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Emergency Management

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Emergency Management

Due to the rapidly changing demands in emergency management and related administrative duties, academic degrees are being sought by emergency managers, both in the public and private sectors. The surrounding social, economic, political, bureaucratic and business contexts within emergency management are becoming more complicated requiring a more sophisticated engagement and expanded knowledge base for the professionalization of the field.

Multiple changing industries as well as county, state, and federal levels of government have also found an increased demand for emergency managers and have adapted their respective programs to accommodate the developing role of emergency management.

Why Choose The ISU Emergency Management Program?

  • All instructors are outstanding experts representing a wide range of disciplines and leadership levels throughout the emergency management field
  • Online classes accommodate busy students’ schedules
  • All online classes feature live interaction with instructors
  • Affordable in-state tuition for all online classes REGARDLESS OF RESIDENCY
  • Associate and Bachelor degrees keep your career path open
  • Regionally-accredited university offering credits and degrees accepted EVERYWHERE
  • Follows nationally recognized FEMA Higher Education curriculum guidelines

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About The Program

Given the current interest and changing landscape in emergency management training, much effort regionally and nationally, has been focused upon higher education programs. Idaho State University’s Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Management place emphasis upon the needs of first responder professionals at the city, county, state, and national levels.

Degree Options

At A Glance

  • General education courses do not have to be completed prior to enrollment in Emergency Management courses.
  • All Emergency Management core and non-core courses are taught online.
  • Courses will be taught online using Collaborate and Moodle.

Program Requirements

  • Students must complete 36 credits of general education courses in order to satisfy the degree requirements.
  • Students will need a computer that has 20 MB of free disk space, a soundcard with speakers, a microphone or headset, and at least a 28.8 kbps internet connection.

Program/Class Fees

Fees apply to the current Idaho State University  which includes mandatory student health insurance.

A $35 per credit fee is assessed for each class using Collaborate.

Paying for College

You may apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans to help. When you pay registration fees, you are a student of Idaho State University with the privileges and responsibilities of a college student.

Tentative Course Rotation

Associate of Science Courses


EMGT 1110 Leadership and Influence
EMGT 1121 Principles of Emergency Management
EMGT 2221 Emergency Management Operations
EMGT 2222 Emergency Planning
EMGT 2223 Mitigation for Emergency Managers


EMGT 1121 Principles of Emergency Management
EMGT 1122 Emergency Resource Management
EMGT 2224 Disaster Response and Recovery
EMGT 2225 Exercise Design


Bachelor of Science Courses

Even Years (2018, 2020, 2022, 2024)


EMGT 3304 Integrated Systems in Emer Mgt
EMGT 3305 Political & Policy Basis of Emer Mgt
EMGT 3328 Nonprofit Sector and Disasters (e)  2018, 2022
EMGT 3329 Technology in Emergency Management (e)  2020, 2024
EMGT 4401 Research & Analysis Meth in Emer Mgmt


EMGT 3302 Hazards Mitigation
EMGT 3307 Social Dimensions of Disaster
EMGT 3308 Leading in Organizations
EMGT 3320 Public Administration and Emergency Mgt (e)  2020, 2024
EMGT 4422 Terrorism in Emergency Management (e)  2018, 2022

(e) = elective (only one elective will be offered per Fall/Spring semesters and will rotate)

Odd Years (2019, 2021, 2023)


EMGT 3301 Incident Command System – Adv
EMGT 3303 Disaster Response and Recov - Adv
EMGT 3321 Sociology of Disaster (e)  2019, 2023
EMGT 3326 International Disasters (e)  2021, 2025
EMGT 4402 Critical Infrastructure Public-Private Issues (2021)


EMGT 3308 Leading in Organizations
EMGT 3309 Crisis Mgmt & Leadership (new 2019)
EMGT 3323 Business and Industry Crisis Management (e) 2023
EMGT 4402 Critical Infrastructure Public-Private Issues (2019)
EMGT 4404 Emergency Management Capstone
EMGT 4421 Public Health Preparedness (e)  2021, 2025