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Wilderness Medicine Area of Concentration

 WMAOC Director:  AJ Weinhold, MD

Many rural physicians choose to live in remote places because they also enjoy playing in their backyard: hiking, camping, hunting, skiing, biking, climbing, etc.

Intentionally or unintentionally, they often render first aid to friends, family, and strangers met upon the trail. Wouldn’t you prefer to be equipped for that situation when it arises?

All ISU FMR residents are invited to participate in the Wilderness Medicine didactics offered at our summer & winter retreats and routine noon lectures. R2s or R3s with a significant interest in Wilderness Medicine can choose to participate in WMAOC. This will include:

  • Volunteering with the Pebble Creek Ski Patrol
  • Obtaining certification in Advanced Wilderness Life Support
  • Attend a mountain rescue and transport course
  • Presenting Wilderness Medicine didactics.

WMAOC residents will become members of the Wilderness Medical Society, attend a WMS conference, and begin a Fellowship in the Academy Wilderness Medicine (FAWM). Upon graduation residents will have completed more than 50% of the credit requirements for their FAWM (a 5-year program).