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Faculty Senate Chairs' Announcements Academic Year 2018-2019

March 13, 2019

I am writing to inform you of recent action taken by Faculty Senate. As you know, ISU has a new Faculty Constitution, and the Senate has focused this semester on taking the necessary steps to bring our faculty governance system into harmony with that constitution. We have approved new bylaws: and we are working on bringing appropriate Councils back under Senate. We have reestablished the Faculty Professional Policies Council that is starting to meet this week. In this context, the Senate has been considering how to handle spring elections for the 2019-2020 Senate. After significant deliberation, the Senate has voted 17-1 to hold elections for all Senate seats this April. For Senators whose term is ending this year, elections for a full new term will be held as usual. For Senators whose term was not scheduled to end this year, elections will be held for the remainder of that seat's current term (with incumbent Senators welcome and encouraged to stand for re-election). Until the end of this semester we, as current Senators, will continue our work and fulfill our duties.
The last 10 years were clearly a very difficult period with respect to faculty governance at ISU. It is our hope that by holding these elections for all Senate seats, in accordance with the new Faculty Constitution, we can bring that difficult period decisively to a close and begin a new period of restored shared governance at ISU. We strongly encourage you to participate in this process, either by standing for election for a seat on the Senate or another university council, or by voting in these elections.
Laura Ahola-Young and Hossein Mousavinezhad
Faculty Senate Co-chair, 2018-19