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Idaho State University

UBO Vision/Mission Statement, & Values


To be a valued partner achieving ISU's vision by helping units

thrive both operationally and strategically


Provide our partners, through collaboration, a unique insight

to meaningful information that facilitates business

operations, compliance, and strategy


Integrity - Serving ethically regardless of the outcome

Transparency - Timely and honest communication and reporting

Responsibility - Accountable for what we say and do

Teamwork - Working together for the betterment of ISU

Leadership - Motivating and empowering others to obtain

positive results

Unit Business Officers



Jennifer Steele

Assistant Vice President for Budget, Planning & Analysis

Office: Administration Building #10, Room 222A

(208) 282-4277

(208) 282-3414

Any questions regarding Unit Business Officers may be directed to Jennifer Steele.

Angie Dangerfield

College of Arts and Letters & College of Education

Office: BA Bldg. #5, 2nd floor

(208) 282-4599

(208) 282-5806

Christina Reddoor

Business, Museum, Graduate School & Library

Office: Museum Building, Room 205A

(208) 282-3770

Steve Hagler

Facilities Services, Information Technology Services (ITS), & Transportation

Office: Facilities Services Bldg. #18

(208) 282-3766

(208) 282-4618

Michael Alvord

College of Technology

Office: EAMES Complex, Bldg. #19

(208) 282-2254

(208) 282-4641

Cody Fitch

Academic Affairs, Finance and Business Affairs, Human Resources, Public Safety, President's Office, Marketing & Communications & Advancement

Office: Administration Building No. 10, Room 229

(208) 282-1318

(208) 282-4487

Joe Wilcox

College of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Division of Health Sciences & Meridian

Office: Graveley Hall, Bldg. #15, Room 129

(208) 282-2980

(208) 282-3544

Fred Parrish

Office of Research, College of Science & Engineering (CoSE) & Athletics

Office: Colonial Hall, Room #235 Campus Stop 8065

(208) 282-2768

(208) 282-4538

Megan Baskins

Student Affairs

Office: Administration Building, Stop 8219

(208) 282-4126

(208) 282-4725

Go - No Go Form

The UBO Go - No Go Form can be located by using the following link.

Go-No-Go Meeting Report

UBO Monthly-Quarterly-Annually Checklist

The UBO Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Checklist can be located by using the following link:

UBO Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Checklist

Unit Business Officer (UBO Organizational Chart)