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Group shot of custodial staff


Main Line: (208) 282-2394


Custodial Services Manager: Sheila Lukenbill, (208) 282-2394

Office Specialist: Brad Paige (208) 282-2394

Recycling: Stephen McMichael (208) 282-2394

We clean and maintain all the academic areas on campus; almost 3 million square feet daily. We are also responsible for the security and evening lockdown. We attend training workshops and monthly safety meetings to stay up to date on latest equipment, cleaning materials, and supplies.


Interesting Facts

  • Our custodians maintain almost 3 million square feet on campus on a daily basis
  • Each of our custodians maintain anywhere from 20K-42K square feet daily
  • We employ over 70 full time employees and between 20-40 student custodians


For Large Items and E-Waste

Do you have something that needs recycled? Check out the appropriate link below.

When you are ready to have Facilities pick up your items after following the above processes, please fill out a Maintenance Request.


For General Recycling

There are central collection areas (CCA) in most buildings where recycling can be deposited. The custodians generally take the collected materials from the CCA to the outside pick-up areas to be collected every day of the week. We can also provide some temporary containers for large clean out projects upon request.


Recyclable Materials

  • White paper
  • Books
  • Catalogues
  • Magazines
  • Pamphlets
  • Waxed or glossy cards/postcards
  • Newsprint
  • Office pack (colored paper, envelopes of any color, manila folders, paper ream wrappers)
  • Shredded paper - Please do not mix it in with other types of paper, bag it separately and tie the bag as securely as possible. If you need bags to put it in, talk to your building custodian
  • Plastic bottles and cans
  • Plastic bags and shrink wrap
  • Cardboard - Needs to be free of plastics, styrofoam, food and paper packing, and should be broken down flat
  • Copper wire
  • Heavy metals - (like steel/iron desks and filing cabinets)


Non-Recyclable Materials

  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Three ring binders
  • Large padded envelopes
  • Hanging folders with metal hangers
  • Other things made with multiple materials that are difficult to separate