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B.A. Degree Geology

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The B.A. degree is offered to those students who wish either a broader-based liberal arts degree or a broader multi-disciplinary science degree than is possible with the B.S. This degree is especially suited for future earth science teachers, environmental scientists, environmental lawyers, and others who wish to learn more about how the earth works.

40 geology credits required plus fulfill 8 of the nine university General Education Objectives.


Apply to be admitted to the geosciences program.

Take the following courses as soon as possible if not already taken:

Earn a grade of "C" or better in GEOL 1100 or 1101 (3 cr.)

Earn a grade of "C" or better in GEOL 1110 (1 cr.)

Complete University General Education Goals 1 through 3 (English, Speech, and Mathematics)

When you apply to ISU you may indicate a preference for the Geosciences major. This is not the same as declaring a major in Geosciences.

To officially declare a major in Geosciences please do the following:
  • Fill out a declaration form (go to the main Geosciences Department)
  • Meet with an advisor to plan program of study

Required Courses

CHEM 1111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab *
GEOL 1100 The Dynamic Earth 3
or GEOL 1101 Physical Geology
GEOL 1110 Physical Geology for Scientists Laboratory 1
GEOL 2202 Historical Geology 3
GEOL 2210 Earth in Space and Time 3
GEOL 3313 Earth Materials I 3
GEOL 3315 Evolution of the Earth's Surface 4
GEOL 4421 Structural Geology * 4
GEOL 4431 Geobiology and the History of Life 4
GEOL 4452 Sedimentation-Stratigraphy 4
GEOL 4456 Geology of Idaho 2-3
or GEOL 4458 Geology of North America
Plus 8 to 9 other upper division geoscience credits to equal 40 GEOL credits. 8-9

MATH 1143, MATH 1147, or equivalent, is required for CHEM 1111.
MATH 1143 and MATH 1144 or MATH 1147, or equivalent, required for GEOL 4421.