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Idaho State University

POWER Careers

Providing Opportunities for Women in Energy Careers

Jodi Johnson Project Coordinator POWER Careers

  Jodi Johnson, Project Coordinator

Phone: 208-530-3940



Our Goals

POWER Careers aims to provide women of all ages a pathway to a high-tech, high-wage, & high-demand career.

  • Help contribute to society through providing energy.
  • Supply the technician world with in-demand female workers.
  • Help students find technician careers that offer a good income and stability for their families.

Your Opportunities

  • Access to female mentors who are ESTEC graduates working in the field.
  • Academic and social support, and networking.
  • Work experience including internships.
  • Professional development opportunities, including conferences.
  • Job placement assistance.
  • Opportunity to become a mentor to another ESTEC student after graduation.
  • Assistance identifying and applying for scholarships!
The National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education Program  Recognizes Our Power Careers program

Our Programs

Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)

EET prepares students to pursue a career in the installation, operation, adjustment, routine maintenance, inspection, test and repair of power generation equipment. Graduates work in all fields of electrical generation with companies who design, build, operate, and maintain electrical generation systems.

EET Student working in lab

IET students work with equipment that measures the operating parameters of a power plant and communications equipment that monitors facility operations. Graduates will have a fundamental knowledge of energy systems, thermodynamics, electronics and electrical systems.

Instrumentation Engineering Technology student in lab

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)


MET students work with mechanical and rotating equipment such as compressors, pumps, hydraulic equipment, and steam boilers used in the generation of electrical power and within industrial plants. They collaborate with engineers and scientists to design, develop, test, install and maintain power generation machinery, mechanical parts, and other equipment.


Students in the Mechanical Engineering  Technology Lab

Nuclear Operations Technology (NUC)

The NU( program offers students the opportunity to learn the skills required to work in nuclear power plants. Students learn about electronics, instrumentation, power generation, reactor plant operation, radiation detection and protection, the nuclear industry, and safety protocols.

Nuclear Operations Technology Student in lab

Career Outlook

ProgramPercent GrowthHourly Median WageAnnual Median Wage
Electrical Engineering Technology 22% $29.01 $60,330
Instrumentation Engineering Technology 18% $29.01 $60,330
Mechanical Engineering Technology 19% $26.67 $55,474
Nuclear Operations Technology 14% $32.12 $66,810

 POWER Careers is funded with an award from the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. (Award #15-02015)National Science Foundation Logo