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E-Works - Submit a Request

The new E-Works form combines several of our old forms into one convenient form.  If you filled out the Work Order, Maintenance Request, or Moving Request forms in the past, you will now need to fill out the E-Works form; this is for Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Meridian employees.   

To request COVID-19 safety and ppe supplies, such as gloves, sanitizer, and directional arrows, please fill out the COVID-19 Supplies and Signs form.

The E-Works form does not incorporate Key Requests, NETCOM requests, or the PSR Process, please go to their respective form.

The E-Works interface features include drop down menus, immediate request numbers for easy tracking, automatic emails with status changes to your requests, and the ability to search the status and history of your work requests. Please contact us with comments or questions at or (208) 282-4086.  Thank you for your patience while we work out the bugs in this new system.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have received an e-mail that contains information about a request I have submitted, but there is also a warning in a big gold box that states “Be careful with this message."

In the past, I have had to select either a “Maintenance Request” for non-billable requests or a “Work Order” for billable requests. How do I locate those forms?

How do I get the drop down menu to activate next to a field?

I see a lot of fields on the initial page for “CAES Requests.”

Are all fields required to be filled in?

What is the “Site?”

Why can I not find the Building or Room?

What if I am submitting a request for a hallway or elevator and do not have a Room number?

I see that the Division and Department fields have auto-populated, but I need to submit a request on behalf of another Department.

I need to provide an index code but when I enter one in the “Index Code” field it will not save it.

I would like an estimate before we decide whether or not to proceed with the request.

I don’t see a “Comments” field. Where do I add instructions or explain my request?

How do I print a copy of my request?

I have hit the “SUBMIT” button and a new screen appears. Do I need to do anything on this screen?

I hit “Status of Previous Requests” but my request is not there.

What if I am in the middle of a request but want to start over with the request?

I included an alternate requestor on my request, but he/she did not receive information about my request.