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UBO Vision/Mission Statement, & Values


To be a valued partner achieving ISU's vision by helping units

thrive both operationally and strategically


Provide our partners, through collaboration, a unique insight

to meaningful information that facilitates business

operations, compliance, and strategy


Integrity - Serving ethically regardless of the outcome

Transparency - Timely and honest communication and reporting

Responsibility - Accountable for what we say and do

Teamwork - Working together for the betterment of ISU

Leadership - Motivating and empowering others to obtain

positive results

University Business Officers



Lynette Mitchell

Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration

Office: Administration Building #10, Room 229

(208) 282-4380

(208) 282-3414

Any questions regarding University Business Officers may be directed to Lynette Mitchell.

Angie Dangerfield

College of Arts and Letters & Information Technology Services (ITS)

Office: BA Bldg. #5, 2nd floor

(208) 282-4599

(208) 282-5806

Deb Gerber

Business, Grad School, Museum, Library, Advancement, President's Office, Finance, and General Counsel

Office: Administration Bldg. #10, Room 229

(208) 282-3770

(208) 282-3414

Steve Hagler

Facilities Services

Office: Facilities Services Bldg. #18

(208) 282-3766

(208) 282-4618

Jim Kramer


Office: Holt Arena, Bldg. #60, South Side, Administration Office

(208) 282-2692

(208) 282-4063

Michael Alvord

College of Technology

Office: EAMES Complex, Bldg. #19

(208) 282-2254

(208) 282-4641

Staci Phelan

Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs, College of Education

Office: Pond Student Bldg., Bldg. #14, Hypostyle Rm. 204 & Education Bldg. #62, Room 114

(208) 282-4369/2449

(208) 282-3719 or ED 282-4697

Joe Wilcox

Kasiska Division of Health Sciences

Office: Graveley Hall, Bldg. #15, Room 129

(208) 282-2980

(208) 282-3544

Fred Parrish

College of Science & Engineering (CoSE)/Office of Research

Office: Colonial Hall, Room #235 Campus Stop 8065

(208) 282-2768

(208) 282-4538

Go - No Go Form

The UBO Go - No Go Form can be located by using the following link.

Go-No-Go Meeting Report

UBO Monthly-Quarterly-Annually Checklist

The UBO Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Checklist can be located by using the following link:

UBO Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Checklist


University Business Officer (UBO) Org Charg

The UBO Org Chart can be located by using the following link.

UBO Org Chart




921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
(208) 282-4636

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