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Bachelor of Science in Geology

rock in the field

The B.S. degree in Geology  is offered to undergraduates who wish to become professional geoscientists after their bachelor's degree or after subsequent graduate study.  This degree trains you in the essential observational and analytical skills of field geology as well as more applied areas of microscope petrology, geochemistry, and geotechnology.

The B.S. degree is designed to give you a broad and comprehensive understanding of the discipline of geology and a firm background in math, physics, and chemistry.

Emphasis in Engineering Geology

If you desire to have more of an Emphasis in Engineering Geology just complete the following courses in addition to classes listed for the Bachelor of Science in Geology.

  • CE/GEOL4454     Basic Engineering Geology        3
  • CE/GEOL 4455    Geologic Data Methods             3
  • CE/GEOL 4475    Essentials of Geomechanics      3
  • CE/GEOL 4476    Engineering Geology Project     1
  • CE 4480             Earthquake Engineering            3

Admission Requirements

Earn a grade of "C" or better in GEOL 1100 or 1101 (3 cr.)

Earn a grade of "C" or better in GEOL 1110 (1 cr.)

Complete University General Education Goals 1 through 3 (English, Speech, and Mathematics)

To be admitted ISU recognizes the following 3 categories with regard to a student's major.
  • Pre-Major - In the process of applying to Idaho State University, the student may indicate a preference for the Geosciences major. This is not the same as declaring a major in Geosciences.
  • Intending to Major -To declare a major in Geosciences, go to the main office in the Geosciences Department, fill out a declaration form, and meet with an advisor to outline a plan of study.
  • After Admitted to Geosciences Major - The requirements listed above need to be taken as soon as possible before taking upper level Geosciences classes.