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Fix It Now

Fix It Now is a fast and convenient way to submit routine maintenance requests. Our goal with this system is to provide an additional and easier way to let Facilities Services know about areas of campus that need to be repaired or improved.

Faculty, staff, and students can use their smartphones to send a picture and text or e-mail to When sending the request, please include the location, as well as the description of the need.  If possible, attaching a picture showing the maintenance issue will help explain the situation. The Maintenance Request form can still be used, and should be used for more detailed requests.

Some examples of requests that can be made with Fix It Now: General maintenance, heating & cooling, locks & doors, electrical, plumbing, grounds, and custodial.  If you are unsure what requests you can submit this way, check out Which Form do I fill out?

If you are a student needing maintenance in your housing unit, please visit the Housing Page

The Fix It Now system is not designed for billable work. If your department has a billable project, please submit a Work Order.

This system is not for emergencies. If there is a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed immediately, please contact the Facilities Services main office at (208) 282-4086.