ali Habashi, Assistant Professor, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical (College of Pharmacy) 
  • Yu Chen, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics (College of Science and Engineering)
  • Rebecca Hale, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences (College of Science and Engineering) 

Office of Academic Affairs

(208) 282-2171

(208) 282-4487

Campus Box 8063 Pocatello, ID 83209-8063