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Administrative Support

Lindsey Solomon

Lindsey Solomon

Management Assistant

(208) 282-1379

Darlene Anglesey

Darlene Anglesey

Administrative Assistant

(208) 282-3347

We work together to provide support for the entire Facilities Services department, and provide exceptional customer service to the faculty, staff, and students at Idaho State University.  Our support team works daily to ensure that Facilities is running smoothly and effectively, and the needs of our customers are met.  Some of the major duties assigned to the Administrative Support team are as follows:

  • Processing of Work Orders and Maintenance Requests
  • Processing and distributing keys
  • Working with Human Resources on personnel needs
  • Assisting with hiring students, part time, and full time employees
  • Tracking of department information
  • Assisting with department travel
  • Supporting each department with their individual projects, programs, and goals

Interesting Facts:

  • On average, we issue 200 keys a month
  • We process approximately 800 of work orders and maintenance requests each month
  • We assist with personnel management for the Facilities Department, which consists of over 175 full time employees