Current & Former Students in Geotechnologies


YearNameThesis TitleCurrently
Current Amy Cassel Non-thesis option  
2016 Mike Griffel    
Current Bernadette Hoffman Non-thesis option  
Current Denise Jensen Non-thesis option  
2013 Sita Karki Non-thesis option  
2013 Amberle Keith Non-thesis option  
Current Jack Nielsen    
2013 Peter Olsoy Determination of Sagebrush Aboveground Biomass Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)  
Current Michael Overton    
Current Carl Rudeen Applying Home Range Models to Greater Sage-Grouse Biotelemetry Data Natural Resource Manager, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho
Current Eric Smith Non-thesis option  
2014 Andrew Stratton    
2013 Jacob Tibbitts Non-thesis option  
Current Jeannie Vahsholtz Non-thesis option  
2012 Jody Burnett Historical Epidemiology of Washington, D.C.: A Spatial Analysis of Tuberculosis Mortality, 1898-1901 GIS Analyst, Idaho Transportation Department, Pocatello, ID
2012 Michael Frey Assessing Climate Change Impact on Water Rights on the Eastern Snake River Plain GIS Project Manager, Sundance Consulting Pocatello, ID
2012 Sam Gould Error assessment of LiDAR-derived elevations within dense, low-height vegetation in a semiarid landscape Research Assistant ISU's Boise Center Aerospace Lab
2012 Jed Gregory Non-thesis option Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming
2012 Jayson Murgoitio Visibility Modeling With LiDAR Derived Forest Variables GIS Specialist, NEPA Grazing Permit Renewal Team, Idaho Bureau of Land Management
2012 Anderson Sandes Using GIS in the Historical Sciences: An Introductory Laboratory Manual Using Free Software Independent contractor, GIS consultant
2012 Bryson Webber Analyzing The Behavior of Domestic Sheep In Relation to The Presence of Livestock Guardian Dogs Using GPS and GIS Fish and Game, Wyoming
2012 Sera White Determining the Effectiveness of Incorporating Geographic Information into Vehicle Performance Algorithms Senior Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory
2012 Tevaganthan Veluppillai Non-thesis option Dual MS program
2011 Darci Hanson Geospatial Applications for Greater Sage-Grouse Research GIS Analyst, Range Control, Joint Base Lewis-McChorf, WA
2011 Dinesh Grover Development of Map-Based Graphical User Interfaces To The Data Search and Download Tools of The CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Director of Spatial Technology at Pline Technologies
2011 Joseph Sheffield Reassessing Stratigraphic Patterns of The Alamo Impact Deposits Using A Relational Database and GIS Analytical Tools, Lincoln County, Nevada ESRI
2011 Pam Bond Sagebrush Steppe Shrub Height and Canopy Cover Estimation Using LiDAR and Landsat 5 TM Data GIS Analyst, Wildlife Bureau, Idaho Fish and Game
2011 Susan Norman Development and Assessment of Eight Advanced GIS Laboratory
Exercises Using ArcGIS ModelBuilder
Bureau of Land Management, Carlsbad Caves, New Mexico


Year Name Thesis Title Currently
2010 Brad Gammett An Accuracy Assessment of Digital Elevation Data and Subsequent Hydrologic Delineations in Low Relief Terrain: An Analysis for Idaho’s Little Lost River Valley Superintendent, Weed Control Department, Butte County, Arco, ID
2010 Sara Ehinger Design, Development, and Application Of LiDAR Data Processing Tools GIS Specialist, Boise National Forest, US Forest Service
2010 Linda Tedrow Mobile GIS Tools for Stream Assessment University of Idaho
2009 Ahmad Aburizaiza Design and Implementation of A Standalone GIS-Enabled Software Application For Fishing George Mason University PhD program
2009 Brian Marchionni Creation of A Geospatial Modeling Environment, Viewer, and Printing Engine DBxGeomatics in Gatineau, Canada
2009 Cephas Holder Characterization, Modeling and Mapping of Canal Seepage From Ground Water Elevation Responses GIS Technician, The Aberdeen - Springfield Canal Company
2009 Mansoor Raza Detection and Extraction of Features from High Resolution Images Using Manual and Object-Oriented Image Analysis Techniques GIS Technician II, AltaLink, Calgary, Canada
2008 Allen Anselmo Hydrologic Data Management and Analysis Extensions for An Open Source Geographic Information System Nature Serve
2008 Jeyakanthan Veluppillai Development and Application of Soil and Water Assessment Tool Interfaces for MapWindow GIS Application (OpenSWAT) IBM
2008 Nathan Arave Locating Channel Heads with Digital Elevation Models, Geology, Soils, and Spectral Data in a Geographic Information System Bureau of Land Management
2007 Chris Michaelis Application of Open Geospatial Consortium Specifications to Client-Side Geographic Information Systems
2007 Eric Rafn Geospatial Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Stream Channel Characteristics in Idaho in Support of Numerical Simulation Modeling Idaho Department of Water Resources
2007 Jessica Mitchell Spectral and Spatial Detection Limits of Leafy Spurge (EUPHORBIA Esula L.): Sensor Comparisons and Matched Filtered Behavior PhD program at ISU, then Research Affiliate for ISU's Boise Center Aerospace Lab
2007 Kit Na Goh Developing A Geo-Spatial Search Tool Using A Relational Database Implementation of the FGDC CSDGM Model Data Analyst, Document Technologies Inc (DTI), Kirkland, WA
2007 Lailin "Forest" Chen "Open Hydro” - An Open Source GIS Hydrologic Data Model and Toolset Microsoft
2006 Charles Finley Field evaluation and hyperspectral imagery analysis of fire-induced water repellent soils and burn severity in southern Idaho rangelands Millennium Science & Engineering, Inc.
2006 Jill Norton The Use of Remote Sensing Indices to Determine Wildland Burn Severity In Semiarid Sagebrush Steppe Rangelands Using Landsat ETM+ and SPOT 5 Power Engineers
2005 Nagendra Singh Development of a Multitemporal Data Analysis Approach for Extracting Information from Medium Resolution Imagery: Application for Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) Detection Oak Ridge National Lab
2003 Jacob Mundt Detection of Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia Esula) In Swan Valley, Idaho, Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing With Limited Training Data Wyoming Geographic Information Officer
2003 Diane K. Sprague-Wheeler The Use of Remote Sensing Imagery for Evaluation of Post-Wildfire Susceptibility to Landslide and Erosion Hazards in the Salmon-Challis National Forest, Lemhi County, Idaho US Forest Service


YearNameDissertation TitleNext Steps
Current Robert Beazer    
Current Yang Cao    
Current Jiri Kadlec    
Current Carlos Osorio    
Current Rick Powell    
Current Chris Tennant    
2012 Danny Anderson Detailed Hydrographic Feature Extraction From High-Resolution LiDAR Data Idaho National Lab
2011 Joel Sankey Dynamics of Post-Wildfire Aeolian Transport in Cold Desert Shrub Steppe U.S. Geological Survey Mendenhall Research Fellowship
2010 Jessica Mitchell Applications In Hyperspectral And LiDIR Remote Sensing to Improve The Characterization of Low-Height Sparse Vegetation Ecosystems Research affiliate, Boise Center Aerospace Lab
2010 Harold "Ted" A. Dunsford Jr. Design and Development of An Extensible, Interchangeable Component Architecture For Open- Source Geographic Information Systems GEI Consultants, Sacramento, CA


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