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Foreign Language Exams

Exams are offered to students having had prior U.S. secondary education or experience abroad with a foreign language. The following exams are recognized by the ISU Department of Global Studies and Languages as alternatives to taking lower-division language courses.

Language Placement Exams

Departmental - No Credit: This exam is available to all students planning to enroll in an elementary level French, German or Spanish course. Its purpose is to determine the course level at which a student should be placed. The exams are given in the Counseling and Testing Center in Graveley Hall South, 2nd Floor Testing Center, Room 251. The department reserves the right to place students at a level commensurate with their knowledge of a language.

  • Placement score will be furnished directly after taking the test.
  • For questions about testing times please contact the Counseling and Testing Center at (208) 282-2130.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Up to 16 credits: Students seeking university credit for high school course work or for other language experience may receive credit in French, German, or Spanish by taking the CLEP or CLEP + Writing Exam, which is offered through the Counseling and Testing Center (282-2130). In addition to a sitting fee, there is a one-time charge to take this exam which also includes the credits awarded (see below). Students may take the CLEP Exam for up to 12 credits or the CLEP + Writing Exam for up to 16 lower-division credits. Results are sent to the Admissions Office and applied to the student's transcript, but these credits are not included in the current semester's credit load. CLEP credits can be used to fulfill Objective 4C but not Objective 9. 

  • Test days: Monday - Friday
  • Must present one form of government-issued identification (Driver's License or Passport).
  • A preliminary sitting fee of $45.00 to be paid in Room 351, Graveley Hall, prior to scheduling, payable to ISU Testing, cash or check only, no credit cards.
  • You will need to register and pay the fee to College Board by credit card/debit card, no cash. CLEP only exam is for up to 12 credits and the CLEP + Writing is for up to 16 credits. Please contact the testing center for more information.
  • Approximate test time is two hours.
  • The score is received at the end of the test.

Brigham Young University Language Credits

Domestic students with experience in a language other than French, German, or Spanish may take a Foreign Language Achievement Exam for up to 12 credits through the BYU testing program. International students must take English 101 and 102 in order to fulfill the language requirement. Registration forms, petitions, and further information can be obtained by contacting BYU at 1-801-422-3512 or visiting their website at


Language Requirement for International Students

International students cannot apply their native languages to partial fulfillment of Objective 4 of the General Education Requirements. Instead, their passing ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 with at least a C- average will serve the dual purpose of fulfilling Objective 1 and partially fulfilling Objective 4 Please contact our office at 208-282-3043 for more information.