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Instant Pay Refunds

Idaho State University is adding a new refund method that allows students to receive funds directly to their debit card (VISA or MasterCard). Save the hassle of waiting for your check in the mail or having to find your routing number and account number. Sign up for Instant Pay refunds!

You can follow the steps below to enroll in Instant Pay for your student account refunds.

  1. Log in to BengalWeb
  2. Select Student Finances 
  3. Scroll down to Online Fee Payment and select enroll in eRefund

This step will prompt you to Proceed to TouchNet taking you to our service provider's website.

      4. Select Electronic Refunds under My Profile Setup

      5. Select Instant Pay

This step will prompt you to enter in your Debit Card information. Once complete, select "Save as Current Refund Method"



The Debit Card needs to be linked to your bank account, and needs to be a VISA or a MasterCard. It will not accept any Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, PayPal cash cards, or credit cards. 

If the debit card information changes or the card expires, it is the student's responsibility to update the correct card information. Expired card information or incorrect card information will lead to failure of deposit and a refund check will be mailed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Student Financial Services at